Sydney offers a unique lifestyle and welcoming vibe to anyone–visitors or residents alike. Iconic landmarks are likely the biggest reason why millions of people flock to the city every year. However, Sydney’s fun and free culture is another contributor to the city’s appeal. Among the many things you can enjoy doing, one of the exciting ones has to be riding a motorcycle around the city. With massive roads, a call for adventure, and relatively warm weather throughout the year, Sydney gives you many reasons to get on a bike and explore new places.

Perhaps you have long been looking at a triumph motorbike in Sydney or had recently added “riding a motorcycle” to your bucket list. Whatever the case may be, hopping on a bike is not as straightforward or as quick as it sounds. Similar to driving a car or riding a bicycle, you have to take some time to learn the essential things and prepare before you hit the road. Watching bikers feels much different from riding the vehicle yourself, so you should not rush into it. Your safety matters above anything else, so take the necessary steps before you have fun with your new ride.

Enrol in a Class

As with any other vehicle, the first step to riding a motorcycle is learning how to do so. There are many specifics you have to learn: parts of a bike, common types, how to maneuver, and others. As such, you should enrol in a class to learn from certified instructors and get firsthand experience of what it feels like to ride a motorcycle. As mentioned above, the actual experience is much different from watching people do it, so immersion is an excellent way to learn. With a class, however, your safety is a top concern, so you will only be riding in a controlled environment, where you can be appropriately guided.

Do Your Homework

Investing in a vehicle is a big thing, so you have to do your due diligence and conduct research. First, what are the different types of motorcycles? From cruisers to sportbikes to dirt bikes, there are tons of motorcycles that cater to specific purposes. Dirt bikes, for instance, are exclusively for off-road riding, so they are suitable for outdoor-oriented people. Cruiser bikes, on the other hand, are versatile in that you can ride them in your commutes, but also use them for touring around. Even though, say, you have had your eyes on a triumph motorbike in Sydney, you should still be open to new insights about what to get.

Once you find the type of motorcycle you want to get, the next thing to do is canvass for prices. As a beginner, it is usually recommended to get a used vehicle since you cannot be 100% confident about your decisions. At the same time, you are still treading new waters, so it might be better to get a used bike to avoid putting scratches or dents on a new vehicle.

Get Safety Gear

As mentioned earlier, safe riding should be your top priority, so make sure you get the necessary gear. Do not settle for anything less than high-quality gear since you are talking about your safety. Find a high-grade helmet, jacket, pair of gloves, boots, pants, and many others. Having these ready will ensure you stay protected in case of any potential crash while riding your bike.

Do Maintenance

After you have done your research, purchased a vehicle, and invested in safety gear, try to ease the excitement a tad bit more. Before you officially ride your bike, make sure to check up on your vehicle. See if the tires are inflated correctly, and check if you have enough fuel in your tank. Perform quick routine maintenance and look for abnormalities like leaks to prevent getting into any issues while on the road.

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