climate change and increase in storm damage to roofs in qld

A storm can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The resulting damage in the aftermath can be quite overwhelming. In the first moments after it passes, you might find yourself with a long list of things to do before you can get your life back on track.

No matter where you live, every home could fall victim to such a disaster, especially in Queensland. Records show that nearly half of all homeowner insurance claims are the result of storm damage so it pays to plan ahead so that you are thoroughly prepared when something does happen.

The Problem is Escalating

While we have seen some strong winds in the past, one thing we can expect in the future is that climate change is continuing to have a major impact on future storms. According to the Earth Observatory, future predictions indicate that we can expect a significant boost in temperatures over the majority of the earth’s surface. This increase will lead to droughts in some areas but also an increased intensity in storms in other areas. We can expect to see major cyclones with stronger wind speeds and wetter monsoon seasons in the coming years.

What to Expect

As any homeowner knows, the disaster may be bad enough but the aftermath will be something they will have to live with for sometimes months or even years. History bears this out in many ways. One only needs to think back to the powerful thunderstorms that tore through south-east Queensland back in 2014. The storm’s high winds, heavy rains, and lightning left in its wake damaged roofs, uprooted trees, and house fires for the people to deal with.

When storms like these will inevitably pass through your town, they can be very frightening. If your area has seen this kind of damage in the past, you can expect a repeat at some time in the future, likely with even more intensity. High winds are usually the biggest culprit for damaging homes. Whether they are straight-line winds, downdrafts, downbursts, microbursts, or some other form, they do significant damage to your roof and the overall structure of your home. Other threats to your home could come from falling trees or nearby power lines and poles.

What Can You Do?

It is important to deal with the repairs as quickly as possible. You should call on professional contractors to inspect your roof and structure immediately afterwards. If you’re in need of a Brisbane roof restoration, they can deal with it right away.

It may be tempting to try to address the problem yourself but the risks of working with damaged property could be very high. It is better to work with your homeowner’s insurance company so you can acquire someone who is fully licensed and bonded. A company like Bayside Roof Restoration will have all the credentials needed to provide you with a professional roof restoration that can ensure that your home is completely safe and secure and ready for the next time a storm rolls in.

Research has shown that only one out of four residents in Queensland make it a habit of having their homes inspected and maintained after each storm. Keep in mind that all damage to roofs and structures may not be plainly visible. If that is the case, you may not realize the threat to your home’s safety until it is too late to make an insurance claim.  It pays to be smart and inspect your home after all storms and know who to call to make sure that the repairs are done as soon as possible afterwards.

There is no way you can be completely prepared for the effects of climate change and superstorms, but you can always be smart afterwards. It will pay off in the end with a safer home for you so your family can feel secure the next time a new storm blows in.