Timex V DayCollection

The season of love is upon us, once again! And, while the couples are busy planning
their Valentine’s date, the singles are cursing themselves for their singlehood.
Love is the best feeling of all, there is no doubt about it. But, when we start confining
love to the romantic space only, we fail to live its true beauty. The world is suffering not
because there is not enough love, but because it’s restrained. And, that’s why we are
here to change the rigid notions of love and let it fly free and touch everything and
everyone (and not just your other-halves!)
So if you are single this Valentine’s Day, you really don’t have to feel all sad and woeful,
rather, take this as an opportunity to celebrate yourself along with all the lovely people
around you, be it your parents, siblings or friends.
And, what do you think is the best way to shower your love? Well, how about buying
yourself or your loved ones the most amazing Valentine’s Day gifts and become the
reason of their smiles?
If you are feeling all confused about what NEW to buy, we definitely have something for
you – fresh, colourful and totally chic – just like you wanted your gift to be. Check it out :

 Helix Valentine’s Collection 2020 

Watches are the most practical items you can gift to someone you love or for that matter, to yourself! However, when you are presented with tons of watches for men and women to choose from, your confusion takes a toll on you! To save you from such unnecessary struggles, we have come up with a niche Valentine’s Day watch collection for you by Helix. 

 Hashtags That Trend

Whether you want to gift your lady friend a #4ever #Love theme watch that has a 36mm case with double leveled bezel and distinctive lug profile and make her Valentine’s Day super special or you want to gift your male friend a 46 mm Helix Men’s watch that comes with a wide bezel in Satin finish and will inspire him to go on with #Life no matter what, Helix’s Valentine’s Collection has got it covered!  

You can even buy these watches for yourself and make your self-love even more prominent. 

Helix’s Reflective Collection

If you consider yourself a party animal, Helix’s Party Collection is just for you! The watches in this collection come with reflective straps that will definitely take your party room by storm. The neon-colored present in the reflective material on the straps reflect when they are exposed to light. Isn’t it super-cool? 

Perfect for everyone who wants to shine a little too bright and make their presence pronounced at the parties this Valentine’s season. These party watches that are available in steel, rose gold and black plated variants are a must-have! 

You can also gift them to your party-lover friends and get ready to receive loads of hugs and smiles. 

Trendy Essentials 

If you are always on the lookout for the latest trends, there are many timepieces in the Helix collection that can help you be the next trendsetter.  They come in two major styles – 

  • X element : 34mm round case with bow-shaped lug profile and  a distinctive X element in the deal dial
  • Colour blocking: 34mm narrow bezel case with colour blocking style along with 12 markers.

Get a watch from Trendy Essential collection for yourself or your loved ones and make your Valentine’s Day extra-colorful. When bought between 20th Dec to 20th Feb, there’s a free headset with each Helix purchase.

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with Helix Valentine’s Collection 2020 and thank us later!