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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

More Conspiracy Thinking About Alice Bailey: The United Nations

by Isobel Blackthorn For conspiracy thinkers in the 1950s and 60s, the United Nations exemplified not internationalism as Alice Bailey pictured the organisation, but totalitarianism. As if Hitler, Stalin, Franco and Mussolini were not bad...

New World Order and Alice Bailey: What’s the Evidence?

by Isobel Blackthorn Mother of the New Age movement Alice Bailey has been the bête noire of conspiracy thinkers for decades, helped along by Christian writer Constance Cumbey. See https://isobelblackthorn.com/2021/01/18/alice-bailey-and-the-new-world-order/ The tap root that...


by Isobel Blackthorn From Goodwill to Conspiracy Theory Alice Bailey devoted thirty years to the fulfilment of her mission to be the conduit for the latest outpouring of the Ageless Wisdom and establish a number of...
the unlikely occultist receives a five star readers’ favorite badge!

The Unlikely Occultist receives a Five Star Readers’ Favorite Badge!

Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite Shortly after her loving Aunt Hilary’s funeral, Heather faced a challenge at her job. At the State Library in Victoria, Australia, she was assigned the task of assessing a one-hundred...
the transformative process of writing fiction

The Transformative Process of Writing Fiction

Benefits for Readers When reading, the suspension of ordinary awareness through engagement in a story world has enormous benefits of itself. Empathy, theory of mind and critical thinking are all enhanced. Reading relaxes you, de-stresses,...
book review: the plot against heaven by mark kirkbride

Book Review: The Plot Against Heaven by Mark Kirkbride

About The plot against heaven Death doesn’t stand a chance against love. Hell-bent on confronting God after the death of wife Kate, Paul gate-crashes Heaven. With immigration problems and a wall, Heaven turns out to be...
book review: cancer daily life by carola schmidt

Book Review: Cancer Daily Life by Carola Schmidt

About Cancer Daily Life Cancer Daily Life is a bittersweet collection of single and double-frame strips that only readers who are highly involved with the C world could relate to. It’s sometimes cute and sweet,...
book review: the patchwork prince book 1 stumbling stoned by a. van wyck

Book Review: The Patchwork Prince Book 1 Stumbling Stoned by A. van Wyck

I’m delighted to review Stumbling Stoned (The Patchwork Prince Book 1) for Blackthorn Book Tours! About The Patchwork Prince – Stumbling Stoned State-sponsored drugs in the megaton range. More rice pudding than I could shake a...
alice bailey in 1920 at theosophical hq krotona

Alice Bailey in 1920 at Theosophical HQ Krotona

There are so few photos of Alice Bailey which is why I’m delighted to share this digitally enhanced image courtesy of Steven Chernikeeff, original photo courtesy of the Lucis Trust. The image appears in...
book review: the cabin sessions by isobel blackthorn

Book Review: The Cabin Sessions by Isobel Blackthorn

I’m excited to re-blog this fabulous review of my dark psychological thriller The Cabin Sessions. https://horroraddicts.wordpress.com/2020/09/21/book-review-the-cabin-sessions-by-isobel-blackthorn/