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Come From Away

Having heard from every fcking person on earth how good this show is, The Sprink rocked up with a vino in her paws and Alice (a Maddawg-yet-to-be-Maddawgged) on her arm, to see for herself.
A true story about a remote af Canadian island during the few days after 9/11 this is literally all Sprink is going to say because she don’t want to spoil a thing. To summarise the experience:
1) Sprink did not realise it was a musical until it was over – the story is that engrossing from the first word. NB: if you know someone who has no soul eg ‘hates’ musicals, and you want to convert them, take them to this.
ii) Sprink did not lose concentration once. “That is unbelievable, what a feat – or did they drug your wine?” – Sprink’s Mum
3) Sprink has never felt constant emotion for 100min straight since Vanessa left Young Talent Time

D) felt proud to be human – something that hasn’t happened since Britney Spears got on Insta if you don’t follow her for the love of Oprah don’t follow her.

What you need to do:
1) drink a glass of red wine before the show, no more
2) take tissues
3) go to Section 8 to have cocktails to discuss how much you love the world
4) prepare to buy tickets to see it again

No one is lying or exaggerating when they say ‘you have to see it’. Be glad Jesus died for a reason aside Easter eggs – you now have the vehicle (Xmas gift) to become the most popular person in your family and friendship group, possibly for life. Come From Away is the most amazing experience you will have and all you have to do is sit there and let it pour over you… like a drive-thru carwash for the soul – you’ll strut out glowing, shiny and high on humanity.


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