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all you need to know about memorabilia framing

All You Need To Know About Memorabilia Framing

What is Memorabilia Framing? When you look back at life the only thing that remains is your memories. All your life you try to capture the good moments or save something concrete of the time...

The Importance of Arts and Culture on Mental Health

The arts is something that lots of us don’t realize plays a huge role in our mental health and wellness. Having an artistic outlet can do wonders for our mental health, and it can...

Australia has spoken – but does it make any sense?

Three more years of more of the same - as promised by the coalition The result is in and it was not what any reasonable person expected - the Coalition has been returned. Three more years...

We believe a change is going to come

We believe the writing is on the wall for this Government! Scott Morrison and his rag-tag bag of Coalition members, those who have survived, have fervently been declaring that this is NOT the time to...

Can we bend it? The challenge for Samsung and others to make flexible technology

A smartphone that bends: one day soon this could be your flexible friend. Shutterstock/Gang Liu Imagine the day when you’ll unroll or unfold your smartphone to answer it. If things go to plan, this...
Port Phillip Council 2020/21 Budget sets foundation for recovery

Port Phillip Council readies for Australia Day

Port Phillip Council is planning for a safe and enjoyable Australia Day weekend for the thousands of residents and visitors who flock to the City’s scenic parks and beaches this time of year. Mayor Dick...

Cryosurgery For Common Skin Lesions

The skin plays a very significant role as a barrier to chemicals and other contaminants entering the body. However, skin lesions may disturb this barrier function. According to a report published by the American...
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5 reasons why Selective Light Therapy is a good idea for you

Selective Light Therapy (SLT) is not something that has been in the minds of most people out there for very long. Being an extremely recent phenomenon, the main reason why it has been brought...
Merry Christmas from TT Tagg

A Christmas Message from Us to You

Christmas was once the sole domain of those of the Christian faith. It continues to have an overwhelming religious significance for those who believe in the once existence of the person called Jesus Christ.Now...
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Port Phillip Council funds ‘Art and Soul’ contributors

Six outstanding arts organisations have been awarded Port Phillip Council grants to support their considerable cultural contributions to the City. The successful Cultural Development Fund applicants are: • Rawcus Theatre Company Inc – an award-winning ensemble...