discover the 2020 eyewear trends

2020 is here: it’s time to take stock of the new emerging eyewear trends. Between nostalgia and modernity, the frames bring with them a choice of incredible colors and finishes. If you want great trendy eyewear, you can consider 1001optical. What are the flagship frames of 2020? Here is an overview of the eyewear trends for the coming year!

New eyewear trends announced for 2020

The trend offices have finally unveiled the eyewear trends planned for 2020. Here is the complete list of everything you need to know to choose the glasses to adapt to be trendy this year!

We adopt oversize frames to assert its personality

Over time, glasses have become a real fashion accessory, that’s why, this year, you have to proudly display your frame! Precisely, oversized frames are emerging. These large frames are comfortable since they frame the eyes. Available with square or round glasses, they bring an intellectual touch to your look!

We fall for glasses all in finesse

If the oversized frame comes to prevail in the new trends in eyewear, it combines with finesse. In fact, for 2020, the designers are offering frames with XXL lenses edged with a fine steel structure. Thus, the look is put forward and the glasses, although they are large, come to illuminate your face!

We agree with a little eccentricity

In 2020, we have fun and above all, we linger and refine the choice of the frame until the finishes… And yes, despite the fact that minimalism is always required, the frames agree, some fancies and dress with elegant and original finishes. You will find, for example, floral patterns, the tortoise or tortoiseshell motif, jewelry, and custom-made finishes. Observe the original details and choose a frame whose finishes are compatible with your personality.

We respect the planet with eco-responsible frames

For the past few years, new types of frames have been filling opticians’ stocks… These are eco-responsible glasses! In 2020, they are propelled to the front of the stage: in wood, hemp, recycled plastic or even in oyster shells, the frames are dressed in more ecological and innovative materials.

Eyewear trend 2020: the waltz of colors

For 2020, natural hues and stone tones are at the top of the list. Beige, green, ocher or orange are part of this list. In the color palette, you will also find more vibrant colors such as pink or yellow, we are talking about the neon trend… The most original colors will be midnight blue, reason mauve, fuchsia or even a mixture of colors.

The trends that will continue to seduce you

Last year, other trends were also born and some of them remain at the forefront of fashion.

The return of the 80s-90s spirit frames

The extravagant style of the 1980s and 1990s continues to seduce in 2020, after having made a comeback in 2019. This trend will appeal to nostalgic fans of the vintage spirit. Both surprising and divinely timeless, the frames inspired by our young years are making their show for the New Year. They multiply forms and brilliantly mix colors. Sleek or sophisticated, you can fall for the elegant “cat-eye” shape for a totally Nineteen look! The trend also sees things big and tries to reconcile the wearers of glasses with the butterfly shape.

We say yes to geometry for trendy glasses

They recently became fashionable and continue to rise during the year 2020. The round shapes are soft and elegant whatever the color. They also have the distinction of emphasizing the look. Geometry also settles in fashion and in terms of trendy glasses, we discover for example hexagonal frames. They are available and offer a wide choice of style. You can choose a fine structure, decorated with whimsical details or opt for a pair of thicker glasses. The round and geometric frames are worn as an accessory that will complement your style.

We love copper and metal in eyewear

Because the trend is made of timeless, metal remains a safe bet when it comes to glasses. Handy and solid, it remains a classic for customers looking for a light and avant-garde pair. Black, mat, copper, silver or gold, there is something for everyone. Copper also invites itself into the world of glasses and coexists with the darker and more classic shades of metal.

Unisex and trendy glasses

Assume your feminine side, play on the androgynous trend? Whether you are a man or a woman, opt for so-called “unisex” glasses, which are still in vogue at the moment and which will bring out your share of femininity or masculinity. Many brands offer unisex frames, which will allow you to have a wide choice to stay, whatever happens, in the trend!

Transparency through glasses

Transparent frames have dressed many faces in 2019, but have been less and less popular in recent months, in favor of thin and oversized frames. However, opticians claim that these frames are bright and come to emphasize the look. They highlight your eyebrows and brighten your face, remaining discreet.

The double bridge to highlight the face

We loved it 20 years ago and it made its return in 2019! It is obviously the double bridge. Refined and fine for an aviator style or much thicker and original for an offbeat look, fans of the genre have not been outdone in recent years! The creators have indeed explored original combinations to dress their double bridges with patterns, glitter, fabrics, wood or acetate. But it seems that the trend is slowing for 2020.

In 2020, we mainly validate the frame with which we feel good!

You will understand, there will be a choice in terms of glasses to stay in trend! But we do not forget that the frame that suits us best is above all the one with which we feel good! Optic At Home opticians are there to advise you and do not hesitate to select and offer you modern frames, from the latest collections of major brands. Woman, man, child or sun: there is something for all tastes and all trends but above all one: yours! Do not hesitate to contact our opticians for a free appointment at home or at your workplace.


Always as essential, metal frames are reinventing themselves with new materials that make them lighter than ever. The return of the aviator is also one of the biggest trends in recent years in eyewear. Today, they appear round, rectangular or “D” shaped and are suitable for all types of faces. Acetate also remains a material of choice, but eyewear manufacturers are transforming it today by adding attractive golden touches. Finally, invisible frame glasses are making a comeback with geometric shapes punctuated by rose gold metallic branches and bridges.

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