the fabric architect

The Fabric Architect

“I wanted to be an Architect” Dior French designer Christian Dior craved an artistic life as the economic world collapsed under the weight of the war machine that had eaten into Europe. He fell...
Melbourne In Pictures

Melbourne in pictures

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what pain women endure for shoes

What pain women endure for shoes

I am taking a liberal guess, but I can confidently say that nearly all women have a pair of shoes that they endure with pain and will not throw out. I went to the streets...
what to do?

What to Do?

As the last veil of sunshine and warmth left our streets at the end of June, a shadow fell like doom and cast us into our beds with flu’s. June was invigorating, July is...
shafar on fire in jewish-ish

Shafar on fire in Jewish-ish

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL review Michael Shafar held his own at the momentous Trades Hall, that scrubbed up nicely, awash in neon for the MICF 2017. Shafar is an eclectic blend of cultural experiences...
plundered & broken

Plundered & Broken

The tale of Aboriginal plunder is a never-ending ballad that sings in the winds of this great country, a land that Elea (Albert) Namatjira painted so lovingly in watercolour. Namatjira’s world-renowned artistic status may have...
orwell’s 1984 is back

Orwell’s 1984 is back

‘Power is only what you allow it to be’.1984 English-born , George Orwell’s, novel 1984, will be re-visited. MELBOURNE Comedy Theatre 31 May – 10 June Despite the age of the book and the...
the man who united our nation

The Man who United our Nation

The Lonely Hero Lionel Rose was unaware of the National Pride that he had evoked. When the plane landed back in Melbourne in 1968, thousands of well dressed white people cheered from the tarmac...
truth, what is truth?

Truth, what is truth?

REVIEW George Orwell’s 1984 , adapted by Robert Icke & Duncan Macmillan, is currently playing at the Comedy Theatre. ‘You don’t have to be an expert to know that Newspeak is the only language in the world whose...
Bombing The Environment Causes Global Change

Bombing the environment causes global change

Since 1945 there have been 2056 known nuclear test explosions around the Earth, including Australia. Most of the tests have taken place on Aboriginal peoples land and small islands in the pacific. Whist it...