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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Diary of an Independent Publisher

diary of an independent publisher
A cold shower. Still hot. Fire trucks with sirens on racing south on the highway. US volunteers, fighting fires, killed in a plane crash. Moruya still without power. 5pm a martini. Tired after a day of getting support for the Anzac Day edition. Messages from Hamperworld as we both use social media and The Last Post to promote the...

Scott Morrison orders probe into whether Bridget McKenzie breached ministerial code

scott morrison orders probe into whether bridget mckenzie breached ministerial code
Bridget McKenzie was a member of a shooting club that received $36,000 in grant money. Lukas Coch/AAP Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered the secretary of his department, Phil Gaetjens, to advise whether deputy Nationals leader Bridget McKenzie breached the ministerial code of conduct in the sports rorts affair. A statement from the prime minister’s office on Wednesday night said Morrison had referred the...

Homes with higher energy ratings sell for more. Here’s how Australian owners could cash in

The University of Wollongong Illawarra Flame House demonstrates how a typical Aussie fibro home can be transformed into a net-zero-energy sustainable home. Dee Kramer, Author provided Everybody wants an energy-efficient home. After all, an energy-efficient home is comfortable to live in, without large energy bills. These can be important factors for prospective home owners or renters. Our review of international research found energy-efficient...

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Physical Therapy?

what are the pros and cons of physical therapy?
Physical therapy is a procedure of helping people of all ages suffering from any medical condition, injury or illness. The therapy help people in getting back to their lives and start living their regular life. Customized physical therapy can help patients to get rid of their physical disabilities and return to their daily activities. However, physical therapy is not...

Cream of The Crate: CD Review #45 – Skyhooks : The Skyhooks Tapes

cream of the crate: cd review #45: skyhooks – the skyhooks tapes
     This review was originally posted on the first Toorak Times web site where publications ceased on that site in March 2017. The old site will be permanently closed in 2020 and these reviews are being re-published in order to preserve them on the current Toorak Times/Tagg site.       Cream Of The Crate Reviews 1 to 50 were vinyl album reviews.  The...

Scientists hate to say ‘I told you so’. But Australia, you were warned

scientists hate to say ‘i told you so’. but australia, you were warned
Without a radical change of course on climate change, Australians Australians will struggle to survive on this continent, let alone thrive. AAP/Dave Hunt Those who say “I told you so” are rarely welcomed, yet I am going to say it here. Australian scientists warned the country could face a climate change-driven bushfire crisis by 2020. It arrived on schedule. For several...

I’m taking antibiotics – how do I know I’ve been prescribed the right ones?

i’m taking antibiotics – how do i know i’ve been prescribed the right ones?
Not all antibiotics kill all types of bacteria. fizkes/Shutterstock In the days before antibiotics, deaths from bacterial infections were common. Seemingly minor illnesses could escalate in severity, becoming deadly in a matter of hours or days. These days, antibiotics can be life-savers. In the community, they’re commonly used to treat bacterial infections of the lung, urinary tract, eye, throat, skin and gut. But they’re not needed for all bacterial...



How to Gain Traction as a Travel Blogger

how to gain traction as a travel blogger
Everyone’s got a story to tell. As a traveller, a great place to tell yours is through a blog. Though some people start travel blogs as a fun side project, many have the dream of turning it into a career. If you’re passionate about travel and sharing your experiences with the world, then starting a travel blog could lead...

Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires – but we must not give up

conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires – but we must not give up
Glossy black cockatoo populations on Kangaroo Island have been decimated. But a few precious survivors remain. Flickr That a billion animals may die as a result of this summer’s fires has horrified the world. For many conservation biologists and managers, however, the unprecedented extent and ferocity of the fires has incinerated much more than koalas and their kin. The scale of the destruction...