content – text vs video

FlexClip is awesome!

I just started using FlexClip which is a new platform for creating professional-looking videos using their amazing range free templates and other personal editing options.

content – text vs video

The best results you will get from social media marketing or simply getting your message across is a video.

The impact of an engaging video compared to a well-written story with pics is dramatically magnified.

New technology is allowing new free platforms where the average blogger, right up to professionals, can create amazing and engaging videos to promote their self-published books or any cottage industry in a very quick and easy manner.

I think FlexClip offers the easiest option I have seen.

content – text vs videoAs a newspaper publisher, I need quick and easy access to access a way to create multimedia for my various sites and those site’s posts, and I do not hand out recommendations easily!

If you use CANVA which is another free and easy way of creating web art…I was never patient enough to learn Adobe skills…but I use the Pro version that offers so many other options and free media and designs to create your needs.

This editing platform takes it to another level for me, still a basic blogger.

Below is my first ever attempt in the free version, I love it and will hone my skills and report back to me on what you think!

I used FlexClip for the first time yesterday and the ease of use of the platform, content addition and the amazing selections of free templates is an instinctive experience, the processes are so easy to follow and logically planned out.

I also loved the file size options I was able to fully use with one of the Pro versions you can see below.

Here are some of its key features:

Enjoy free membership for lots of key features and visual effects.
1,000+ pre-made templates save you lots of time and fit all occasions.
Add animated texts, funky widgets, dynamic overlays, intros/outros, etc to make your video pop.

Find royalty-free videos, music, photos from 1,000,000+ stock assets for your needs.

content – text vs videoI was so impressed that I joined the site and then spoke to them and they have offered our readers 5 free Pro FlexClip 1 year memberships for our readers and bloggers to enjoy creating a great product or business ads, community involvement messaging etc.

content – text vs video