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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Way Out

the way out
Close your eyes, really tight, breath the clean air and even just a for a second, imagine a bleak and dystopian place that has snatched from us all that is great about this country. Now, was that difficult, or is it not so much of a far reaching prophecy? For debuting play-write Josephine Collins, this is the backdrop to which...


Presented by Theatre Works and Don't Look Away and written by Lally Katz, this a modern interpretation of work penned by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Oddly beautiful, and uncomfortable in it’s own skin this production is laced with some potent undertones but more importantly it's just damn good fun all round. This is Frankenstein, but not as you would know the...


Roberto Deveraux
Opening nite time again this time for this AUSTRALIAN PREMIER fabulis production of I @ Athenaeum by Melbourne opera company. This is MOCs third in the TheTrilogy series, each being held at different Melbourne inner city venues.... back to the future now and home in Collins St Saturday nite November 11,14,16,18 at 7-30pm sharp!   Music to dye for great set on the now-adaze...

Hugo Race and True Spirit at The Winnebago 18/7/2016

hugo race and true spirit at the winnebago 18/7/2016
Watching this band for the second time and becoming more aware of their brilliance I have become entranced by the rough elegance of hardened, long term travellers from the Australian punk and rock experience that took the dangerous road to Europe to explore their music over many years and have a performance presence that elevates the sense. This is no band...

Mothers Ruin at Map57

mothers ruin at map57
Mother’s Ruin is Gin  Gin. Specifically, the alcohol beverage of Gin was called mother's ruin because in the mid eighteenth century the effects of gin on the family and economy were disastrous. Considered the poor man's drink due to its affordability, gin drinking had started out as medicine but due to its easy availability, men became impotent while women became sterile causing the London birth rate to decline...

Merciless Gods

merciless gods
It's so refreshing to see some great theatre being produced, though calling Little Ones stage adaption of the work by Christos Tsiolkas "great" seems almost reductive. It's impossible not to be simultaneously blown away yet also drawn inwardly into this performance. Each of the spiralling narratives builds to an unsettling end, as all of the sexual tension explodes and...


Over the past four years, to mark the commencement of Melbourne Festival the five clans of the Kulin Nation: Wurundjeri, Boon Wurrung, Taungurung, Dja Dja Wurrung and Wadawurrung n welcome us to country in Tanderrum, a ceremony that up until recently had not been performed here in Melbourne since 1835. These are the first words spoken before the 18 days of stories and sensations that...

Pile Of Bones

pile of bones
From darkness, they emerge as a twisting sensation of bodies curled. As the lights slowly rise, so too does this performance unfurl. There's something maleficent,  rhythmic and disruptive to the choreography. Brash and unapologetic, the performance continues. Repeated moments that allude to the more classic are elbowed aside. Dancers shift from character to object  and from lucid vision to solid...

Animal is a visceral triumph

animal is a visceral triumph
I had read a bit of background about this play, much lauded, and I was supposed to be going with a friend and thought I could get some feedback about the event that just unfolded after the show, not to be so I went on my ‘Pat Malone’ (‘on my own’ for the uninitiated in rhyming slang)…it was full...

‘LADYCAKE’ Three Birds Theatre | Review by Meredith Fuller, psychologist & author

This satisfying production of a modern refashioning of the myths surrounding Marie Antoinette is a credit to Miles, Nunn and Rodway who comprise Three Birds Theatre