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Greg HackettHi, I’m Greg Hackett, the Editor/publisher of Haxtrax.com – both a career journalist, and editor.

I know exactly how mainstream media travel coverage works, having being a Travel Editor for News Corp (Herald Sun Escape), as well as many other roles in print and digital media. I treat the function of the media in the global sense, the delivery of information, and the necessity for impartiality, very seriously.

Also, I love the opportunities of the evolving digital age. Now we all have a voice. Bring it on! So please join us on Haxtrax.com as we share the truth about travel destinations. And have a laugh along the way!

Travel reviews in the advertising-dependent, revenue reliant, mainstream media excel at telling us everything about a destination…

except often what it is truly like. The authors will tell us how good their free flight was, how good their free meal was, how good their free accommodation was… maybe even how good their free VIP treatment was.

They have to, or they won’t get another free invite. And you, dear paying traveller, pay for their ‘free’ air travel, meals, & accommodation. Don’t ever forget that.

For these reasons, most travel journalism is much like a ‘doctored’, or photo shopped, picture. Sure, it’s appealing – but it is just… not… real.

Here at HaxTrax.com, we give you our honest opinions on what YOU, the paying customer, can expect to experience. The good and the bad. How it really is.

So, join us on our travels and adventures, and let’s use social media and the evolving digital age to share our true and real experiences.

Throwing Out Shoes is a Big Deal for a Bloke

Goodbye to the Phu Quoc “Qrocs”. They have served me so loyally, trekking through many a South-East Asian “wet” market, the Vietnam jungle between bars, over searing sands of beaches, in airports and on...

Good Food at a Good Price

“When in Rome do … something different every day” That’s my take on it, anyway. Lunch is Korean franchise ChickenPlus in Nha Trang, Vietnam: it is quite a feast, too, for 105k dong (AUD$6.50). Fried chicken,...

Peeling Prawns is Exercise, Yes?

I’ve had plenty on my plate, this Vietnam trip, but “exercise” has been missing. Peeling prawns is exercise, yes? Job’s done! Add some boiled chicken off-cuts, greens and rice, and that’s lunch for today.50k...

Taking Time Out from the Local Food

Taking a break from the local Vietnamese food, brunch is the “Time House muffins”: 2 poached eggs and in-house pork mince patties on roasted-black-sesame seed buns. Being one not fond of the usual bland “burger...

Smooothe Your Way into the Day

Travel’s eternal question: what to have for breakfast? Mango/passionfruit/strawberry “smoothie” nails it. Natural, nutrional, fibre. 25k dong (AUD$1.50) Now all set for the day, in Nha Trang, Vietnam …

Crunch Time When You Can’t Read the Menu

I wish I could read Vietnamese. A prawn brunch: I order soft-shell prawns/shrimp fried in a caramelised garlic syrup. Apologies to Chef but I can’t stand eating soft-shell anything. Oh well, my fault, so...

“The Storm, Nha Trang”

Late in the hot afternoonIt slinks from its LairDeep in the indigo mistof the Annamese mountains. Champing for the ChampaHunger whet since ancient timesThe Dragon comes to devour allAs Time surely did intend Slowly sliding down...

You Happy, Me Happy, Buddha Happy

A real, down-to–earth, quasi honest South-East Asian market. This is fair dunkum tourist shopping. Here, the huge smiles take the sting out of being stung. Who cares if you pay a bit extra? It’s...

Excellent choice, Sir

The menu shows 5 items: you must guess which is the only item available? This is more fun than Wordle and with a tasty ending … Bùn chà pho is a sweet broth with...

The Proof of the Pizza is in the Tasting

Travel Editor Tip No.5: Only trust cooks who eat their own food. Vietnam, with its capacious cuisine, isn’t really where one seeks a “gusto Italiano” experience but this pizzeria ristorante La Cala – hidden up...