time is relevant to experience

Time is relevant to experience

  December 2, 2015 The day before tomorrow is a magical event. That is now. Melbourne, Australia. Awake to a setting moon, drive 5 hours to get dawn photographs of a rural property in NSW. 10,000 hours...
who chooses when to photograph what – and why is it so?

Who chooses when to photograph what – and why is it so?

The premise of this title is to ascertain why there is a requirement to document. History has a rather emotional attachment - to what has gone before us in time - especially in relation to...
successfully commissioned image? who decides?

Successfully commissioned image? Who decides?

July 31st 2015What is a successfully delivered creative project? The recently posted photograph in my feed and the image in this article was part of a larger commission. The client is a well respected and...
visual discrimination.

Visual Discrimination.

August 4th 2015Visual Discrimination. Images stamp time.Who and what are we seeing through our experienced and conditioned eyes?  When art is created with the specific purpose of capturing an image … an ever changing landscape...
shaping up. design is king.

Shaping up. Design is King.

 July 24th, 2015The alarm rings at 0445, sit quietly for a while, breakfast, then grab prepared camera gear and drive for an hour and a half to a location for a sunrise shot.    ...
the alchemy of photography

The alchemy of Photography

27th May, 2015How does a photographer translate a brief into a creative set of images?            Communication, interpretation, observation, creativity, sensitivity, intuition and time.Often l am asked to photograph a project with...
photographers create with assets of observations and perceptions

Photographers create with assets of observations and perceptions

21st May, 2015A Portfolio is a section of an individual artist's professional/personal work that is relative to the clients requirements.A client likes to see that the photographer/artist has the "depth of portfolio” or experience...
combination images

Combination images

13/10/2015 0 Comments                                                              7th May, 2015This...