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Greg HackettHi, I’m Greg Hackett, the Editor/publisher of Haxtrax.com – both a career journalist, and editor.

I know exactly how mainstream media travel coverage works, having being a Travel Editor for News Corp (Herald Sun Escape), as well as many other roles in print and digital media. I treat the function of the media in the global sense, the delivery of information, and the necessity for impartiality, very seriously.

Also, I love the opportunities of the evolving digital age. Now we all have a voice. Bring it on! So please join us on Haxtrax.com as we share the truth about travel destinations. And have a laugh along the way!

Travel reviews in the advertising-dependent, revenue reliant, mainstream media excel at telling us everything about a destination…

except often what it is truly like. The authors will tell us how good their free flight was, how good their free meal was, how good their free accommodation was… maybe even how good their free VIP treatment was.

They have to, or they won’t get another free invite. And you, dear paying traveller, pay for their ‘free’ air travel, meals, & accommodation. Don’t ever forget that.

For these reasons, most travel journalism is much like a ‘doctored’, or photo shopped, picture. Sure, it’s appealing – but it is just… not… real.

Here at HaxTrax.com, we give you our honest opinions on what YOU, the paying customer, can expect to experience. The good and the bad. How it really is.

So, join us on our travels and adventures, and let’s use social media and the evolving digital age to share our true and real experiences.

cottage pie not how nanna made it

Cottage Pie NOT how Nanna made it

It never comes out looking like the pic, does it? I’d describe this lentils/kale/sweet potato Cottage Pie as more about the, ummm, texture than the taste. Fortunately, my mates Lea and Perrins, from Worcestershire,...
insidious beauty

Insidious Beauty

A Blue Flower Wasp, on the footpath outside my apartment, in St Kilda, Melbourne. First time I’ve seen one in Australia. Don’t be deceived by it’s allure – it’s a parasitoid, and paralyses its...
coronavirus: lockdown lunches

Coronavirus: Lockdown Lunches

Lockdown lunches: better than my last effort? Peppercorn’s grass fed, gluten free (don’t know why) beef sausages, with my home grown (not supposed to be “miniature”) tomatoes, and egg cooked with hot paprika and...
meals in the time of coronavirus

Meals in the Time of Coronavirus

Well, it tastes much better than it looks. When you have to mix and match what’s in the cupboard and fridge, today’s winning combo: egg fried with hot paprika, pepper and dried rosemary, on...
mince and mix for a lunch in lockdown

Mince and Mix for a Lunch in Lockdown

Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Lockdown Lunch is very low/slow cooked turkey mince with smoked bacon, heaps and heaps of red wine, dried mixed herbs, coarse pepper, garlic, home grown chilli, tomato paste,...
kids – help your parents deal with the stress of coronavirus

Kids – help your parents deal with the stress of coronavirus

ESSENTIAL guide for children to help their parents cope with the stress of coronavirus: * Tell Mum & Dad that they will grow out of their toilet paper “thing” (which we don’t talk about)...
cruise tourism hits pause button as coronavirus spreads

Cruise tourism hits pause button as coronavirus spreads

Norwegian Cruise Lines, one of the world’s Big 3 cruise lines, has put public health ahead of immediate profit and suspended all cruises by its 28 ships until April 11 as the coronavirus pandemic...
cruising into the future

Cruising into the future

As tourism deals with a severe case of the flu, no sector is showing more symptoms than cruising. On the upside, at least one major cruise line is prescribing a beneficial remedy – Norwegian...
smart air travel

Smart air travel

What is a night’s sleep worth? Even just a fitfull, semi-snooze during an international flight? As economy class travellers (which, let’s face it, is the vast majority), is a more expensive airfare worth the...
eden’s gem

Eden’s Gem

The first cruise ship has docked at Eden port since the region’s bushfires catastrophe – an encouraging early sign of tourism recovery. The Norwegian Jewel brings 2000 passengers for on-shore tours and activities, which will...