considering child support laws in perth

When there is a separation of two partners and there are children to consider, each parent is required to contribute to the financial support of the children. This law carries until they are 18 years old or have finished their full-time education. Child support is one of the most disputed and confusing matters when it comes to a separation and that is why it is important to have great child support lawyers, Perth based. With skilled and experienced lawyers you can have better knowledge about your obligations as a parent. Your child support lawyers, Perth can also help, should it become necessary to involve the courts.

Child Support Services Australia

This government department will assess the parties to work out how much each parent must pay towards the child or children’s upbringing. There are a number of factors that influence their decision, the factors are how many children there are, what the living arrangements are and what each parent’s income is. Should a parent disagree with how much they have been told to pay there are options to have it reviewed and re-assessed. Should this fail then disputes are heard by the Family Court. Legal advice is important at such times to make sure you take the right action, fill in the right forms and get the timing correct as there are time limits involved. In order to have a better chance at a successful dispute of a payment amount, your child support or child custody lawyers, Perth located, should help.

Entering a private agreement

If parents want to skip being assessed by Child Support Services Australia and come to a private arrangement that both agree is a fair payment, that is fine. There are even some advantages to taking this route as long as both parents are amenable. It offers more flexibility, you are more likely to cover expenses that might not be considered by Child Support Services Australia such as private school fees, or medical bills or after-school activities. It is important to understand though that you seek advice and support from child support lawyers Perth to make it a legally binding agreement. If you do not, at any time the other parent could stop following the agreement.

Looking for top Perth family lawyers

When you are looking for a family lawyer to help with your situation, you should look for a firm with experience. Your lawyer’s main goal should be working for you, their client, while also keeping your children’s best interest in mind, at all times. Family lawyers can assist with all areas of child support, help with the separation process, legal aspects of your situation and offer expert child custody lawyers Perth. With a good family law firm, you will receive the best advice to make the best decisions for your children and for yourself.