cote blanche champagne le brun de neuville blanc de blancs nv base

Lock Down again!

What do you drink? Champagne of course!

cote blanche champagne le brun de neuville blanc de blancs nv base
This Champagne is a golden straw colour with lively small bubbles streaming up the glass, bursting with fresh, lemony, green apple hints on the nose.
Flowing through to the full rich palate of green apples and a ripe grape flavour that is as bold as it is delicate.
What I enjoyed the most was the full-bodied liveliness of the wine followed by a pleasing minimality on the finish.
This is a growers’ Champagne.
Grower Champagnes are Champagnes produced by the estate that owns the vineyards where the grapes are grown.
Rather than like the big brands, these have the emphasis on a consistent “house style” that tastes the same day in day out.
In my humble opinion, this is a real wine made by the grape farmer with just as much skill as the big boys, but with that important ingredient, the love of his or her wine.
I really can’t emphasise enough the quality of this wine.
Wines like this will usually be found in independent wine stores that support the smaller wine growers and care about what they put on their shelves, giving customers a chance to try interesting wines that the owner likes and drinks themselves. You will struggle to find this at the larger stores, Shop small.
With that said; Get to know your sales staff. Make it a point of building a good sense of understanding of what you like or don’t like.

Remember they taste wine, lots of wine each week.

Michael Lillis

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