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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Take Your Kids to Your Wedding – Why Do This

take your kids to your wedding – why do this
There’s really no need to point out how important anyone’s wedding is for them. This is the day when you will make your happy relationship with someone binding and long-lasting; there are few days in someone’s life as monumental as this one. And obviously, making sure that everything is in order for your wedding will take months of planning...

Marlon Williams | 2nd & Final Melbourne Show Added To Meet Overwhelming Demand

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MARLON WILLIAMS 2ND & FINAL MELBOURNE SHOW ADDED TO MEET OVERWHELMING DEMAND NEW ALBUM MAKE WAY FOR LOVE OUT NOW Due to overwhelming demand, Frontier Touring are delighted to announce that a second and final Melbourne show has been added to New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams’ upcoming Make Way For Love Australian tour. With Marlon’s first Melbourne performance on Saturday 12 May...

Review of INTERNATIONAL STUD at The Butterfly Club

review of international stud at the butterfly club
Directed by Meredith Fuller Co Produced and starring Jacob Antolini as Arnold Co-starring Adam Hetherington convincingly in his first professional role as Ed. Music - including a stunning original composition - by the sultry Caitlin Berwick on power driven vocals and piano... With Paddy Adeney brilliantly and effortlessly on saxophone, guitar and piano. Effortlessly juxtaposing and enhancing the play itself. From the moment one...

Led Zep vs Taurus

led zep vs taurus
Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page will soon face a jury trial in order to determine whether they copied the opening chords for their 1971 classic Stairway to Heaven from the song Taurus, recorded by the little-known band Spirit in 1968. At a hearing in California last week the presiding judge, Gary Klausner, ruled that the songs were...

Confused about what to eat? Here’s a doctor’s recommended meal plan

A Doctors recommended meal plan Header
Base your meals on fresh, whole foods, not packaged foods. from www.shutterstock.com Knowing what makes up a healthy diet can be really confusing. New fads and fast fixes appear weekly. At the same time, the rise of celebrity chefs and TV cooking – while admittedly entertaining – has made preparing food seem complex and often unachievable. A staggering 95% of Aussies don’t...

Unnerving and The Cabin Sessions

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It’s been a big week for The Cabin Sessions. First I received a warm and thoughtful review in Unnerving Magazine…                 …and I was then invited to be interviewed.   To read the full review, and so much more click on the link.  http://www.unnervingmagazine.com/ Click for more on The Cabin Sessions Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Book review, Breath holding, dark fiction, literary fiction, literary horror, open mic, psychological thriller,...

PHILOSPHICAL REALITIES (or the ramblings of a disheveled mind)    

philosphical realities (or the ramblings of a disheveled mind)    
I was doing some chores around the house and ran a documentary in the background to help pass the time. Into The Mouth Of Madness - Who Writes reality?  It was deep, to say the least. The 'who writes' pitch used the movie (starring Sam Neil) as the vehicle to actualise the notion and I soon found all other routine...

The Legacy of Old Gran Parks signed to HellBound Books!

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I’m delighted to announce I have just signed my comedy horror novel, The Legacy of old Gran Parks, to HellBound Books! Scheduled for release in April 2018. This is a story that has its genesis in a Facebook conversation I had with a friend and former neighbour in early 2017. This friend helped me with the research and gave me...

Sunday essay: identity politics and the case for shared values

Sunday Essay Shared values Header
A scene from the 1961 film West Side Story. The casting of an Australian performer as Maria in a local production of the musical was recently criticised for ‘white washing’ a story about a Puerto Rican immigrant. The Mirisch Corporation,Seven Arts Productions Recently, a group of respected academics, including Melbourne-born philosopher Peter Singer, announced that they were launching a new academic...

Peter Dutton is whipping up fear on the medevac law, but it defies logic and compassion

The medevac law was passed to streamline the process for emergency medical evacuation of refugees from Manus Island and Nauru. Thirty-one people have been transferred since its passage. Refugee Action Coalition With all the hyperbole about the medevac law, it is easy to lose sight of its purpose. Refugees have been transferred off Nauru and Manus Island for emergency medical treatment since offshore...