Choosing the right fly screens for your windows


In Australia, where the weather is insect-friendly, you need to have proper protection against these flies and insects. They can enter your home and make you or your loved one sick. Just open your home and you will be allowing these unwanted guests in your home to ruin you. Not just flies and insects, you can also see organic materials carried in by the wind in your home. However, retractable fly screens can give you relief from these unwanted guests. 

There are two types of screens available in the market- fixed screens and retractable fly screens. Both of these types are not equal and serve different purposes. You need to know about them to make a wise decision. 

choosing the right fly screens for your windows

Fixed screens

When you install fixed screens on your windows or doors, they will stay in the same position permanently. They are made up of a variety of fine mesh materials. They are fixed on your windows with the help of screws, rivets or a welded frame. However, they are fixed on your windows and doors permanently. You can also have the additional fire withstanding function to it to make it more purposeful. 

Retractable fly screens

On the other hand, as the name says, retractable fly screens are not fixed in one place. You can roll away at any time when they are not in use. You can store them in a cassette after folding. When you have installed retractable fly screens on windows, you can slide them open or shut as and when required. On doorways, you can open and shut the retractable fly screen when you want to get in or exit the house. When you want to lock up the home in the night, you can simply retract the screen along with the door. It is much more comfortable and convenient option compared to the fixed screen and is a hugely popular choice in Australia. 

If you want to choose one, we advise you to buy retractable fly screens as they can be retracted when not in use and are more convenient and comfortable. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the benefits of retractable fly screens:

Keep the insects out

Whether you go for fixed or retractable fly screens in Melbourne, they will play a shield against unwanted flies and insects. Made of fine mesh, they will effectively keep flies, bees, wasps and other types of insects away from your home. You can ensure hygiene in your home and protect your loved ones from falling ill due to these insects. 

Cleaning and maintenance

When it comes to upkeeping retractable fly screens, it is very easy. All you need to do is to wipe them with a damp cloth. If you have time constraints, you can also hire cleaning professionals to do the job. However, it takes no time to clean them. 


While other window treatments might block your view, retractable fly screens can be folded away perfectly and offer total unobtrusiveness as they are designed in the manner to allow you the best outdoor view. Even you can get fixed screens with unobtrusive colours and frames. 


Convenience is a tricky word to use here as the definition of convenience is different from a person to person. What convenience means to you? Fixed screens and retractable fly screens- both can offer convenience to you. It is believed that fixed screens are perfect for windows and retractable fly screens are best suited for doorways that open into an outdoor space. You can choose as per your convenience and preferences. 


When it comes to ventilation, both, fixed screens and retractable fly screens offer great ventilation benefits to homeowners. You can enjoy fresh air throughout the day while keeping insects, garden debris and other organic materials away from entering your home. 

Installation compatibility

There is a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes available in fixed and retractable fly screens to choose from. Hire a reputable supplier and he will ensure that you get the best-fixed screens or retractable fly screens that fit your door or window perfectly. They are easy to install. Most of the time, suppliers offer installation services. 


Fixed screens and retractable fly screens- both are good when it comes to durability. You need to ensure that you choose the right and reputable manufacturer for the job. 

Usability of fixed and retractable fly screens

The main question that people ask is where to use these fixed screens and retractable fly screens. Retractable fly screens are perfect for sliding doors, double doors or any other entryways. It will give you more power to block unnecessary entries into your home. 

Fixed screens are mostly preferred for window treatments as they serve the core purpose effectively and brilliantly. Also, it will give you some protection against burglars entering your home. 

Which screen has the most practical benefit for you?

Retractable fly screens score high when you compare them with fly screens. Retractable fly screens in Melbourne offer superior style, discreteness and superior functionality compared to fix fly screens. However, if you are having budget constraints, you can go for fixed screens which also offer superior benefits.