corymbia red 2014 $40.00

As fine wine imports manager for a large Australian wine retail group I have had the pleasure of drinking some wonderful wines from around the world. So whenever I see an Australian version of a Spanish, Italian or French grape variety I jump on it with glee.

I must also admit I judge them quite hard as I have MY flavour and texture guide lines that the wines must fit into. Corymbia Red 2014 is a blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and splash of Malbec in later vintages, fruit comes from a Swan Valley vineyard that was planted over 25 years ago.

Wine by Genevieve Mann. 

On entry the wine fills the mouth with soft dusty fruit and acid that just hints at Spain. Then mouthful after mouthful of blue berries and dark plum washed over the plate with clean fruit that finished a little new world with hints of Rioja just at the end.

This is a wine made for food in a Spanish style. To make sense of that statement for me; to have this wine without slow roasted herbed lamb with rough-cut Spanish onions, black olives and sweet potatoes, is to miss out on the true enjoyment of this wine. For me this is a true restaurant wine and should enjoyed with fine food to get the best from the wine.