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  Greg HackettHi, I’m Greg Hackett, the Editor/publisher of – both a career journalist, and editor. I know exactly how mainstream media travel coverage works, having being a Travel Editor for News Corp (Herald Sun Escape), as well as many other roles in print and digital media. I treat the function of the media in the global sense, the delivery of information, and the necessity for impartiality, very seriously. Also, I love the opportunities of the evolving digital age. Now we all have a voice. Bring it on! So please join us on as we share the truth about travel destinations. And have a laugh along the way! Travel reviews in the advertising-dependent, revenue reliant, mainstream media excel at telling us everything about a destination… except often what it is truly like. The authors will tell us how good their free flight was, how good their free meal was, how good their free accommodation was… maybe even how good their free VIP treatment was. They have to, or they won’t get another free invite. And you, dear paying traveller, pay for their ‘free’ air travel, meals, & accommodation. Don’t ever forget that. For these reasons, most travel journalism is much like a ‘doctored’, or photo shopped, picture. Sure, it’s appealing – but it is just… not… real. Here at, we give you our honest opinions on what YOU, the paying customer, can expect to experience. The good and the bad. How it really is. So, join us on our travels and adventures, and let’s use social media and the evolving digital age to share our true and real experiences.

Beef stock: Contains no added MSG, no Preservatives, no Artificial Colours or Flavours, no Beef… Huh?

I thought beef stock would be made of at least some bovine offal-ish leftovers. But no, according to the ingredients label. Tuck in, my vegetarian friends. It tastes good, and I’m glad no animals suffered for the sake of filling my belly. (From Aldi Supermarket)



Doing the X-word and trying a new drop, called Once Bitter (pot $3.50), at the Grocery Bar on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. Made by Collins St Brewing Co (new to me), I’d place this beer in the “English Pale Ale” variety, with malt and hops in sensuous sync like tango dancers at a street cafe in Buenos Aires…