covid19: 9 reasons for investing in a generator during lockdown

A power interruption can cause a lot of havoc in your business if you are not prepared for it. The recent onset of natural disasters is proof enough that you need to be prepared ahead during any crisis. In order to ascertain the measures, you need to take, consider the state of your facility or commercial building. Would it be able to provide power if there is a large scale power outage in the area? Can it self-sustain without manual intervention with all electrical systems and servers functioning in case of a national lockdown where it’s essential to work from home?

If the answer is no, it is time to consider investing in backup power generators. The Covid19 situation around the world is proof of how easily societies can be brought to their knees. A power outage during a lockdown will take longer than usual to fix due to fewer workers on duty, social distancing rules and so on. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you need to have a backup power generator on hand in case of a lockdown:

Lowers Your Risk

Lockdowns are often enforced by the government during situations when they want the citizens and residents to stay indoors. This is done mainly to protect them from unforeseen situations like an epidemic, a threat, a hazard, and so on. Installing backup power systems lowers your risk in these situations. It helps to ensure that you have power in spite of an unexpected electrical failure like a power outage or faulty electrical wiring accident. Most businesses suffer during lockdowns as they are ill-equipped to handle the sudden interruption of power causing loss of data, interrupting machinery amidst operations and so on.

Backup Power Is Ready Within Seconds

Power outages and power failures can last for several hours to several days, depending on the severity of the situation. A backup generator ensures that you need to wait just a few seconds before the backup power kicks in. This prevents your business from losing any important data or inconveniencing any customers and clients as well. Since the changeover time is just a few seconds, your customers won’t even notice it.

Prevent Food Decomposition

If you work in the food industry, you are already aware of how much damage can be caused by a power outage. Foods decompose quickly when they are not stored at the ideal temperature. When there is an interruption in the power supply, this plays havoc with the temperature setting in the refrigerators, leading to large losses. The dairy industry will experience huge losses if they do not have a backup power supply. Any business that deals with food manufacturing, food delivery, etc needs to install a backup power generator to prevent financial losses during lockdowns.

Smooth Transition

During a lockdown, a power outage may be caused due to a number of reasons. The seamless changeover from the main power supply to the backup generator makes it possible to avoid any problems like voltage disparities, loss of digital data and so on. The automatic changeover occurs swiftly and does not require manually flip the switch. This ensures there is no down-time, making it easier for accessing servers even if employees are working from home.

Security Systems Stays Intact

Since the power changeover from the main power supply to the backup power generator is seamless, your security system will not be affected in any way. This ensures that your business or company remains secure at all times and is not vulnerable to any burglary or looting attempts during national disasters, lockdowns, etc. In fact, some criminals create power interruptions on purpose in order to gain access to loot the business or company. You are rest assured that this will not happen in your fine establishment, as long as you have a reliable backup power supply.

Stay Connected

In the event of natural disasters, lockdowns and power failures, the first thing to go down is communications. This prevents people from staying connected to the outside world, leading to financial losses as well as rising stress. According to the experts in disaster management, generators make all the difference in staying connected to the outside world. With the COVID-19 situation creating enough anxieties, it becomes important to sync with the peer group. Scouting through different models beforehand across sites such as can help save the day. This is because having a reliable backup power supply on hand ensures that your communication system within the company and clients remain intact irrespective of the situation. The changeover will be hardly recognizable, allowing your communications system to continue functioning as before.

Unsure Future

It is not possible to predict when the need for backup power supply will arise. This is why most leading businesses prefer to get it installed beforehand. The power supply is vulnerable to many problems like harsh climate, rodent bites, natural disasters, national lockdown, grid failure and so on. By preparing for the unexpected, it is possible for you to ensure that business continues as usual with the help of a reliable backup power supply.

No Downtime

When the power supply gets interrupted, it impacts your server. Your employees will not be able to proceed with their tasks, resulting in a loss of time and labour. It is no wonder that successful businessmen advise investing in a generator to prevent this situation from occurring. The changeover from the main power supply to the backup power takes only a few seconds. This ensures that your employees can continue with their jobs and stay productive even during a lockdown.

Heating And Cooling

When the power supply gets interrupted, the heating and cooling system in your establishment also gets affected. Servers especially need to be in regulated temperature to ensure that the systems work without any disruptions. Hence, mainstream and commercial businesses have started investing in backup power generators. This helps to prevent losing clients and customers due to unforeseen electrical disruptions.

To continue operating during different situations, be it a lockdown or a natural disaster, generators are an ideal investment. Apart from helping your employees work from home, it also helps to stay connected with each other. During challenging times everyone needs all the support that is offered. Stay safe, stay afloat as lockdowns can push you through economic challenges that can be overcome by being a little proactive.