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…whole roasted duck cooked three ways at Hoi’s Kitchen.

The food: Whole duck cooked and served three different ways.

The restaurant: Hoi’s Kitchen, 762 Burke Road Camberwell.

The price: $60, serves three to four people.

The vibe: Cheap and cheerful.

The website: www.hoiskitchen.com

If you go to Hoi’s Kitchen you have to try the whole duck cooked and served three different ways. The perfectly roasted duck is presented to the table, then returned to the kitchen to be prepared as Peking Duck and two other dishes of your choice.

Peking Duck is the house specialty, it is presented without fuss and it is excellent. We chose the duck and tofu soup and the crispy noodles with shredded duck. Both were great, the superb duck flavours were used to advantage, not disguised or lost amongst other ingredients. The legs of our duck, with plenty of meat to chew off the bone, were also delivered to our table. There are six other choices, stir fries, fried rice, I’m looking forward to trying them all on future visits.

Hoi’s is a pretty standard Hong Kong style, cheap and cheerful suburban restaurant. From the menu entrees are priced around $8, main courses between $14 and $20. The serves are very generous, a place for hungry friends or family to share. The crowd is mostly local Chinese, daily specials are advertised in Chinese. Call me old fashioned, but I see that as a sure sign that the food will be terrific. The service on the night we went wasn’t very attentive, but we received everything we wanted and with smiles all round.

If you wish you can take home the bones of your duck to make your own stock the next day. Sharing our duck between three made it incredibly good value, $20 each, we all left feeling well fed and happy.

You have to try the whole duck cooked three ways at Hoi’s Kitchen.

Kent Parkstreet

You Have To Try The…

When someone recommends a dining experience and they say, “you have to try the . . . “, you suddenly find that you do have to try it. Whether it’s fresh produce, a simple snack, or the signature dish of a fine restaurant, those things you have to try are always a joy.

In this Toorak Times column I’ll be seeking out those have to try foods in and around Melbourne, and passing them on to you.

Then you’ll have no choice, you’ll have to try them.