In general, the term curtains refer to a piece of cloth which is draped around a particular opening like in windows or doors. According to its history, it was first used as a divider between two rooms and was later developed into wooden shutters. These drapes are removable and also easy to again attach it on the walls. There are different kinds of fabric and designs available in the market which can be used as necessary.

Tips to Choose the Fabric for Curtains 

The fabric of the curtains plays a vital role in creating an appealing room décor. While buying the drapes, these factors should be considered precisely. There is a different kind of fabrics available such as voile, brocade, acrylic, polyester, silk, lace, rayon, velvet, linen and cotton. The fabric of these drapes affects the style of a particular place. There are different ways of choosing the right kind of fabrics for drapes. Tips to choose the right kind of fabrics are-

  • If you are looking for curtains with vibrant designs then velvet or silk texture can be used. They come with a variety of fabulous designs which makes it look magnificent with the room.
  • If the room or the place has an entry of excess afternoon sunlight then, cotton or linen is considered the best. Thus, that kind of drape should be bought which does not fade faster and prevents the entry of the sunlight.
  • If you can’t spend too much time on maintaining the drapes it is better to opt for the sheer drapes. Because it is easy to maintain and provides an opaque look.
  • If the room should be kept from any sunlight, then a different kind of three-layered fabric drape can be used. They provided 100 percent sunlight prevention.

curtains: room décor essentials

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Curtains

Curtains are an important part of the room. It is one of the things which provides an authentic look to the room and makes it look more beautiful. To name some of the factors-

Sun protection This is the most important use of the drapes. A curtain should be made and used in a way where it should fulfill this demand. Thus, different fabrics like velvet, tweed, and suede should be used for the best performance.

Pattern The design of the drape is an important factor. The design should be eye-catching as well as desirable to the consumer. It should also match the aesthetic look of the room. The color of the curtain should also be desirable according to the user.

Durable and maintenanceDurability should be seen in curtains fabric. Those fabrics for the drapes should only be bought which have a long life. Drapes required maintenance too. Regular washing and drying of the drapes are necessary for better working. Dry cleaning is considered to be an important washing treatment for the process.

Lighting Use of curtain is one of the ways which can make a room look bright. The lights in the room should be able to make the drapes look beautiful and look perfect for the room.

AffordabilityDifferent curtains comes under different price category. Different price ranges are available for the consumers. It can be expensive or affordable as needed for the room and its design and as desired by the owner of the place.

Drapes have been used from a very early age and have been transformed from dividers to protecting covers for an opening in the buildings.  These drapers are light, soft, made up of sheer fabrics which are best for privacy and protection matters. The colors used also matters a lot as the room color and curtain color is demanded the same by some of the users. Thus, while choosing and buying curtains one should look up into these factors for better understanding.

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