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THE MILL ON THE FLOSS | from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS 28 July – 13 August Review by Meredith Fuller for TAGG.Com fullercurioCity

What could be even more intriguing than an evening at the theatre in Melbourne? Combine it with an earlier visit to see how the performance group breathes life into the play during rehearsals, and how they warm up before the production! I’m impressed with a new series of workshops, visits, and talks to provide theatre goers with a felt...

TAPE by Stephen Belber Dir Jennifer Sarah Dean Play Review Meredith Fuller

TAPE by Stephen Belber Directed by Jennifer Sarah Dean Review by Meredith Fuller The Court House Hotel 27 April to 7 May ‘Play Dead Theatre’ presents a fascinating psychological drama about love, hate, and honesty between old friends. We witness the memory of an event from the past as three friends relentlessly pursue their version of an event that has haunted them for...

CROSSxROADS musical theatre review by Meredith Fuller

  Crossxroads review by Meredith Fuller In this Australian Musical 'CrossxRoads' we follow the life journeys of several friends after they graduate, travel, find and lose love, careers, relationships, and learn their true natures. An engrossing musical from the creative masters Peter Fitzpatrick, Anthony Costanzo, Tyran Parke, David Wisken and Michael Ralph; a seamless crew; and impressive cast take us on an...

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