Welcome to the new Global reality! Avoid becoming a COVIDiot.

covidians we are!

Are we one Global COVIDian super nation artificially created through this maybe overstated ‘extinction event’ now? This is the first time I can remember in history when the whole globe is on the same page, pretty much, so maybe there is light to be shone in this new Age of Aquarius after all.

I’m a bit of a spook, many years ago I spent some years investigating (for myself) the local spirit/psychic movement, the Victorian Spiritualist Union in the city was a centre of where many very special humans had their cohort. Reading the books of the seers and prophets they suggested, 100% of the predictions pointed to shit happening around now, but they all also indicated that where we are located on the planet and in the Southern Hemisphere, ours is a land always known as a survivor…yay!

I’m sad that our international relationship with China has become gormfull, I actually loved the way they used our footy national call, ‘Chewy on Your Boots’, and what it means lol…then whacked us with an 80% barley tax!  It would have been hilarious if they had the syntax and context correct with one of our national curses…hmmm, just thought, the Confucion curse, Confucianism is still a core religious/spiritual belief system in China, “May you live in interesting times!”, lol a solid backhander we got for being a mouse that roared!

And how will our future generations organise themselves with the changing social landscape? We thought the Millenials were anal, well! Wait until you meet the next mob coming through! I believe it is a mini evolution, thumb use and the drugs their parents were enjoying mebbee? 

Gen X saw an implosion of middle-class Baby Boomer spawn that were coddled by their post ‘Free Love’ mums in the shadow of their then-current virus, last most freaky pandemic, AIDS, it is a tragic generation.

Will social distancing lead to mandatory invitro? Shall humans store their eggs/sperm at their assessed peak and modify their children with trademarked antiviral genetic refit to become basically celibate producers of manufactured humanity?

The pheromone induced ‘honeymoon period’ at the beginning of a relationship is fueled by shared body fluids, as often as possible, lost in each other. A phenomenon not unlike the idea of Santa or the Easter Bunny, I only know of heartbreak induced from love relationships…maybe negotiated breeding is the go!

Thing is though, due to the demographic shifts in population due to Government demands that if people wanted work they would go where they were needed in ’60s/’70s, being able to get work locally was no longer a reality, Australian families lost that regular connection with their forebears that were still alive.

AND because of such geographic distancing, families lost contact with their core family group, you could be fucking your cousin for instance, hmmm.

Mind you this was only imposed on the working class…the Middle Class and wealthy fucked who and what they chose using the profits from their labour force to enjoy their freedom.

Maybe we should sorta ‘retribalise’ our blood families, I can imagine families from Victoria simply trading houses with Queenslanders living here in Mexico. The stress on people’s minds of the loved ones is amplified right now, excruciatingly so.

It seems to me every facet of our health will be logged from now on, keeping a track of all the ‘Begats’, UBER Deuteronomy, AI will make genetic scanning and such things as Genealogy sites redundant, the global human genome will be mapped out in all its glory.

Makes me think of a story I was told about the Gunai people and Kurnai people that had their separate nations either side of the Snowy River, the second oldest and largest deltas on the planet next to the Nile.

If my recollection is right both nations raided each other and stole young girls in seasonal raids across the river…6 Fingers/6 Toes is an old dreaming story about not inbreeding, in Western Market societies we would not know…even the churches had records that since the ’70s in Australia when women in droves dropped religion for more gregarious experiences…them were the days! Gawd I miss them!

We must also remember that border restriction, emergency empowered law enforcement allowing entrance into private homes without a suspicion of illegal activity or abuse or a warrant are now real…our Liberal Government assures us that once this crisis is over that will graciously relax the measures, but Peter Dutton is on fire at the moment trying to change legislation that would see laws passed that aren’t we want or need or need in this Australian community.

We must remember that our police and armed forces, our guards are all US, sons and daughters trained and directed where the government chooses…we should be more careful when deciding who we elect to effectively rule us, but I believe especially now our police are showing their real worth and just their chilled presence in somewhere like Acland Mall gives the locals a sense of relief, of being cared for by people that have to put their health and life on the line because they had a passion to protect.

This IS a global change of consciousness and behaviour is already embedded in most citizens minds, yes there are large groups of people with too much time on their hands spreading a variety of theories, who knows eh, even our best medical, science, rocket surgery industries are all theoretically based…

‘Theo’ (god reference), we post-flood humans trying to unlock past ‘magic’ knowledge…poorly. Those that have actually ‘got it’, like Galileo Galilei with his telescope or the amazing interpretations that Michelangelo brought to life from ancient texts and drawings held in The Vatican were NOT their ‘inventions’, not at all, just clever enough to see what the ancients were up to through the drawings that were left on their indecipherable records and try to express it in physical terms.

It took until Tesla for a human to understand the etheric connection and do something again with the global energy grid but the lesser, commercial orientated fools in the carbon energy industry, still burgeoning international currency built on the abuse of Empire rule in many oil-rich Middle Eastern countries, buried his ideas.

I accept that most Australians are semi-literate as far as written Oz English goes, but when talking in person you know exactly what people mean to say…so stop getting into keyboard warrior battles!

Text, type, especially in personal texts, can be deadly in relationships of any sort though, especially if you have a particularly paranoid partner in life…more people should use the video chat mode in their online chats.

Zoom, Skype, Facebook messenger are really good ways of connecting in these times, too stay more intimately connected with your loved ones.

Hopefully, the worldwide recognition that we are all so intimately connected to each other may help a world of peace and trust develop, give it a go eh!