choosing the best perth tree care service

When you have any kind of land from a small yard to something a lot larger, and that land has trees, you are going to need to either learn how to properly care for them or hire an expert in the form of an arborist in Perth. The thing with looking after trees is if you want it done properly, there are some difficult, physical and even dangerous jobs involved. It is not the same as looking after a flower bed or two. Professional services have the equipment, training, skill and experience and these all lessen the risk when doing some of the more dangerous work. They can handle things like power lines, branches that need removing, what local wildlife to be aware of, how to avoid doing damage to nearby buildings and so on. Here is a look at how to find a reliable and reputable tree service company, and the kind of jobs they can take care of for you.

Making the best choice

To get the best professional service working on your trees here are some tips to help make the best choice.

Always have a signed contract

Some companies might ask for a payment in advance. Some might not offer a free quote without being hired for the job first. These are companies to avoid if possible as a professional service should be happy to offer a free quote with no obligation, and should not need an advance payment. You should make sure you have a written and signed contract with who you hire and in that should be an outline of what service they are providing, branch cutting, tree removal, treating sick trees for example, when they are working, and what the costs are. Think about certain details as well. If you treasure the appearance of your trees then you want a company that uses aerial lifts not climbing spikes to get up them.

Take a look at how they work

When you look at the options for an arborist Perth, you need to look into how prepared they are and how they approach the work they do. Do they have the knowledge needed to splice together damaged wires when tree limbs are over phone wires? Do they control how limbs fall when cutting them down?

Always ensure they have insurance

Tree care can have its dangerous moments. That is why it is so much safer for you to hire a professional to deal with certain issues. Only hire experts who are certified and properly insured. Do not take their word for these things. Before you hire anyone ask to see proof of both, some people even go as far as contacting the insurer to verify the number of the policy is valid. There are sadly some dishonest people out there that can make such steps necessary.

Set out clear parameters for the approach they will take on

Set out some of the expectations you have in terms of how they will operate on your land and make sure they agree to it all. Think of things like no driving large machinery over your lawn and flower beds. If going across the lawn becomes something that is essential then they need to avoid things like sprinkler heads and such. Make sure that any damage they do in your garden is covered so you are not left dealing with the damage and the costs too. Any decent arborist, Perth should clean up after themselves.

Talk to people who have used them before

Always do what you can to look into the people you are thinking of hiring. Ask to see references. Do not accept excuses as to why they might not be able to give them to you. Contact the people in those references. Ask them questions about timekeeping, clean up, noise, attitude, work completed and so on. Ask people you know who they use and if they recommend them. Talk to neighbours, work colleagues, family and friends. Look online for reviews.

What services a reliable arborist will offer

There are a number of roles a reliable and genuine arborist can offer to those who hire them. They should visit to inspect your land, be able to find issues and offer different options for solving them and have access to various skills, equipment, tools and experience to take actions that they deem necessary. A certified arborist Perth can offer the following;

  • Treating diseased trees – If you have sick trees call in an arborist and they can come out to inspect them and give you a diagnosis. There may be a way to treat them, or at the worst, they may have to remove them. They can also offer suggestions to protect your trees from future problems with disease. Their experience and training mean they can treat a variety of different tree types, and have the means to find out more information if they need it.
  • Pruning trees and trimming them back – Trimming is not just for when there is damage or trees that are old become brittle and need cutting back for safety reasons. You might want your trees trimmed to achieve a certain shape, to improve their appearance and for the health of the tree itself.
  • Protection from lightning – Trees are hit by lightning and are damaged as a result. You can have rods installed to protect them better. The rod ensures the bolt goes down into the earth instead.
  • Tree fertilizing – Another job an arborist, Perth will take on is making sure the trees get the fertilization they need. Just as with flowers, vegetable patches and plants, they need certain nutrients to really thrive.
  • Removal of trees – There are times when removing tress as to happen. It might have been a storm, there might have been something falling into them, they might be old, or too sick to save. Sometimes they are too close to buildings or people need them removed as they want to do something with the land. Whatever the reason, it is far better to leave this to professionals with the vehicles and equipment needed.


When you are seeking the help of a professional arborist, Perth, look for experience, training and a professional attitude. They are the best option for the health and appearance of your trees and can help you better maintain and protect them.