Congratulations, You ARE A Businessman


I didn’t get too far into the news today. The first two headlines fisted into my face and were enough to put a stop to that. It should come as no surprise but well, it did. 4.5 billion or was it 5.4 billion (?) dollars slashed from foreign aid. Ok, let’s try and see it from the Government’s side. What have foreigners ever done for us? Ok, they may have had a hand in building the Warragamba Dam and the Sydney Harbour Bridge… they may have helped make Australia a thriving multicultural nation but hey, we (the Government was here first, if not a close second). Not counting the indigenous inhabitants because after all, they don’t count. They had this country for what…? 40,000 years and what did they do with it? Fair is fair!

Oh yeah, I noticed that Church Leaders are outraged, especially the Catholics… well, as a Government who cares? They, the Churches, are only a bunch of pedophiles and hypocrites.  They no longer enjoy the confidence of the flock OR the support of the media, nicely done boys – let him without sin… etc – so they no longer have the voice or right to be heard. The media crucified them, you’ve got to laugh at the irony of it all, don’t you. …No?

And of course, it’s only right to seek out ex-cops and agents in order to gang bust the unions! That’s what they did in the ’50s isn’t it? Who in their right mind would want a bunch of filthy, long hair, tattooed, drug dealing bikies running our build industries when you can have greedy, clean-cut, alcoholic coke-snorting, suit-wearing businessmen far more well trained in the art of graft and corruption than those doped out junkies? I mean, it’s all about how things look and getting the job done, cheaply as possible with kickbacks for all your mates. So long as it looks good it is good. That’s what the public wants, isn’t it? That was the resounding mandate delivered by the polls.  We are only, after all, getting down to business. Claim your rights to negotiate your wages now you greedy working-class parasites! By the way, you gave us the mandate to whatever we want, so let’s not hear any complaints huh? You wanted this.

Also, Australia is to abolish its emissions trading scheme, disband a climate advisory body and institute a carbon reduction policy that experts say will fail to meet its meagre target. We all know what you can’t see can’t hurt you. We all know that trees need carbon to breathe, the more carbon the more trees for us to cut down. It’ a win-win situation. Is that what you’d have us believe? And while we’re at let’s repeal the anti-discrimination reforms. If you can think it say it, it’s not racist or like that other sticky one … err … sexist. We all know what goes on inside. If you offend someone you can always say you suffer from ‘Daggy Dad Syndrome’ or DDS as we like to call it. It’s all for the sake of moving forward in a backwardly kind of way. You’ll all understand before too long. Tough love means tough decisions.

Is it time to break out the love beads and peace signs and bring back flower power, get green and mean or is it time to break out the brass knuckles and hitch up our belts and suck it in and kick and beat this country back into reality. Money talks, but bullshit (no longer) walks, it rides in limousines. Let’s go back to the Menzies era and start again. Australia is the USA’s little brother, what else do we need? WE don’t want any other friends but we’ll still tip our hat respectfully to the Queen and co.  We are strong and united. We are  The Island Continent that other countries and nations could only ever dream to be.

Hail to thee Atlantis!!

err, and Congratulations!!!!

 The video says it all.