cooking with weber at home: just what can i cook?

Being stuck at home during these times it can get pretty boring, pretty fast so maybe it’s time to pick up a new hobby.

Let’s introduce barbecuing.


cooking with weber at home: just what can i cook?

An intriguing pastime that has captivated and captured the hearts of many for years. With endless recipes and countless opportunities for innovation, there will always be recipes you haven’t tried or techniques you haven’t used before

Several barbecue brands dominate the Australian market and it can be quite challenging to pick out the differences to find the one to suit your needs. To make it easy we recommend purchasing a Weber barbecue – known around Australia for their reliability they also have a wide range of products to choose from to make sure it’s the perfect barbecue for you.

Today I will dive into the products Weber offers and expand on what each of them brings to the table.

Weber Barbecues: The 3 Fuel Types

Gas Barbecues

The Weber Q Range

Weber Q 

The Weber Q Series consists of medium-sized portable gas barbecues suitable for outdoor adventures as well as family meals at home. It can make roasts for up to 10 people and is light enough to carry along for camping trips and picnics.

The Weber Q series consists of two barbecues, the Weber Q2000 and Q2200. Both models are robust and can stand on a table, a foldable Weber stand or a Weber patio cart. However, the Weber Q 2200 is equipped with a precision thermometer and bigger lid to allow for larger roasts than the Weber Q 2000.

Baby Q 

The Baby Q is the smallest Weber Q range and is best suited for picnics or camping trips. With its compact design it can easily fit into the boot of your car, making it a handy travel companion. The Baby Q model can efficiently serve a party of six people and can sit stably on the ground, a table, or on a Weber foldable stand.

In this range, you can choose between the Baby Q1000 and Q1200. Both are equipped with a piezo single spark igniter, however, the Q1000 is the more compact of the two. The Q1200, on the other hand, comes with a precision gauge thermometer and a higher lid for larger roasts.

Family Q

The Weber Family Q is the third and largest model of the series. The Family Q is excellent for entertaining several guests and is comparable in size with a standard four-burner BBQ. Moreover, the family Q comes with a two-burner system that gives you a choice between barbequing and roasting.

cooking with weber at home: just what can i cook?
Again, there are two Weber Family Q barbeque models, the Q3100 and Q3200. The Q3100 is the basic model while the Q3200 comes with a high lid fitted with a precision gauge thermometer.

Genesis II Series

The Genesis II sets a new standard in the world of gas barbecuing. The range consists of 3 to 4 burner models, with the options of upgraded features, as well as a sleek open cart design or a grill cabinet.

Spirit II Series

Kick-start your love of gas barbecuing and taste the difference a Spirit II will make in your life. With a three burner option and exceptional features such as the GS4 high performance grilling system to ensure great results, the Spirit II series is the first step to becoming a barbecue hero.

Summit Series

The Summit line of gas barbecues were built to impress, entertain, and exceed your barbecuing expectations. From burgers on the grate to crispy chicken on the rotisserie, or even adding a touch of smoke to your favourite dish, your culinary journey starts and ends here. With six burners and an abundance of features, the Summit series of gas barbecues can handle any task you decide on.

Charcoal Barbecues

Original Kettle Series

The classic Weber kettle is known for its versatility and convenience helping Australians barbecue burgers, corn and any other side dishes that suit their tastes.

Packed with features that set it apart from other kettles the original Weber kettle regulates air flow at lower temperatures, has a one-touch cleaning system with a high capacity ash catcher and integrated tool hooks for each of your barbequing tools, making it the ideal choice for almost everyone.

 Smokey Mountain Cooker Series

For more experienced barbecuers or just lovers of barbecue in general, Weber has the Smokey Mountain Cooker Series. One of the best low and slow cookers on the market, savoury every bite as the tender meat falls off the bone.

Inside, a porcelain enamelled water pan generates steam to keep the cooking temperature low and even. As a result, the foods are tender, succulent and moist. Smouldering smoke combines with the steam and filters up through the double racks, encircling hams, fish, poultry or sausage to produce beautiful flavours. The smoker is made from heavy gauge steel sealed in porcelain enamel that won’t peel, stain or burn. 

If you’re really serious about smoking the Smokey Mountain Cooker is your ideal choice.

Summit Charcoal Series

The Summit Charcoal Series is the best Weber has to offer. Featuring an innovative design, it leads us to a charcoal bbq with unlimited potential, landing it in a class of its own. The perfect barbecue for any situation, you can cook the juiciest steak, roast a whole chicken or transform your barbecue into a smoker

The options are endless, so reach the peak of perfection with a Summit Charcoal Grill. 

Electric Barbecues

Pulse Series

Made for urban living, the Weber Pulse Series doesn’t have to worry about restrictions on gas or charcoal and will never run out of fuel. Powered by electricity the cast iron cooking grates achieve a flavor and sear that you can’t get in the kitchen.

Sporting two models the Pulse 1000 and Pulse 2000, the latter is a larger version while also possessing independently controllable dual-zone functionality so you cook your steak on one side while preparing your sides on the other. Both come with innovative smart features that will make cooking easier for you such as integrated iGrill technology and electronic temperature control.