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Friday, May 27, 2022
the age of aquarius is almost upon us, so is february.

The Age of Aquarius is almost upon us, so is February.

Follow my every move here... Welcome to the new decade. I now refer to 2020 as The Year of Clear Vision. It's been apocalyptic over here in the east and no sign of relief just yet. My...
where to find tanya lee davies in november

Where to find Tanya Lee Davies in November

Helloooo readers, I'm cutting straight to the chase because any wit & fancy turn of phrase that I may usually be able to muster has gone on holiday, I think I left my smarts...
sayonara september & october music biz

Sayonara September & October music biz

What do Darwin, Bali, Federation Square and George Jones have in common? Me. After working myself into a frenzy to finish this album I keep talking about, it occurred to me that I'd had a big year and maybe needed to...
Soldiers of Love band at The Ember Lounge, the day Melbourne weather turned. Rick Plant on bass, Ash Davies on drums and Sam Lemann on guitar. 

TLD running to catch you 2019, slow down you move too fast.

Thank you, and what now my love? I started to write this 'edition' of my monthly meanderings, so long ago that it's not even worth mentioning, and now it's September 2nd. The whole point was...

Songs of Love and Heartbreak  Valentines Day and beyond

So the second month of 2019 is upon us. According to my Google search, in numerology the number TWO is the most feminine of numbers and the most underestimated, hmmm February you sly beast, the...
The Duetting Damsel – Tanya-lee Davies And Her Gentlemen Friends

The Duetting Damsel – Tanya-Lee Davies and her Gentlemen Friends

FEATURING   Steve Lucas, Peter Baylor and Alex Buxton Tanya-Lee Davies has recorded a sonic shrine to her long time love affair with the boy/ girl duet and is bringing three of her dancing partners to...
souvenir – film review

Souvenir – film review

Isabelle Huppert is always extraordinary. Her face is a story in motion. The only other actress I can think of with such vivid emotional range, but doesn’t rely on it to get her through...


Written and Directed by Jim Jarmusch Jim Jarmucsh’s latest film is almost a meditation. We move ever so quietly through the lives of Paterson, a bus driver and would be poet (Adam Driver) and his...
perfect strangers – film review

Perfect Strangers – film review

                                        Perfect Strangers screened during the Palace Cinemas 2016 Italian Film Festival and was one of...