common issues while deciding what to wear?

People perceived your image from the dress you wear. You have to look presentable whether you go to work or you go to college. Go shopping with proper research from where you need to buy that outfit. Check online if any discount available or any promotional offer going on you can also buy from realisation par dress website. Otherwise, go to the market and see the style of clothes that can go well with matching accessories and shoes.

When we open our closet, it’s hard to decide what to wear. This is the major concern for most college-going students and working women. There are some clothes which are too trendy for the job, and there are some which are old enough to be worn. So what exactly we are going to wear?

Let us discuss here the major issues which we are facing deciding what to wear

  1. Clothes that go out of fashion
  2. Not fitting you anymore
  3. Old clothes cannot be utilized
  4. Clothes need to be repaired
  5. Nothing to wear for the big event
  6. Not having enough accessories
  7. Shoes
  8. Clothes which you are wearing all the time
  9. Purchasing coats and blazers

1. Clothes that go out of fashion:

There are clothes in your wardrobe which is out of fashion. There are clothes which you bought and spent lots of money on them, but now you cannot wear them. Do not worry. You do not have to throw them away. Just one particular thing which you have to do is mix and match and pairs them with something else.

You have to plan a week what to wear on which day of the week. Make different combinations of clothes like the top, which is too colourful to wear in office because of the orange colour you can pair it up with the neutral colour bottom and neutral colour coat.

3. Not fitting any more:

We all have those jeans in our closet which waist is not fitting anymore. You just have to give it to someone like your sister or friend. Just de-clutter the clothes which are not fitting you anymore and no chances of the fitting. We can donate clothes which are good enough and not to be used by you. Do not throw it away; just donate them.

4. Old clothes cannot be used:

Open your closet if you see any clothes that are old enough to be thrown away then just throw it away. You should not be keeping up those clothes which cannot be used. De-clutter your wardrobe now. Those clothes which are faded or torn do not use them instead of throwing them out

4. Clothes need to be repaired

We all have some clothes which can be repaired. All you have to do is take some time out from your daily routine and use your sewing skills and make those clothes work.

 If there are some clothes which are not fitting you check if they have some space left you can open them up easily all you need is some basic sewing skills and motivation.

5. Nothing to wear for the big event:

This is a problem faced by almost every girl out there that they have nothing to wear for big events or theme parties. Do not worry about it. Plan it before. Take time out and decide what you want to wear what kind of dressing you would like to do. Then see if you can pair up some old clothes with new ones or you need to go shopping.

6. Not having enough accessories:

If you think you have enough clothes but do not know how to accessories it? Do not worry, and we are here to facilitate you. Accessories can help you style the clothes in a trendy manner.

Hairbands and clips which can give you a formal look if you are working women you would be tying your hairs or styling them so it would give you a neat and tidy look.

You must be having different accessories for the office, and casual get up.

Casual wear, you can buy colourful scarves, chains, and bracelets, fancy earrings, and bands. You must be carrying different kinds of belts for office and casual wear. You must be having different kinds of the bag for different occasions like for going to a concert you must be having a small bag for it for going to an office you must have a medium size of the bag in which you can carry lunch, makeup, perfume, etc.

7. Shoes:

Your wardrobe must be having a different style of pairs of shoes. Like pumps, joggers, flats, heels. For example, you are participating in a marathon you cannot wear your flat shoes or heels you must be having joggers for that purpose. You are buying shoes buy neutral colour shoes which can go with any colour outfit like black or beige. You can have one pair for a different type of shoes like one pair of pumps, heels, joggers, etc

8. Clothes which you are wearing all the time:

There are some clothes which are our favourite ones, and we are wearing them all the time. Give those clothes a break same goes for colours. There are some colours which are our patent colours. When we open our wardrobe, we get a fair idea about the colour scheme of clothes we are having. Now if you go shopping, buy different colour clothes and different styles.

Clothes which have different patterns, dotted clothes never go out of style the same goes for checks.

9. Purchasing coats and blazers:

If you are purchasing coats and blazers, it must be stylish and well fit you. If you see it’s too wide or too small, you should not be buying it. Buy a coat that fits you well, so it would look good when you wear it; otherwise, you would not feel comfortable in it.

Buy neutral colour coats and blazers so it can match a wide range of clothes. You can also wear your coats to cater to both formal and informal events.


Buying clothes always check your wardrobe if you have the same style of clothes do not buy that item the rule is simple. Always add new colours and prints into your wardrobe so your dresses would not look boring. Experiment with different colours and themes they look unique and stylish accessories enhance your looks with different add-ons like headbands, lockets, bracelets, scarves, and tops. Try to mix and match your clothes; it would give a new feel to the outfit. If you have good sewing skill, you can utilize them by buying unstitched clothes and sewing it according to your own need and style it with the current fashion going on. It depends upon you how you can utilize your old clothes.

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