Queen’s Birthday Street Party – St Kilda

Queen's Birthday in Fitzroy Street

THIS SUNDAY 11 June 2017 all eyes will be on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda …. and this time, for all the right reasons!

The Gatwick is now vacant and preparations for The Block 2018 are well underway, and no better time to celebrate than this weekend’s QUEEN’s BIRTHDAY.

The Fitzroy Street Business Association will be hosting their first ever QUEEN’s BIRTHDAY STREET PARTY from 3pm till 6pm.

Under the meticulous eye of the Association’s Vice President & well known celebrity photographer, Murray Schoorman, the street is set to “come alive” with a bevvy of live entertainment throughout the afternoon.

Commencing seaside, at the St Kilda Seabaths, a decadent horse-drawn carriage will transport the birthday girl (Queen Elizabeth Impersonator) over the Esplanade and into Fitzroy Street. This convoy will be flanked by the official Royal British Guards and will be played in by the traditional bagpipes.

Roving up and down the street, members of the general public will be able to stop and take photographs with Her Majesty and her entourage.

Outside the Metropol complex will be a highly skilled fire twirler spinning his flames like no other guy can do.

All the while, sexy models in “Queen of Hearts” costumes and a magician will be entertaining the crowds till sunset.

You wont miss the amazing stilt walkers, adding to the exciting “street party” vibe!

It would not be a Queen’s Birthday without St Kilda’s famous resident Queen’s – DRAG QUEEN’s of course!

Look out for iconic gender illusionists, Paris, Krystal Ring, Pashion and Rita LC who will be camping it up like they do best.

Venues along Fitzroy Street will be decorated in British flair and many will be hosting after parties into the wee hours of the Monday morning. Which we may add, is a public holiday so no need to rush off to work, guests may like to splash out at the boutique TOLARNO HOTEL where they are offering their rooms for a heavily discounted rate of only $110 for the night.

The Association has enlisted the services of Melbourne’s PR queen, Helen Reizer from HRPR to ensure the street is buzzing with VIP’s and Celebrities to welcome Her Majesty and show off the streetscape from it’s best angle.

This event is a key milestone for the community as they are now on the up & up following an extremely tough and challenging trading season.

All public are invited to come along from 3pm and show their support & enjoy a right-royal party!.

For more information, please visit their Facebook event page;


Fitzroy Street

Pride March 2017


On Sunday 29 January 2017, Victoria’s iconic annual Midsumma Pride March will celebrate its 22nd Anniversary in St Kilda, solidifying and celebrating Victoria’s diverse L.G.B.T.Q.I.A+ communities – bringing the streets of St Kilda alive with Pride!

Midsumma Pride March – a feature event of the annual Melbourne Midsumma Festival – stretches a kilometre along the length of the bayside Fitzroy Street, with around 40,000 people coming together to watch the annual parade – a free event – which features more than 4,000 marchers.

For the first time ever the Midsumma Pride March will be led by a smoking ceremony conducted by local Indigenous Elders along with a contingent of queer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, directly after traditional parade leaders — Dykes on Bikes –lead the 4,000 strong marchers (a world-over Pride march tradition).

And in another first- this year – Midsumma is also introducing the Midsumma Pride March Awards. Encouraging everyone to dress up for a bright and colourful Pride March, with the inaugural Awards featuring: Most Fabulous (for the most fantastically-frocked group), Significant Message (for the group with a timely and well-conveyed message), and Most Innovative (for the cleverest float in the show).

Again, for the first time this year, the Fitzroy Street Trader’s Association have setup an outdoor broadcast van with roving presenters and multiple speakers sprawling the street in an effort to increase ambiance and generate excitement among guests.

Winners will be selected by a panel of community representatives and announced at the Post Pride celebrations.

This year’s Pride March will also see a coalition of hundreds of young people near the front of the march – in a powerful statement about fostering safe spaces for young people growing up in the LGBTI community.

“Inclusion and connectivity is at the heart of the LGBTI community. Having so many young people under the age of twenty-five march at Pride is inspiring. We’re stoked to send the message to thousands of other LGBTI youth that no matter how hard things can seem, they are not alone”, said Micah Scott, CEO of Minus18 (a group that fosters care for the LGBTI youth).

After the march, St Kilda comes alive with festivities – inviting everyone to follow the final marchers into Catani Gardens for Post Pride celebrations held from 2pm – 7pm.

Post Pride will be hosted by Dale Woolbridge-Brown, renowned Circus Oz performer and proud queer Kamilaroi man, and headlined by Melbourne favourite, DJ Grant Cook.

Speaking exclusively to the Toorak Times, St Kilda publicist, Leanne Tyrrell commented that many of Fitzroy Street’s venues are pulling out all stops to decorate not only the street but their individual venues in theme and are looking forward to hosting a pallet of night-long entertainment to cater for the crowds as they leave Catani Gardens.

As Victoria’s leading Festival for and by LGBTQIA+ peoples, Midsumma is proud to celebrate and deliver this significant event in St Kilda.

Venue: PRIDE MARCH: Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
POST-PRIDE PARTY: Catani Gardens
Date: 29 January 2017
Time: Pride March starts from 2pm – 4pm,
Catani Gardens Post Pride event opens at 2pm with most activities commencing at 4pm.
Post Pride concludes at 7pm after which, Fitzroy Street is inviting all to attend their selection of late night venues
Information: www.midsumma.org.au

Will Ian “Molly” Meldrum ever work for Channel 7 again?

In front of a room full of supporters, Ian Meldrum affectionately known as Molly walked slowly to the front and took a seat in front of a microphone.

His reason for attending the Readings Bookstore on Acland Street, St Kilda tonight was to launch his second book – “Ah well, Nobody’s Perfect – the untold stories”

Ian Molly Meldrum signs his new book for long time friend and famous celebrity photographer, Murray Schoorman
One guest hand made a replica of the book, out of clay! (which Ian then signed for him)
Molly signs his book for many of the guests in attendance
Molly signs his book for many of the guests in attendance

With his red-headed grumpy and moody assistant Yael Cohn in the front row, Molly took questions from the audience about his experiences on TV and his well known controversial interviews with various celebrities.

One topic stood out – his relationship with Elton John that as he describes in the book, has been strained by the producers of Ch7 Sunday Night program. Molly was commissioned to interview the famous Elton John for the Sunday program.

The EP and the segment producer decided to air an off-camera discussion between Molly and Elton, where Elton slams Madonna in front of an open mic and rolling cameras. This part of the interview was clearly a chat between two old friends and not intended for public broadcast. I guess I should have been more in control of the final edit and approved the story before it went to air, but I was not at the top of my game, still recovering from my fall.

I was shocked when the story was shown on Sunday Night on 5 August, 2012. The introduction declared that “what he’s about to say will sweep around the world”.

And that it did.

Elton was angry with Madonna because he said she had been “horrible” to Lady Gaga, Zachary’s godmother. “I love Gaga,” Elton told me. “She’s the real deal, she can actually sing.”

As for Madonna, well, Elton let fly: “She’s such a nightmare. Sorry. Her career’s over — I can tell you that. Her tour’s been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to be a bigger c***.

“If Madonna had any common sense, she’d have made a record like Ray of Light, stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But, no, she had to prove that she was like … and she looks like a f**king fairground stripper.”

At tonight’s book launch, Ian was reluctant to elaborate on further specifics but didn’t stop short of stating that the producers of the Sunday Night program reminded him of “that cartoon character who’s nose grows longer and longer each time they lie!”

The general feeling in the room is that Molly Meldrum is fed up with Ch7’s quest for ratings and he is unlikely to work for them again. That may be a blessing in disguise after he jumped into his backyard swimming pool live on Sunrise a few years ago, wearing a rather expensive wireless lapel microphone and IFB return audio earpiece. Both pieces of battery operated equipment had to be decommissioned and replaced later that morning. This upset both the technical crew and also the producers of the Sunrise show.

The always polite and obliging Molly Meldrum was signing books and posing for photos with selected guests when a loud and screeching voice was heard coming from the sidelines of the normally quiet bookstore. It was his ex-PA, Yael Cohn, doing what she does best, and often, rudely shouting “lets keep this moving, Ian’s got to go” followed by “no photos, hurry up and no more customers joining the line now please”!

After being approached by Reading’s staff, Yael quickly went quiet and mumbles were later heard that she should be at home looking after her sick son Maxi, not gallivanting in Ian’s shadows at high profile events such as his book launch.