change your career: become a yoga teacher

Have you ever wanted to switch your job to something better? Something more relaxing, maybe? The stress of work can drive anyone crazy, and the idea of making something as calming as Yoga into a career is quite intriguing for a lot of people. How would you do it, though? How exactly does one become a Yoga teacher? It will help a lot to follow a training program such as, but let’s look at a few tips.

Steps to becoming a Yoga teacher to live a better lifestyle

Be willing

The notion that you have to be incredibly fit and flexible to be a Yoga instructor is somewhat absurd. All you need is a strong will and a determination to help people better themselves. Any standard for what a yoga teacher should look like is quite senseless, because Yoga seldom has anything to do with physical aspects of your body – it has more to do with spiritual healing.

Practice regularly

Make sure that this is something you are going to want to stick to. Choosing a career path is more than just making a random selection – you have to know that you will do this with determination and will not quit until you have become a successful yoga teacher. This is why it’s important to note that before you spend any money on training at all, you have the foundation all set.

Practice at least thrice a week for a lasting impact.

Set targets for yourself

Surely you have certain specific studios that you would like to teach at once you have completed your training. Make a list of these places and let that motivate you into working hard and achieving your goals. Set targets for yourself. Do not just go blindly looking for random places to hire you, because that most likely will result in difficulty to get a job, which would in-turn demotivate you.

Get professional training

No matter how good you might think you have become through free YouTube tutorials, this is a matter of your career. You will be guiding others, which means getting professional training is necessary in order for you to get any sort of certification to practice Yoga and teach it wherever you want.

A lot of studios you may want to teach at will require a Yoga Alliance Certification as a pre requisite if you want to get a job there. Don’t give anyone a reason not to hire you.

Teach privately first

In order to understand the job better and give yourself at least some room for mistakes, try to give private lessons first, possibly to people you know. This will improve your confidence as well as your skill, so that when you actually go to teach professionally, you will know what you are doing.

This is the best way to gain exposure, and even taking about 4-5 classes a week initially should give you more than enough experience to get you started.

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