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Friday, April 3, 2020
chic fashion comebacks – the best #tb for your closet

Chic Fashion Comebacks – The Best #TB for Your Closet

From romantic slip skirts to grungy combat boots and cool biker shorts, some of the biggest trends of the past few decades are making unexpected fashion comebacks and slowly becoming an essential part of...
how to choose the right facial treatment for your skin type

How to Choose the Right Facial Treatment for Your Skin Type

Choosing the right facial treatment for your skin type will create the perfect base, give you healthy, glowing skin, and make your makeup look flawless. However, sometimes you may not know what the right...
4 ways to give back through exercise

4 Ways to Give Back Through Exercise

Now that we are all fitness junkies and now that we can’t wait for the next time to hit the gym, it might be time to look at the bigger picture. Is there any...
7 yoga pants outfits for every day of the week

7 yoga pants outfits for every day of the week

The rise of athleisure in recent years has successfully convinced many women around the world that yoga pants have real sartorial value, instead of simply being a casual piece of clothing deemed too vulgar...
fitness tourism – best places to go for a serious boot camp experience

Fitness Tourism – Best Places to Go for a Serious Boot Camp Experience

Instead of spending their days lounging on the beach sipping cocktails, an increasing number of tourists are opting for a more active vacation focused on improving their health and well-being. As our society becomes...
dental procedures you must consider in your thirties

Dental Procedures You Must Consider In Your Thirties

  Paying attention to your teeth is not a task that should be done only when you are a kid or a teenager. Minding your teeth and practicing regular dental hygiene is something that should...
how to plan a wedding beauty regimen

How to Plan a Wedding Beauty Regimen

Every bride wants to feel like the most beautiful version of herself on one of the most important days of her life. But even though we’re all aware of the fact that a healthy...
new lifestyle trends – what has changed in the last 10 years

New Lifestyle Trends – What Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

As time goes on and societies develop, the culture changes and people’s interests and preferences evolve. From using wellness-friendly furniture, such as stand-up desks, to learning a foreign language via a phone app, people’s...
regular health checkups you shouldn’t skip

Regular Health Checkups You Shouldn’t Skip

Nothing beats feeling healthy, strong, and resilient, especially if you manage to muscle through a tough winter without so much as catching a cold, and to buzz through summer without struggling with allergies or...
how to pull off the athleisure trend in 2019

How to Pull Off the Athleisure Trend in 2019

Times definitely change and with it the trends, but who would have thought that the trend of athleisure would become so huge? Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know what...