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Child Development During the First Five Years



In simple words, development means a major change in the physical growth of the child. Therefore, it has a strong impact on the child’s emotional, social, behavior and communication skills. Because all these areas of development are linked with one another, they have a strong influence on the result.

Therefore, the first five years of the child are important, since the little one is registering the environment around him/her and imbibing different forms of energies. According to recent experts, the first five years of the child’s life are essential for mental growth as well. This is a time when foundations for health, learning and behavior are infused in the little minds.

Bear In mind, when a child is born, they are ready to learn so it is up to us as parents, as to how we make them learn different aspects of life.


The relationship that a child holds with their parents and the people around them will be affected at different stages of development. In fact, relationships are the basic foundation of the mental growth of the child. So when you teach your child about acknowledging the different relationships around them, this is how they begin to learn about the world.

For instance, when you adore your child and dish them kisses, they will learn to give love to others. Similarly, if you begin to fight with your spouse in front of the little ones, they will learn about coming across obstacles, although this isn’t a healthy practice for adults.

Healthy Eating

No wonder, with fast food being a rage across the globe, it is hard for the millennials to rest assured about the health of their children. Because there has been a major shift from fruits and veggies to cheeseburgers, seldom will you find a kid who is interested in eating healthy. However, when you cook healthy meals for them and present them on the table, the little ones will understand the importance of munching on them.

Physical Activity

Now that all of us have been restrained within the 4 walls of the house due to COVID 19, it is essential to spend quality time with the little ones. Visit Busy Bees right now if you want to know about the best courses for the physical and mental development of your child. Bear in mind, if your child gets attached to using smartphones and tablets all day long, it will be hard for them to grow emotionally.

There’s enough evidence, which shows that too much reliance on watching cartoons through smartphones can be detrimental to the mental growth of a child.


No wonder, your child’s emotional growth is also dependent on their positive relationship with friends and neighbors. So don’t try to be the typical controlling parent by not allowing the kids to go out for playing in the evening. Always set a defined time for the kids to go out, so they can learn to socialize with the people around them and become good human beings.

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