20 – 22 July

Pots, Plants and Pups @ The Ascot Lot (July 21-22) – brb crying Beethoven and Brahms @ MSO (July 20-23) – classical baes Stadium Stomp @ The G (July 22) – stamp collecting was a thing kids did for fun. Fun. FUN. Tiny Homes Australia Open Day @ Ringwood (21 July) – Martin Short is outta the house and getting into a male plane. Body & Soul...

Tif – orphan, acrobat, DV survivor, vegan

A Filipino orphan, Tif was adopted by her Australian mother and father and grew up in Sydney. She wanted to be an Olympic runner, but ended up becoming a professional modern dancer and aerialist acrobat. Bae you are SHREDDED – what are some of the shows you performed in? I was so fortunate to be a part of Disney’s Musical Stage Production...

The science and art of reef restoration

Silent Evolution by Jason deCaires Taylor. Taylor makes sculptures and sinks them beneath the sea to create artificial reefs.  © Jason deCaires Taylor Coral reefs around the world are in crisis. Under pressure from climate change, overfishing, pollution, introduced species and apathy, coral colonies and fish communities are steadily deteriorating. Coral cover in the Great Barrier reef has declined by an alarming...

Why plastic bag bans triggered such a huge reaction

There was an implicit financial exchange between parties.AAP Woolworths’ and Coles’ bans on plastic bags have been applauded by environmental groups, but were reportedly met with abuse and assault and claims of profiteering. Even comedians saw value in the theatre of the bag ban. This reaction is due to supermarkets breaching their “psychological contract” with customers. When both major supermarkets appeared to back flip in the face of irate...

Lawful Spirit, Healing Suppressed, Human History, & Yoga!

* Yoga Term (10 weeks) begins NOW, Monday 16 July 2018 7pm, see pamphlet below. The Finest in Hatha Yoga! Seven Classes Per Week, Beginners to Advanced. * Friday 20th July 6 for 7pm Start: Explaining how a "Person" is an Estate, a Creation of Mind, & therefore cannot plead! "Persona" is where the word "person" actually comes from. It is a legal entity, a mask or facade, created by the government from our birth registration...

Christ Church St Kilda

 THE HERITAGE SITE & ITS HISTORY Henry Jennings started it all.  He was the local solicitor.  On 23 December 1849, the first Anglican service was held, as was the example of the early Christian church, in his home in what was then known as Melbourne Terrace (on the corner of what is now Acland Street and Clyde or Fawkner...

Why the ABC, and the public that trusts it, must stand firm against threats to its editorial independence

Author Tom Keneally, actress Magda Szubanski and journalist Kerry O'Brien are among the ABC’s high-profile supporters.  The people who are turning up at Save the ABC rallies around the country are defending a cultural institution they value because they trust it. In particular, they trust its news service. Public opinion polls going back to the 1950s consistently show it is by far...

Best Art Galleries in Australia

Visiting art galleries and exhibitions is the new trend these days. A number of people have started taking keen interest in expressive brush strokes, abstract ideas and geometric lines on canvas. Art galleries provide an excellent opportunity to people of similar interests to socialize and discuss about the new trends and the nostalgia in the art forms, and these galleries...

It’s a busy night sky this July, so make sure you look up

The Blood Moon from January 31, 2018. Our second chance to see an eclipsed Moon this year is coming up on July 28.  Martin George, Author provided The next fortnight will be a real treat for stargazers - there are five planets to see in the evening sky, Mars is looking the best we’ve seen in 15 years, and on the...

Sunday essay: from convicts to contemporary convictions – 200 years of Australian crime fiction

Guy Pearce as the Chandleresque private investigator Jack Irish: in the early years of Australian crime fiction, convicts and bushrangers featured prominently. Lachlan Moore Most countries produce crime fiction, but the versions vary according to national self-concepts. America admires the assertive private eye, both Dashiell Hammett’s late 1920s Sam Spade and the nearly as tough modern feminists, such as Sara...


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