in conversation, helen zhang
Night Charm 1 100cmX80cm Oil on Canvas 2015 1272x1440
Now it’s final days is MIND MARK- an exhibition taking place at inner city venue No Vacancy Gallery- it’s an exhibition that in the words of the artist- looks at how creation beyond reality is often not that easy. It is the replacement of consciousness, the conflict between the id and the ego, the fusion with nature, the breakage of logic and then transcending, the sudden change and recovery of disposition, the clash of thoughts, and the contradiction of life.
TAGG spoke with Helen about not only the exhibition but how humanity has and will continue to create work that is as much an extension of ourselves as it as in extension to the world that surrounds.
As an artist, do you look upon your practice and creation as something a little luxurious, the investment of time to create something as an example, or  is this sentiment clouded by the realities lived by artists? 
It’s all about passion and the will to create without to many expectations while I’m in the process of creating. It is also a learning process that I am constantly undergoing which is very exciting because heading into the unknown brings much joy and pleasure especially when things work out that satisfy me.
Why is it important for humans to create, what value do you place on self expression?
It’s my belief we are all connected to source energy and because of this I feel like creation is part of our existence. We are either a deliberate creator or we are a creator by default. Either way we create our own existence no matter the circumstances. Everything is manifested in the non physical as we feel and think of them, then it’s just a matter of difference if we learn to manifest our creations into the physical realm of this existence.
What would you point out as the tipping point for humanity, to have lost their connection with more traditional modes of creative expression, hat does today’s social documentation through things like instagram speak of, is it something negative or the next step in our evolution and that of creative mediums?
Your life is just a choice that you made. Don’t be to serious. Life was never meant to be so serious. Maybe if everyone just took some time to find happiness everyday by accepting things as they currently are then we can create a tipppng point of change which will bring some joy even if it’s for a short time everyday, it will give us a chance to feel and think in a more comfortable and happy way. Maybe social documentation could be seen as a suppression for humanity even though we are sharing massive amounts of personal information for the world to see, this type of disclosure could possibly be narrowing our subconscious abilities and keeping us in a narrow minded state of consciousness. Although we have access to vast amounts of information in this age which gives us the ability to research and determine truths and beliefs, we could also feel and see confusion due to the overflow of information and opportunities around us. Simplicity is the most complicated thing to achieve in this world.
What do you begin to uncover while creating this body of work, and what did you end up knowing by the end of the process, what inspiration did you take from personal memories, and what from the broader context of society inspired you further?
So I choose a subject like flowers or natural landscapes then I feel the connection with the natural beauty that has been created before me. I start to put paint to canvas and feel the appreciation of this physical experience and all that dwells in it. I’m inspired by the creation of colours and textures that nature provides. Society has many amazing artists that interpret life in many different ways and I thouroughly enjoy researching and attending other artists exhibitions and learning how they visualise life and physical forms through their eyes. I even see people that do not consider themselves as artists in the streets or shops performing art by default. I feel like everything is art created in one way or another. I guess it depends on ones perspective.
Does art really have the capacity to drive social change and alter the opinions of the majority, or is this just fallacy we tell ourselves as justification for our needs, particularly in a modern capitalist  society that artists increasingly do not fit within?
So do we need art???? Yes absolutely, as I said in a different way just before we are all painting a canvas together on a huge stage. The outcome of course is limited due to laws and conflicts between opposing parties who suppress our artistic opportunity as a society to paint the ultimate perfectly balanced painting so to speak for social change and opinions. True art has no boundaries where as your question is challenging the integrity of government, religious , banking and economic policies against a world of constant creation and manifestation of art. Art encourages us to look beyond form, to look at things in a different way other than the proposed way. Having said that our society is being created by the people we have chosen to employ in the governments and other sectors around the world who are the controlling and coordinating artists of our society and infrastructure. A friendly reminder that the people of this global society are the directors of this creation and the ones employed to run our world titled governments work for us. Somehow over the years it has been flipped on its head and we the people have become the employees and the ones who govern the globe have become the employers. Once this is flipped back around on a global scale to its correct position we can see a major change. I will not make a boundary for the word art or even catorgarize it as a subject because we are talking about our life and our existence in this physical form that can never be controlled by human intervention.
Will art ever die?
Nothing ever dies!!!!!
It only changes form from one existence to the next
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