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Saturday, October 23, 2021
how to improve your credit score and change your life

How to Improve Your Credit Score and Change Your Life

Hello friends! Today, I would like to have a quick chat about credit repair. We are coming into a recession, which means that credit is going to become more available in the form of loosening of...
negative gearing – the long con: how to purchase profitably

Negative Gearing – The Long Con: How to Purchase Profitably

Hello dearest readers and casual observers (not that you’re not dear to me too!) So here it is, the long promised and well overdue article on negative gearing and the dos and don'ts of purchasing a...
Black Lives, Blue Lives, All Lives Matter

Black Lives, Blue Lives, All Lives Matter

Hello readers! I hope you will indulge me in a small prologue. I recently posted this article to my personal website and socials and it had such an active mix of responses that I thought I...
the bottom is falling out of the property market

The Bottom Is Falling Out of the Property Market

Hello friends. There is a serious topic I want to share with you today. I do not do this with a sensationalistic media slant to sell you on my story and to keep you hooked...
can australia afford the stimulus packages?

Can Australia Afford the Stimulus Packages?

Hello dear readers Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you and hello to all of my new readers. I cannot believe the growth I am seeing and thank you to all of you who have started to check out my new YouTube channel. So, can Australia afford the $214 billion in stimulus
proof the world can be green and stop global warming – from a capitalist

Proof the World Can Be Green and Stop Global Warming – From a Capitalist

Covid-19 has proven we can fix the world in under 2 years!!
how to be greedy 101

How to be Greedy 101

Five tips to investing success for all you mums, dad, grannies and armchair investors
i told you so

I Told You So

I don’t want to say I told you so.... but here is my article from May where I started ringing the bell of recession warning signs, (this was also about the time my friends stopped inviting me to dinner parties as once I am on a topic I do tend to get up on my
a success story

A Success Story

I have been writing a lot of doom and gloom lately so i wanted to share with you a success story. I am not sure if you have heard of a little online retailer called Kogan.com, which started as an online retailer for electronic devices such as TV's. Kogan is one of those great "started
deafening silences

Deafening Silences

"When giants speak humans have no choice but to listen" Shaun Fox   And if you are paying attention friends then the real gold is in what the mighty are not saying. The giant in question here is Warren Buffet, undeniably the most successful investor of our time. I say investor and not share trader