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Friday, May 29, 2020

Inner City Wankers

Inner City Wankers and their detachment from Fair Dinkum Australia. And how I discovered that Bowling Clubs and Caravan Parks were the places where I was least likely to come across them. Our Inner Cities are...

Why Piss Heads Shouldn’t Be Office- Bearers

Rejuvenating Bowls Clubs. And Why Pissheads Shouldn’t be Office- Bearers. Our club lost some prominent members last season because we’d become ‘too progressive’ in their reckoning. There are those who still doggedly cling onto a quasi...

Unbridled Sex Tourism Cambodia’s Sodom and Gomorrah.

I’d been warned that Sihanoukville was a dodgy town full of Prostitutes, Thieves and Scammers. I thought I’d check it out. I’d received similar warnings about Naples and subsequently avoided going there for many...
unwanted sexual advances in sport.

Unwanted Sexual Advances in Sport.

Unwanted Sexual Advances on the Green and A Triangle of Resting Touchers The Carlton Classic invariably attracts a motley crew of characters from a wide range of clubs. This year was no different. We...

Bad Boys in Bowls- Pains in the Ass on the Green

I liken Paul Soldatich to Kimchi- Korean pickled cabbage. Lap it up, or put it down as an offensive distraction to the main meal-game. They’re both very much an acquired taste. I remember a Scottish bloke from...

Aggro Middle Aged Blokes in Bowls

AMABs on The Green I wanted to buy a new set of bowls but the bloke serving me appeared far more interested in turning my enquiry into an opportunity to tell me (brag about) how...

I’ll Be Gone

As a follow up to the Bill Putt tributes. I thought I’d share a story. I’d booked Rudd and Putt to play a Saturday night gig at the House of Fools in the late 1990s. On...

Rudd on Speed

Rudd on Speed He’s off and running and he looks the goods, this inveterate and consummate performer. He’s like an old vaudeville song and dance man who instinctively knows what songs and jokes go down...

Pimps, Popes and Whores

Italy and the not so Dolce Vita A country captivated by Pimps, Popes and Whores ! How does a modern Western nation of ‘enlightened’ citizens elect someone like Silvio Berlusconi to lead their nation ? Hail...

Once Were Wogs

From derision to celebration. Within two generations we’ve come along way. Cultural Diversity Week showcases just how much White Sliced Bread Australia has changed. According to my local council I live in one of Australia’s most...
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