Want to Feature a Video?

TAGG – Toorak Times offer a wide variety of options as to how you can display your posts

I will take you through the basics to all facets of posting in this series of instructional posts.


  1. To choose a Video as a post Feature at the top of your page you must ensure that you select Video in the box outlined below.

2. Find the URL to the YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook video etc and paste into this window and the video will automatically upload

Instructions on creating a Video Feature

3. There are 3 Video layout templates – you MUST use one of these for your Featured video to appear at the top of the Post.

Contributors can use 1 in particular to maintain a theme in the content or use any of these three at will when creating a Featured video Post. 


You can also upload Videos and add them to your content/stories/reviews and place them where you choose in the content using the Add Media button top left of the editing window


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