Digital Marketing Strategies: YouTube Marketing

digital marketing strategies: youtube marketing

The second most popular search engine after Google is YouTube. The number of ways that people use YouTube is mind-boggling. YouTube is used as an entertainment platform to see fun, drama and entertainment videos, as an awareness and educational platform to learn and post educational videos and tutorials, branding platform to promote their company and brands, as search engines to find products and services, marketplaces to sell their merchandise, as a broadcasting platform to telecast news and events, as troubleshooting platform to address and solve problems and issues, and so goes the list. YouTube has become everything.

Every business entity has understood the need for their own YouTube channel and freelance marketers have awakened and discovered YouTube as their great source of earning through advertisement revenues. Every news channel has its own YouTube channel and many such channels are even live-streaming their news and are effectively reaching out to millions of desktop, laptop and mobile users.

Political parties are using YouTube as a great and powerful campaign platform. The political parties have realized the need for a holistic Digital Marketing Strategy for their political campaign and PR, and YouTube has become an indispensable part of their political journey. YouTube has become a part-time earning tool for homemakers, subject matter experts, small-time entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants.

Those who want to air their views and opinions also have taken to YouTube to express their political, social, environmental, health, personal and business ideas and suggestions through guest interviews, video posts and their own exclusive channels. YouTube is flooded with recipe and cooking ideas daily with chefs, moms and cooking experts posting videos on every conceivable menu. So, you can find volumes of recipe videos for all sorts of recipe keywords and topics.

Advertisers are blasting their ads on YouTube to market products and services irrespective of categories and industry. YouTube is here to stay and how you will use it to strengthen your Digital Marketing efforts is the question that you have to address. To buy Best SEO Packages, Australia.

YouTube as a Marketing Tool

YouTube has evolved into a strong Digital Marketing medium that you as a brand cannot ignore and neglect or even afford to neglect. As an advertiser or brand promoter, you can do multiple things on YouTube and you can consider doing some of the following:

  • As a brand you can create your own channel with your own brand identity undiluted present all. You have to carefully set up your account with your logo on your profile picture, periodic theme or concept image as your cover picture, great profile content for your brand description, relevant links to your various web pages and social media profiles, and you can put create Playlists and put appropriate videos in the relevant Playlists.
  • For every video that you create and upload, ensure to write a great Google-friendly lengthy description with the right keywords, select the right category, add apt tags, put interesting titles and include fitting backlinks to resource pages.
  • You can use YouTube Ads to target specific audiences with the right audience setting, targeting inputs and distribution methods.
  • Use YouTube as an alternate channel for your Digital Marketing efforts instead of just having as an additional promotional media with just the same content. Utilize the video platform to achieve objectives and fill the gaps left by other forms of digital promotion such as Google PPC, Banner Ads, Blog Content, Articles, Directory Listings, Website SEO, Infographics, etc.
  • Upload multiple sets of videos into your YouTube Channel in order that every set of videos covers an issue or topic, and address and provide solutions for unique dimension of people’s problems and expectations.

Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube has become a powerful media and a very influential part of a person, family, business and society. By knowing the following Ad Formats that YouTube offers for the Advertisers, you can enhance your brand reach and draw multitudes of customers and audiences towards your brand.

Skippable In-stream Video Ads: These are Video Ads that run within videos that can be skipped after 5 seconds of running by the user. You can add Companion Banner for these Ads and the Advertiser will be charged for these Ads if the user sees the Ad for 30 seconds.

Non-skippable In-stream Video Ads: These Video Ads also run within videos but cannot be skipped. These Video Ads run for 15 seconds and for every Ad run, the Advertiser will be charged as these Ads cannot be skipped. In all other ways, these Ads are similar to Skippable In-stream Video Ads.

Video Discovery Ads: These are Display Image Ads that show up above or the right side top of the list of videos when you do a video search. Upon clicking on them, these Ads lead the user to the destination URL of the Ad.

Bumper Ads: These non-skippable Ads run for a very short period of only 6 seconds. If you select Google Display Network, these Ads run on the Google network sites as well.

Out-stream Ads: Specifically optimized for mobile devices and tablets, these mobile-only Ads run only on Google video partners like websites and apps and will be charged for viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions (eCPM). These videos do not run on YouTube.

Marketing through YouTube Video Promotion

  • Any Digital Marketing Strategy without YouTube Marketing falls short. For example, YouTube reaches out to the audience group who does not indulge in reading articles or blogs. So, your video covering such blog or article content in different formats and styles that appeal to this type of audience group will bring results which otherwise will be missed.
  • You can reach out to the people on the run like those who travel daily as part of their work; those who are waiting elsewhere like airports, visitor lounges, etc.,; patients who are hospitalized and those people who cannot read and write with videos created keeping them in view.
  • You can use YouTube Ads for different purposes like branding, website traffic, sell products in E-commerce websites and lead generation beside others.
  • People do not sit before computers and laptops all the while. But, these people used to carry or have access to their mobile devices all through the day. You can use multiple formats of videos and ads such as short or long videos, image or video ads to engage or see your brand content or digital assets in creative ways.
  • You can offer new ways of solving problems and increasing wealth or income through videos that appeal to different needs, situations and life stages.
  • You can give tips, share resources, explain unknown phenomena and provide insights to attract audiences and retain them in your Channel.


With the plethora of opportunities and options available on, YouTube Marketing is a perfect fit for those Digital Marketers who can precisely understand these different YouTube Ad Formats and promotional methods and implement the same to fulfill their marketing objectives. Know more about Blurn Digital Marketing Services Sydney and buy a package.

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