The company’s identity can significantly connect and communicate with business customers. With the numerous marketing strategies, it cannot be denied that all of it promised for brand exposure. But how true will that be? Which of these strategies matters most to consumers in this generation? The answer is connected to how many industries have utilized technological advancement all over the world.

Conventional techniques, such as printed materials may be useful still. However, business signage can offer more than what printed materials can do. Therefore, looking for a tool for brand exposure needs to be more modernized to become more productive. And the strategy that is new and effective is no other than the use of business signage.

Thus, here are the different types of signage which help expose your brand to many audiences. One of these may be your choice of usage. Get to know how it is used and what its purpose is.  You may choose only one of these, but it is highly recommended to apply what is most appropriate in your business operation.

Backlit Signs

Backlit signage is quite expensive.  However, it is worth it. Your investment will never be wasted because the backlit signs can advertise your business brand and identity 24/7.   By just allowing the signage to turn on its light at night, it can be visible already. Also, even if the business store is close at any time, the backlit sign can advertise by itself.  

The backlit signs are more appropriate to businesses that are operating at night.  It could also be useful for companies which are open 24/7. It is also not the visibility alone that showcases the backlit sign.  The attraction that it may give at night can also be a factor to pull back clients to come and visit your business store.

Although it is costly, look at how bright it could offer towards the business store.  The more you could attract clients, the higher the chance of increasing the profit of your business operation.  

Pylon Signs

A Pylon Sign is a type of signage wherein it is no longer dealing with a single business brand alone.  It is an arch of different brands in one signage. Commonly, this is used for commercial advertisement of a building.  Also, pylon signage is quite large. If you wanted to convey more messages towards your audience, owning all the spaces for a pylon sign is advisable.  However, the cost may be prohibitive.

It is more applicable to the business store who are renting for a space in a building.  Commonly, in a business building, many stores rent a space for their operation. It may also be possible that one of these renters is your business competitors.  If such happen, upon pylon signage, your brand should outstand.

3D Custom Metal Sign

In 3D Custom Metal Signage, it becomes more creative because the signage is no longer blunt in dimension.  There are many choices you could choose from regarding its palate. It is not a plastic which makes it make durable and long-lasting.  You can use standard metal, however, ShieldCo Art prefers much with the use of aluminum.  In general, the usage and function of 3D custom metal signage are versatile.  It is useful for any business.

With the use of 3D custom metal sign, it makes it more personalized in any aspect it could be used.  There are many options you can choose to make a 3D custom metal signage. It could be through aluminum, copper, brass, steel, core-ten, stainless steel, brushed, aged metal, rusted metal, patina, textured powder, hammered, and many more.  

Informational Signage

Inside your business store, it should include a friendly gesture towards clients.  In doing such, informational signage takes place. The purpose of this signage is to lead the clients to wherever they go.  It serves as their guide whenever there is no available staff which could assist them. These informational signages may include names of rooms, market place, a specific designation of each floor or area, and the likes.  

By the use of information signage, it makes it easier for customers to find whatever they needed to.  It makes it convenient for them to roam around your business store without hassle. If a business uses informational signage, it makes it clear to the clients on how arranged the business store is.  If the company is well-organized, clients will eventually feel the convenience that your store had given them.


Prominent big companies use the given options above. Investing in business signage is a must. Aside from the wide range, it could expose to the public; it is also cost-effective. Trusting the making of your business signage to ShieldCo Art is considered to be recommendable. Always find the quality over quantity for more extended longevity.

About the Contributor:

 Rebecca Nelson is a blogger and writer. She writes about technology, business, marketing, health and lifestyle, and real estate. In her free time, Rebecca either spends time with her family or play sports with her colleagues.