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Thursday, May 13, 2021
 “loveplay” by moira buffini 15 & 16 june, national theatre

 “LOVEPLAY” by Moira Buffini 15 & 16 June, National Theatre

2nd year NTDS Students Anthony O’Connell, Eva McEntee, Anton Koum, Delta Brooks, William Murray, Berk Ozturk, Jordan Chodzeisner National Theatre’s 2nd year students are a motivated team who understand the need to take self-responsibility....
love, loss and what i wore

Love, Loss and What I Wore

Love, Loss and What I Wore is about how our clothes hold our memories and expressions of ourselves and relationships – what we loved, hated, and the voices that shaped us. Twenty eight vignettes...
‘sweet phoebe’ by michael gow 22 to 25 march 2017

‘Sweet Phoebe’ by Michael Gow 22 to 25 March 2017

An Australian dark comedy about a marriage in chaos when a dog runs away, this quirky one hour love romp is staged in a 1920's home. Sweet Phoebe is a hilarious snapshot of a marriage...
‘ladycake’ three birds theatre | review by meredith fuller, psychologist & author

‘LADYCAKE’ Three Birds Theatre | Review by Meredith Fuller, psychologist & author

Poppy seed Theatre Festival; until 11 DECEMBER 2016 ‘LADYCAKE’ till 27 November. This satisfying production of a ‘modern refashioning of the myths surrounding the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette who lived like a rock star...

‘LADYCAKE’ Three Birds Theatre | Review by Meredith Fuller, psychologist & author

This satisfying production of a modern refashioning of the myths surrounding Marie Antoinette is a credit to Miles, Nunn and Rodway who comprise Three Birds Theatre
meredith fuller talks with ray mooney, author of  ’the ethics of evil: stories of h division’ (2016)

Meredith Fuller talks with Ray Mooney, author of ’The Ethics of Evil: Stories...

Available now from Amazon.com This visceral non-fiction book explores the true story of H Division, the punishment division within Pentridge Prison, Melbourne, that operated from 1958-1994, which was responsible for cultivating criminals who committed horrific...
‘the angry ant’  by kelvin glare ao, former chief commissioner of victoria police (2015) book review by meredith fuller

‘The Angry Ant’ by Kelvin Glare AO, former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police...

“I see too many kids today who do not appreciate their own intrinsic value as human beings being bombarded with negative feedback about their worth. Little wonder that these kids get into trouble when...
the mill on the floss | from behind closed doors 28 july – 13 august  review by meredith fuller for tagg.com   fullercuriocity


What could be even more intriguing than an evening at the theatre in Melbourne? Combine it with an earlier visit to see how the performance group breathes life into the play during rehearsals, and...
tape by stephen belber dir jennifer sarah dean play review meredith fuller

TAPE by Stephen Belber Dir Jennifer Sarah Dean Play Review Meredith Fuller

TAPE by Stephen Belber Directed by Jennifer Sarah Dean Review by Meredith Fuller The Court House Hotel 27 April to 7 May ‘Play Dead Theatre’ presents a fascinating psychological drama about love, hate, and honesty between old friends....
crossxroads musical theatre review by meredith fuller

CROSSxROADS musical theatre review by Meredith Fuller

  Crossxroads review by Meredith Fuller In this Australian Musical 'CrossxRoads' we follow the life journeys of several friends after they graduate, travel, find and lose love, careers, relationships, and learn their true natures. An engrossing musical...