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Thursday, November 21, 2019
congratulations, you are a businessmanvideo

Congratulations, You ARE A Businessman

I didn’t get too far into the news today. The first two headlines fisted into my face and were enough to put a stop to that. It should come as no surprise but well,...
the kiss offvideo

The Kiss Off

This song was on the ‘Blind Faith’ release by A.R.M. (Armageddon Resource Management) though sometimes I referred to it as Angry Red Meat or Autistic Remedial massage, you get the idea. I wrote this song...
philosphical realities (or the ramblings of a disheveled mind)    

When words fail

I woke up with this version of the song on my mind. Whether its today with the terrible recent events or if it’s just because it’s winter and I’m feeling a little blue, I...
the power in naming

The Power In Naming

  http://stevelucas.bandcamp.com/album/all-too-human WE have been told many times how in many cultures you never give someone your ‘real’ name or ‘soul’ name as it gives whoever knows it the ability to command a certain amount of...
bread and watervideo

Bread and Water

Back in the 90’s while between studio sessions with Bigger Than Jesus (the Killer Vision album), I felt the need for a change in intensity, some to soothe my nerves after all the screaming...
“we believe in the power of your voice”video


Not a bad tag line to have for a commercial going to air during the Emmys and Country Music Awards in the United States of America. Part of my mind just thinks ‘this is...
margot smithvideo


A video of Margot lovingly made by Michael Wade containing 3 stunning demos & a collection of photos of friends & family, Rx ...