Balancing your Plate: Healthy Trends for 2017

Healthy Lunch
Typical lunch in six-pack diet

It’s a growing problem. You want to stay healthy and treat your body well, but every time you Google a recipe, you seem to have another health kick or super food to catch up on. Whether it’s kale or quinoa, smoothies or spiralising (sliced veggies), keeping to a balanced diet seems more complicated than ever before.

Most of us think of a balanced plate as containing protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. While this is true, there are some other elements to consider before you can dig in. We’ve beaten the jargon and the fads to narrow down what really needs to be on your plate to find a healthy balance in 2017.

Alternative Protein Sources

Australia is one of the largest consumers of red meat in the world. New research shows that we should be trying to keep our red meat consumption under 700g per week, the equivalent of about 3 medium porterhouse steaks or 3 and a half cups of mincemeat. As well as fish or poultry, why not try a full vegetarian meal once or twice a week with legumes, lentils or tofu?

The Right Fibre

Ensuring you have the right kinds of fibre is essential. Prebiotic fibre can strengthen your intestines, improve mineral absorption and maintain regular bowel movements. This kind of fibre is found in wholegrains, onions and garlic, bananas, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Start the Day Strong

While many of us have perfected the art of healthy balanced lunch and dinner plates, breakfast is one area where people tend to lose creativity. If you’re starting every day with a bowl of cereal or toast and spreads, you’re loading up on carbs and sugar and are likely to need a large mid-morning snack to beat that energy slump. Try including protein such as eggs or yoghurt, or even lean meats like turkey sausage, or ham.

Portion and Serve Sizes

You might pat yourself on the back that your plate contains all the food groups, but are you serving them in the right quantities? The MyPlate initiative recommends that your meal is half vegetables, a quarter protein and a quarter grains. Many experts also suggest that you never eat to ‘full’ but rather to about half full, or just satisfied. One rule of thumb which won’t steer you wrong is aiming for the Australian ‘Go for 2+5’ for vegetable and fruit intake. Having two vegetable portions at both lunch and dinner is one great way of making this goal simpler to achieve, especially for children, or adults who are not natural snackers throughout the day.

Snack on Those Healthy Fats

Talking about snacks, while some people choose to limit their food to three daily meals, snacking throughout the day has its benefits too. As well as helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it can stop you feeling deprived by managing hunger, optimise your energy levels and give you the opportunity to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats.

Some great ideas for healthy snacks include vegetable sticks with hummus, salsa, or guacamole. You can also try protein filled snacks such as roasted chickpeas or beans, and nuts and seeds such as almonds or flax and chia seeds. Avocado, olives, almonds and chickpeas are just a few examples of ways to get healthy essential fats into your weekly menu.

Super-foods and super trends are great options for increasing variety into your diet. But the foundation of your healthy eating should remain the same with or without them. Healthy snacking and a focus on three properly portioned meals per day should be the basis. Within that, an awareness of healthy fats and fibre as well as alternative proteins, are a great start to a healthy and balanced 2017.

Feature Image Source: Christos Pontikis

A Taste of Melbourne Park at The Village





The Australian Open 2017 is coming to The Village!

From Frday 13th January, The Village will transform into a Coopers Hub, bringing a taste of Melbourne Park to St Kilda Road.

Tennis will be played live on screens in The Garden and The Bistro. 

13th – 29th January 2017, 12pm – Late. 


OPEN 7 Days 12 noon – Late

where should you go for brunch this weekend?

I like to call myself the brunch addict. It’s not healthy how much I have it. It’s definitely my favourite meal of the day. So I’m going to share my top 5 with you guys today!

#1 : Kettle Black – South Melbourne
Kettle Black! One of my all time favourite brunches, a good hotcake from Kettle black! They also do a mean coffee and a pretty great hot chocolate. The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are as well!

#2 : Long Story Short – Port Melbourne
The best (and only) Tim tam pancakes in Melbourne! JUST SO GOOD. Also if you want to take the healthy path they do a great salad as well.

#3 : Rustica Canteen – Melbourne CBD
NUTELLA WAFFLES!!!!!! My DREAM come true. The best bread and doughnuts. The breakfast board was also great and the staff were so lovely!!

#4 : Darling Cafe – Toorak
French toast and Waffles, what more does a girl need. So fruity and fresh and there juices are great!! The nicest staff and I always love being there.

#5 : Combi – Elwood
When I need a healthy brunch or to at least feel healthy, Combi is my go to. I love the muesli and the coco banana smoothie!! I also love the avocado on toast and all there juices.

Thanks for reading!

I’ll see you next time,

Charlotte – The Melbourne Foodie?

Upton Run Reserve Single Vineyard Shiraz 2008 Strathbogie Ranges $80.00

Not widely available I have been lucky in my wine drinking life to have tucked away the odd bottle of wine, that when opened brings nothing but joy and a smile that wont go away for days.

This was such a wine The 2008 Upton Run Reserve Single Vineyard Shiraz from The Strathbogie Ranges. Once again I state The Strathbogie Ranges is one of our under rated wine regions.

Top end Shiraz in Australia is equal to any in the world and this Shiraz is no exception and at $80.00 is a true bargain. In the glass the wine is a deep warm garnet red with the inviting nose of oak, I personally still enjoy a little oak in my reds.

This wine has dark fruit, soft dusty tannins wrapped around plums all tumble dried with wonderful new oak that clears the nostrils and and soothes the throat with layers spice. Do your self a real favour and give this wine an extended decant.

The real deal open it at breakfast and drink it with dinner that night, yes decant for 6 or more hours will make all difference in the world. The resulting wine will be soft dry, Layered, complex with soft grainy tannins and dusty aromatic spice with the hint of violets and black berries. Truly a Stunning wine at almost eight years of age .

This will evolve and grow for eight more with ease. This wine demanded a 600gm Rib Eye and that’s just what it got, on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with a crusty bread stick and the worlds best richest French butter I have ever tried.


Life is to bloody short to drink crap anything. Unfortunately we don’t always have the money to drink the good stuff. That’s why we have credit cards!

Cannibal Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 $34.99

Tynong North, Vic Sunday night and I’m diving into the cellar again.

Roast lamb with all the trimmings so what do I drink? A cabernet sauvignon of course something with a bit of age eight years old, that should do the trick. The wine showed an aged brick red cabernet colour around the rim.

On the nose some bay leaf aged cabernet with fading plum and blackberry hanging in there. In the mouth the fruit was still solid,backed up with wood aged tannins in balance with the fruit, even at eight years the wine was alive but I would recommend drinking it now rather than later. I enjoyed the wine with food as it needed meat and potatoes to soften the tannins a bit and bring out the fruit that was wonderfully dry and dusty finishing well rounded in the mouth.


For the people with a sharp eye its a Cab/Merlot in the picture because they may not make a Cab/Sav anymore I don’t know. I am looking into it as you read this, yet another stunning insight into a wine drinker’s liver, mind and palate.

Will let you know next week. This was the reply from Cannibal Creek – “We went to a blend in 2011 but started making a straight merlot again in 2014 and a blend. This year the cab sauvignon looked great so we made straight varietals ….”






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Kick start your weekend with winter recipes, foodie news and more

Foodie News: May

So much has been happening around town. We’ve gathered together some winter pick me ups – from seasonal coffee to a decadent breakfast recipe, local Pinot Noirs, fun offers and more

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How Market Lane has changed the way we drink coffee.


Meredith 2Up

Yoghurt explainer

Meredith Dairy give us the scoop on our fermented favourite.


Recipe: Cinnamon French Toast

1 up - cinnamon french toast

A perfect mix of sweet and savoury flavours finished off with generous lashings of yoghurt, this decadent breakfast will warm you from top to toe.


Matt Skinner’s Top 5 Victorian Pinot Noirs

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There’s not too many things to love about winter, but great Pinot Noir has to be one of them. Matt Skinner gives his top five Victorian favs to pick up this season, and they’re absolutely on point.



25% off Polica at Melbourne Recital Centre

Use the promo code FOOD to enjoy 25% off tickets to the debut of American synth-pop outfit Polica on Tuesday 31 May.


2UP Italian Food Wine

Win 6 tickets to Italian Wine + Food Festival 

Valued at $1500, you and five friends could enjoy the VIP treatment as you graze on fine Italian produce all day long, and have a private sommelier tour.


Ostler Caroline’s Pinot Noir

Waitaki River, Otago



The seductive perfume of red and black fruit, dry spice and cherry fill the
nostrils. For me this wine shows more style and elegance than most NZ Pinot
Noir’s which I find to big and in your face.

The 2011 vintage was blessed with a long warm growing period producing
some ripe balanced and well flavoured wines.

Also may I point out for the people that just don’t know 2011 was a ripper
vintage in Waitaki River, Otago.

Medium red Pinot colour that dose not give too much away when it comes to
what you are about to receive.

There is good acidity backed with fine tannin and a hint of minerals running
through the clean almost pure Pinot fruit.

This for me will be the benchmark that I measure Caroline’s Pinot. I also think
you should tuck a few bottles away as I think some bottle age will reward you
with some stunning and classic Pinot Noir.


This Pinot Noir is seriously Good!

Making Of Zen Gnocchi

Last night I made gnocchi. It isn’t as hard as you’d think.

Mash some starchy potatoes, eggs, salt, just enough flour to make a dough, don’t play with it too much, rest, drop dumplings of your preferred size into boiling water until they float. serve with a simple tomato and roasted capsicum (bell pepper) sauce, torn up basil, paper thin peelings of parmesan.

The only food I didn’t prepare from a raw ingredient was the flour. I’m a purist but I’m not about to start milling wheat. There is a joy in turning real food into real food. It’s fun and satisfying. When you present it to a friend or lover they may not know the time and love you put into it, but you’ll know, and there is always some way to slip it into the conversation, grab your moment of praise.

There is much talk about the title of Robert M. Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but little about the content. It is a tough read and a lot to comprehend. He speaks a lot about technology, how we don’t even know how most of the machinery around us works, let alone how to build or maintain it. He suggests that simple hands on tasks are essential to our connection with the world. I agree with him, many of us feel disconnected from the culture we are surrounded by. Tell me your brain hasn’t slipped into smile and nod semi consciousness when people are discussing the intricacies of their computer?

Pirsig also tries to get to the heart of what is worth doing in this life? It’s a huge question, he’s not the first to ask it. Some people are born knowing they want to be a pilot or a farmer, the rest of us may stumble upon something we love, many won’t. His method is to be in touch with yourself, your culture, the spirit of the times, then to trust your feeling for what is right and good. He uses the term “quality” to denote actions, ideas, objects we know are good. His aim is to find a life of quality.

Pirsig uses the motorcycle and a road trip as his device. I use food. I need to feel food with all my senses, fall deeply into it, produce quality on the plate and in my heart. To take this attitude to all work, to everything I do, that would be a quality life.

Kent Parkstreet

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Maillards Odyssey


750ml – 9.3%


Let me get this clear, it’s $50.00 a bottle and not a slab as you may have been hoping for.

Now I say this a lot, $50.00 a bottle, yes its not cheap but this beer has spent almost one and a half hears ageing and developing layers and complex flavours of caramel, chocolate, and coffee, backed up by hints of vanilla and coconut from bourbon barrels that it’s aged in.

It is then goes into a smart dark heavy glass old fashioned beer bottle, sealed with a Champagne style cage and cork. From there with further bottle age it develops a robust personality of a dark beer looking a lot like a stout the way it pours dark with a tan/off white head.

On the nose there is wood laced with bourbon and liquorice. In the mouth the flavour starts mid palate with a hint of sweetness that soon shows a bitter side giving the palate a work out. Truly you get your money’s worth with this beer.

It’s a sipper, not one to chuck down its far to heavy for that. Also you need to work your way up to it starting with a few full flavoured beers before you open this baby. Most importantly share this bottle with a friend as it’s too heavy to drink by yourself – be warned its big!


Always looking for something new to impress and surprise and craft beer is changing the way young and old drink and spend there money buying quality over quantity on Friday night.