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Sunday, January 17, 2021
a prison in the sun wins readers’ favorite book award finalist 2020

A Prison in the Sun wins Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist 2020

I am excited to announce A Prison in the Sun, Book 3 in my Canary Islands Mysteries Series, has received the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist award. I’m over the moon!! About A Prison in the...
blackthorn book tours book review central city by indy perro

Blackthorn Book Tours book review Central City by Indy Perro

About Central City Kane Kulpa learned which laws could be bent and which broken after a short stint in prison courtesy of Detective Vincent Bayonne. Bound by time, integrity, and the reality of life in...
book review: of myth and shadow by matthew s. cox

Book Review: Of Myth and Shadow by Matthew S. Cox

Book Blurb:   Aegaan is a vast and righteous kingdom, yet darkness gathers in the distant corners of the realm. Elven raids on small towns have inflamed racial tensions with humans, pushing distrust to hatred and...
book review: murder in montague falls

Book Review: Murder in Montague Falls

About Murder in Montague Falls   WHITE HOT THRILLS! PITCH BLACK DEEDS! 3 TALES OF TEENS TACKLING THEIR DARKEST RITES OF PASSAGE Acclaimed storytellers Russ Colchamiro, Sawney Hatton, and Patrick Thomas each present an original novella brimming with...

Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy – Cover Reveal and Preorder!

Yesterday, Shooting Star Press acquired my biography of Alice Bailey. Today, I am revealing the new cover! About Alice A. Bailey: Life & Legacy From tragic beginnings as an aristocratic orphan to becoming the mother of...
alice a. bailey: life & legacy acquired by shooting star press

Alice A. Bailey: Life & Legacy acquired by Shooting Star Press

I am thrilled to announce my full biography of Alice A. Bailey has just been acquired by Shooting Star Press!  This comes after many weeks of turbulence as the original edition released on 7 May...
book review: last year, when we were young by andrew j mckiernan

Book Review: Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew J McKiernan

Here’s my review of yet another terrific collection of horror shorts, this time from an award-winning Australian horror writer, Andrew J. McKiernan. “WINNER: 2014 AHWA Australian Shadows Award, Collected Work ‘Last Year, When We Were Young’...
book review: slow down by lee matthew goldberg

Book Review: Slow Down by Lee Matthew Goldberg

How far would you go to make your dreams come true? For budding writer and filmmaker Noah Spaeth, being a Production Assistant in director Dominick Bambach’s new avant-garde film isn’t enough. Neither is watching...
book review: the girl who found the sun by matthew s. cox

Book Review: The Girl Who Found the Sun by Matthew S. Cox

About The Girl Who Found the Sun It started with the insects. The mass die-offs had been a warning unheeded. Before society realized the danger, the Earth had inexorably begun a transformation into a place where...
book review: auxiliary: london 2039 by jon richter

Book Review: Auxiliary: London 2039 by Jon Richter

About Auxiliary: London 2039 London is quiet in 2039—thanks to the machines. People stay indoors, communicating through high-tech glasses and gorging on simulated reality while 3D printers and scuttling robots cater to their every whim. Mammoth...