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Thursday, May 19, 2022
rainbow music


THIS IS MAGICAL! HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS MUSICIANS!!! DO YOU TEACH MUSIC?   Ever since I had my throat ripped in a motorcycle accident in 1979 my fine singing voice was destroyed, taking me away from any chance...
it doesn;t happen to us…

It Doesn’t Happen To Us…

But it does! After further diagnoses of my 11 yearold's bleeding nose on the weekend, we found out he had full blown Juvenile Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemuia this week. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING CASUALLY. Look for paling of the skin, lethargy, highly increased heart rate with temperature, unsteadiness - it would depend on the child's ability to express what is going on as to how quickly obvious signs would be apparent. Take no chances with anything! One of a myriad of tragedies, waste no time with yours, it could make a difference!
rainbow music revolution


RAINBOW MUSIC IS HERE... www.rainbowmusic.com.au ...FOR YOU TO ENHANCE YOUR  APPRECIATION     AND ENJOYMENT OF MUSIC AND  ITS RELATIONAL  HARMONY WITH  LIGHT AND COLOUR.     We invite you to have a look at the site and read the various sections to gain an understanding of the project's...
drug regulation economic revival revolution


FLATTEN THE ECONOMIC CURVE The urgency for funding for our health system is at a premium in most peoples consciousness, what happens if there are lines of Ambulances waiting for infected to be processed. So far,...
land animal – new single from hots!

Land Animal – New Single from HOTS!

Hots Cool Band   The first single from Hots forthcoming second album, Shit Capitalists.   Downloads available at:   https://hotscoolband.bandcamp.com/tra...   https://hotscoolband.bandcamp.com/album/shit-capitalists   HOTS are Travis Marke: Guitar, lead vocals, lyrics James Pacholli: Drums, vocals Mabel Chen: Bass, vocals
2020 world bowls championships: finals venues confirmed

2020 World Bowls Championships: Finals venues confirmed

#2020WorldBowls Tuesday, January 23, 2020 Broadbeach and Club Helensvale will play host to the business end of the 2020 World Bowls Championships, being confirmed as the venues for the event's finals. The two venues will share the...
join us on this magical trip to north india – march 2020

Join us on this magical trip to North India – March 2020

Hi Yogis, We are excited to inform you about our upcoming tour to North India from 8-22 March 2020. Discover (& experience) the true incredible India. Including: The beauty of the Taj Mahal and the majesty...
the circuit

The Circuit: A Bright Future for Indy Theatre?  

THE GOAL: Build a business model for Independent Australian Theatre that can thrive without funding.  (Though we'd never say no to grants) "PLEASE SHARE" The idea, find cheap venues all over the suburbs of Melbourne where new...
22 october port phillip council media statement fines victoria 2019

22 October Port Phillip Council Media Statement Fines Victoria 2019

Statement by Dick Gross Today’s media coverage about Fines Victoria’s longstanding fine collection issues confirms what Port Phillip Council has said for months. Our Council is currently owed $21.8 million in unrecovered debt from outstanding fines, which Fines...
MAROONED the play

Marooned speaks to us in a language we understand

I have been involved with a lot of different lifestyles and people over a very interesting life, I have engaged in lots of promotion within the arts and music and it keeps on moving...