Want to Feature a Video?

TAGG – Toorak Times offer a wide variety of options as to how you can display your posts

I will take you through the basics to all facets of posting in this series of instructional posts.


  1. To choose a Video as a post Feature at the top of your page you must ensure that you select Video in the box outlined below.

creating a featured video post

2. Find the URL to the YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook video etc and paste into this window and the video will automatically upload

creating a featured video post

3. There are 3 Video layout templates – you MUST use one of these for your Featured video to appear at the top of the Post.

Contributors can use 1 in particular to maintain a theme in the content or use any of these three at will when creating a Featured video Post. 

creating a featured video post


You can also upload Videos and add them to your content/stories/reviews and place them where you choose in the content using the Add Media button top left of the editing window