St Kilda Rocks The Bowlo for SKAC

St Kilda Rocks

Friday 22 September

St Kilda Bowls Club

Doors 7PM

St Kilda has long been a stomping ground for dirty, take no prisoners rock n roll. Long considered the home of underground rock and the place with some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, St Kilda Rocks continues the legacy of St Kilda’s claim to DIY, grassroots approach to putting on live gigs and getting things done.

Local live music champions Suzi Q Dhol and Mark Entwistle in association with St Kilda Arts Crawl have put together a bill, featuring musicians from St Kilda’s past and present, to showcase what St Kilda sounds like in 2017. It will take place at the St Kilda Bowls Club, a massive supporter of live music in this town. For naysayers that say St Kilda is dead, have a look at this line up.

On the bill are new comers Ghetto Blaster & the Finger Bangers and the Dead Amigos proving rock is still alive and well in St Kilda, punk tribute legends the Peptides featuring iconic names from St Kilda musical past and present, Stackhouse with their cigar box blue collar anthem’s, and internationally recognised The Mercy Kills. This line up as well as the other events as part of the St Kilda Arts Crawl show that live music is still alive in St Kilda and how important the arts and artists are in the community.

St Kilda Rocks is part of the inaugural St Kilda Arts Crawl, a local event promoting the wonderful art of St Kilda and its artists over three days. Lay claim to being a part of history by getting down to the Bolwo or one of the other venues showcasing this incredible event.

Catch St Kilda Rock at the St Kilda Bowls Club on Friday 22 September. Doors 7pm, $10 at the door

Espy Comedy Gala Pop UP Presented By StKilda Comedy Club & SKAC

ST Kilda Comedy Club at Gershwin Room

MC Brad Oakes

Pommy Johnson, Dave O’Neil, Bob Franklin, Elliot Goblet

Chris Wainhouse, Christine Basil, .C J Fortuna, Wayne Deakin and More

Music By
Mark Hugh’s and temple of blues as the St Kilda Comedy House Band

Back in the day

Remember back in the day when the Espy hotel was in full swing?
Back when stand up comedy ruled the Gershwin room every Sunday afternoon.

A glorious mix of new and seasoned comics would strut their stuff in front of a packed enthusiastic crowd.

Back in the day when Hughsey was on the dole, Rove was in a double act with his old mate Duff and Pommy Johnson’s song
Psycho Chicken could be heard bellowing through the sacred hall to an eruption of applause ,the punters getting drunk off laughter alone.

Those were the days. It was a comedy show with a rock’n roll vibe.Espy comedy was the best thing in town.

Imagine if ‘back in the day’ was back tomorrow or more specifically back on Sunday the 24th of September at 3pm.

That’s right the Esplanade Hotel along with the St Kilda Arts Crawl and St Kilda Comedy Club are opening the doors to the Gershwin room For a one off special POP UP event bringing back the glory days of comedy in Melbourne.

Book Now and don’t miss out.

Doors 2PM Show 2.30

Neat Casual Dress

Tickets $25 general admission,
limited seats , first in best seated

24 September at 14:00–18:30

Find Tickets

Ticket information

11 The Esplanade, St KIlda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3182


THURSDAY JAZZ at PHAMISH. This week, Sept 14, EMMA GILMARTIN and next,SEPT 21, REBECCA BARNARD – the real deal! 7PM

Dear Jazz Lovers,

The JMQ is delighted to invite fine Jazzer EMMA GILMARTIN, to appear at Phamish, St Kilda on Thursday, SEPT 14, 2017.
The first time we performed with Emma Gilmartin, she blew us away with her stunning vocals and musicality. So we are doing it again at Phamish, St Kilda on Thursday  and would love you to join us. You'll be amazed. 🎤

Suffice to say, here is what one of Australia's most lauded Jazz artists said of her talent: 
"Now and then, one hears a voice which instantly suggests uncommon beauty and musicality. Add to this a sensitivity to lyrics, impeccable sense of pitch, a rare control of vibrato, and you have wonderful artistry. This is what I hear in the singing of Emma Gilmartin. It all comes from her approach to both her art and her fellow human beings." Tony Gould.

The stellar musical line up with Emma are: Michael Harding, Barney Loveland, Carlo Alberto Canevali, John Montesante
and Mirko Guerrini, before he heads off to Europe

Book a table and come along for the time of your life – with space to dance too.
Phamish : 30 The Esplanade, St Kilda ( opposite Luna Park)
Delicious meals and drinks served during the evening and  all are welcome!
Doors 6.30pm and Live Jazz 7pm. Trams # 96 & 16 at the door.
Table bookings 9534 3800 or


Next week, SEPT 21, amazing REBECCA BARNARD will feature, and on SEPT 28 there is a change of artist, as Tamara had to
reschedule to October 26. So instead, talented ROD GILBERT shall perform Kings of Swing – Songs from the Swing Era. So you
have lots to be excited about!  Book Soon 🙂

Bill Tolson performing at St Kilda Art Crawl launch 21 Sept at The Vineyard

Singer / songwriter Bill Tolson at St Kilda's Luna Park © 2017
Singer / songwriter Bill Tolson at St Kilda’s Luna Park © 2017

Bill Tolson has morphed into one of the most prolific song writers in our midst.

In the last two years Bill has written, performed, recorded and produced over 50 songs and CD collections as a solo artist.

He has also attracted some of this cities finest musicians with his current band Bill Tolson and the Learners about to launch an album of Bill’s songs.

Bill has been a passionate musician from the age of 10. Through his school years at Caulfield Grammar he had the likes of Nick Cave and the Boys Next Door a few years ahead of him playing in the school cafeteria. Always the artist / entrepreneur not long after leaving school Bill opened and managed the iconic Greville Records, later to establish Rampant Releases record label whilst teaching Music Business Management at TAFE.  Eventually life, family commitments and business lead him into Real Estate where he stayed for 15 years.

Two years ago the life changing tragedy in the loss of his son Connor Tolson bought about a grinding halt and change of direction in Bill’s life which lead him back to his roots in music.

Bill will be playing at the inaugural opening of the St Kilda Art Crawl on Thursday night 21 Sept at The Vineyard 71A Acland Street, St Kilda

He will be performing songs from his latest album 50 Good Years, a passionate heart felt reflection of his personal journey back to music.

St Kilda Art Crawl launch 21 Sept.

The Vineyard – 71A Acland Street, St Kilda.

by Kerrie Pacholli ©

THURSDAY JAZZ at PHAMISH. This week, SEPT 7,WILBUR WILDE and next week, SEPT 14 , EMMA GILMARTIN. Not to be missed! 7PM



Dear Jazz Lovers,

Last Thursday was a high watermark at Jazz at Phamish, when Jazz singer, Chris McNulty gave us an international performance,
with one of the most  exquisite performances in a long time – prior to her tour of America, Russia and Europe. We were also delighted to
have  celebrated bass-player Ben Robertson in the line up, and he will guest with us again this week.  And we are continuing
through September with more artists,  truly at the top of their game
This Thursday, SEPT 7, at PHAMISH, WILBUR WILDE will feature, playing saxophone and singing JAZZ for you, from 7PM.
Wilbur and band leader John have been pals for over 40 years, since teenage Wilbur auditioned for a band John was in.
Then, in the late 1970s they toured together with 'Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons', where they would practise Jazz together in motels,
between shows. Subsequently they have performed together across genres, and in recent years, Jazz with JMQ. Wilbur
will feature with a fine band comprising  Michael HardingBen RobertsonCarlo Alberto Canevali,John Montesante.
Book a table and come along for the time of your life – with space to dance too.
Phamish : 30 The Esplanade, St Kilda ( opposite Luna Park)
Delicious meals and drinks served during the evening and  all are welcome!
Doors 6.30pm and Live Jazz 7pm. Trams # 96 & 16 at the door.
Table bookings 9534 3800 or


More stunning talents are coming up..

Next week,  SEPT 14 at 7pm – EMMA GILMARTIN



On his recent trip to perform at Aussie Anthea Palmer’s Jimmy Hornet Creative Restaurant in Zhongshan, China, Australian Blues artist, singer and songwriter Doc White, took a detour which led to him doing shows in Hong Kong.




And while he performed a one-night engagement at Jimmy Hornet’s, he found himself in great demand in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately he only allowed himself time enough for a brief stopover to check out the lay of the land in this famous former British colony. Hong Kong has, over the centuries, been the most direct route into the celestial world of the Middle Kingdom, China. That’s the way it rolls in this part of the world!

The big question over booking the Doc for gigs in China was whether his brand of Mississippi / Delta and Aussie Bush Blues would cut the mustard with Chinese audiences. This fear dissipated in an instant. As soon as he began plucking on his Resonator guitar he swamped his audience with his melliferous melodious mouthings of hard times intertwined with the antics of lawyers, guns and money, all wrapped up with the comely beauty of a woman’s touch.


Figure 1 Lamma Island’s famous Island Bar which is the first or last bar enroute to the ferry. Minehost; Bradley Tarr


After his gig at Jimmy Hornet’s on Saturday July 29, the Doc’s Hong Kong sojourn began on the Monday. His first gig was at THE bar on Lamma Island that commands the traffic flow to and from the ferry.  Yes the ISLAND BAR is the only route to convey people on a 25 minute journey to and from Hong Kong Central. Owned by Western Australian and his Aussie family, Brad Tarr has lived in Hong Kong for over a quarter of a century. He is well known across large parts of Asia and Australia for his sartorial splendor, his generosity and support of his community, his sporting achievements as well promoting sport (the local HK cricket team has just returned from playing in Mongolia), his business acumen, and last but not least, his commitment to live music and giving exposure to Australian musicians whenever he can.


Figure 2 Inside the Island Bar

Being a Monday night, and at such short notice, the crowd wasn’t huge but their response to Doc’s music was engagingly emphatic. He definitely hit a home-run at the Island. Without a doubt, he’ll be greeted by a large crowd excited to hear him when he returns.

Figure 3 Phil Whelan & Frank Howson

Figure 4 The Lamma Ferry, the only transport link to Lamma Is


Luckily he managed to make the last ferry back to Central at 11:30pm. This saved him a swim back had he missed it. He was thus able to get a good forty winks or so in before a Tuesday morning meeting with Hong Kong’s Master of Ceremonies, Phil Whelan. Phil is the presenter of a very popular morning radio programme, Morning Brew, on the official government broadcasting conglomerate for radio and television in both English and Chinese: it was based on the BBC model. What sets Phil apart, and above other presenters, is not only his natural



encouraging interview style, but many other talents and the training he’s acquired in the past. This gives him a leading edge over the rest of the pack. He has played clarinet since the age of 10; is a graduate of Trinity College of Music in London; did play with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; has spent time in Australia playing in the international production of Hello Dolly; and has done heaps of other stuff that has grounded him as a sincere individual who is intrigued and fascinated with every guest he interviews. And yes, he does have a special sensor that reacts very positively with Aussies he has on his programme. After a genuinely interesting and in-depth interview on the roots of Blues music and what inspires him, he asked the Doc to play 2 full songs in the studio. Heavenly blues rang out and filled the studio to the delight of all present.



Tuesday night, August 1, Doc’s first engagement was at La Lune Modern European Cuisine and Whiskey Bar. He was delightfully received by a collection of largely Chinese professionals; architects, authors, actors, architects etc. Doc’s Blues and fine grade whiskey poured in equal measure as clients warmed to his music, especially to the sounds of an Aussie accent giving vent to tender and downtrodden emotions.

Doc playing at La Lune Whiskey Bar:

‘That Woman Made Me Jump’



Following this he was bundled into a taxi in Sheung Wan to make a quick trip through Central to the heart of Suzi Wong’s territory, the Sin-city of Wanchai, and the most prodigal place of sin and salvation, The Wanch Live Music Bar. Owner John Prymmer, at short notice, created a dedicated 1 hour slot for the Doc to strut his stuff in. He set the pace with opening numbers of his own composition and classics of Robert Johnston and other US southern Blues masters. Hong Kong’s own ex-New Yorker on his harps, Steve Starfish, added to Doc’s songs to encapsulate an honest to goodness true southern smokiness to the brew and the audience supped it up with glee.


Wednesday August 2nd, Doc White was back on a plane bound for Mount Dandy where his home can be found in old Melbourne town.

S Francis Butler

For any bands, singers, dancers or other artists looking for gigs and connections in Hong Kong and China, contact Ginko707 through Youtube, or email to


 A quick glance at Hong Kong: 

The Dark Wave Duchess

If the most beautiful painting or the most incredible theatre piece was to transgress into the realms of music, then ABRA is the closest example of such manifestation. Her live performance has a synergy a captivation and a truth which is daring and a beautiful thing. Made stronger by its knowing of place and its presence within. The Dark Wave Duchess known otherwise as ABRA finally made her way to Australia from Atlanta USA for Red Bull Music Academy’s Road to Weekender, playing late on a Sunday night to a packed room of fans all under her intoxicating spell.

It’s impossible to describe ABRA’s music without being reductive, but in an attempt, her musicality sits somewhere between r’n’b and new wave pop- her distinct vocals like nothing heard before. With the lyrics that are universally binding, and production values that blow other contemporaries out of the water, she has gained a small but dedicated following down under. You worry though, that the first time seeing a musician with such tight production values and seemingly boundless talent, that in live performance, the illusion be broken. But ABRA does not disappoint. Even beyond the wild rapture and the sheer thrill of singing along and crashing into others down in the front row, what she makes of the Corner Hotel’s limitations is a theatrical and mind blowing thing matched only by a live performance that is better than ABRA’s recorded work.

Her set list comprised some of her better known tracks, the inclusions a clever choice. Pieced together with backing DJ- the electronic beats and production synonyms with her music extends and is here built upon. The resulting effect was one of cohesion and held the set together and continuing at a cracking pace.

ABRA has most recently collaborated wth Charlie XCX, a strong that this her star is only just on the rise, so in the back of you’re mind you’re brilliantly aware of how special it is to see her now, on her first Australian tour, in such an intimate venue, in coming years as her reputation grows (and it will) she will be packing much larger venues.  ABRA in one hour set, once and for all proved that she is so far removed from the same-same cookie cutter, auto-tuned to within an inch of it’s life crap we are so often subjected to- and its so damn refreshing. 

All up, ABRA’s set was perfection. Her live performance as good if not better then her recorder material, and I wait anticipation for her next Australian tour, for more info 

(Photo credit: The Melbourne Critique and Timothy Treasure Photography)


Dive, Under The Covers

Aly Loren is a queer-non-binary-femme-tomboy-dreamboat who likes her whiskey neat, her face glittered, and her kebabs after 3am. In Share My Blankets she shares with you her most intimate truths. Beneath Aly Lorén’s blankets there are stories of human fluidity and validity which are ready to be un-covered. Through the power of spoken word and, supported by a live electro/acoustic two-piece band. This work’s earnest ambition is to deliver its audience back into the ‘real-world’ with a sense of self-permission. Share My Blankets  is being presented at No Vacancy Gallery, and will be one of the first events presented by this venue for Melbourne Fringe.  During the first week of it’s season audience will also be able to check out the exhibition  Strength in Visions with these two works presented side by a strong voice amid uncertain times where queer lives are under increased scrutiny and attack does emerge. Aly took time out of rehearsals to speak with TAGG about the performance.

Introduce us first to the concept that is behind your performance, and secondly lets talk about the creative process 

Share My Blankets is one big story. What we are trying to do is to give gifts to our audiences. The gift of sharing. The gift of permission. The gift of safety. The gift of surrender. The gift of validation and belonging. Through music, poetry and stories, both tangible and intangible, we want myself and this body to be completely exposed, telling my own truths right there before everyone (hi mum and dad) (and aunty) to give permission to others to populate space in their own story telling. Last night a friend said to me “what a perfect name for your show. Because you are like a big blanket, you wrap people up.” And then because I’d had a few prosecco I started crying. If I can show people that there are others who experience things that are difficult to talk about just like them, I’d like to let them know they aren’t alone. And there is always someone who will believe them and listen to them.

So originally I was discussing an idea for a 10-15 minute performance art piece that I was gonna perform for my friends in a backyard show at my good pal Leon’s house. Us queers love our backyard performances, honestly so much talent and sexiness and rawness. I had found three songs written and recorded by my 18 and 19 year old self – I was at uni studying music and sound production and was practicing with these songs and I thought the lyrics were just place holders but upon listening back I couldn’t help but feel like they were supressed feelings about two quite heartbreaking experiences that occurred during that time. One was a sexual assault, and one was falling in love with my best friend, my first gay love, and her saying it couldn’t happen because of our relationship. I wanted to explore the relationship of the lyrics to both of these occurrences, as well as share some private Tumblr posts I had made about my lost love and explore how feelings and responses may change or remain if the context was changed.

I told some theatre friends about it and they told me to turn it into a full-length show. Bloody lucky I work at a theatre, hey! My very good pal Dirk Hoult of Tilted Projects came on board to direct, and from there it was just off. Dirk and I would meet once a week every week and he would just ask me about my experiences. We’d record them, most of which became the script, and we’d just have beers or coffee and talk for hours and hours. He has a way of helping me see my story telling in a creative way, and since working with him I’ve been writing more and more often than ever. He has the physical and conceptual visions, I have the words, stories and enchanting curls (and extensive glitter collection). I think the fact that he is so keen on learning about my experiences and truths and the way I live and people I know live in society has been such a huge encouragement because I know that even if I can get a message to just one person then I’m doin’ something right.

What do you think about the importance of strong, queer voices entering public conversation particularly now when the battle for marriage equality is recalling heating up? 

Look to be honest I never want to get married. Marriage itself is an old, traditional mess. I hate that corporations use it as something to capitalise off. I hate that some cisgender heterosexual people think this is the ~final boss battle~ for LGBTIQA+ equality. They will all fall asleep to every other LGBTIQA+ issue that are paramount to institutionalised queerphobia and also racism. I hate that some people think that assimilation of LGBTIQA+ people into straight society is the only answer, and also assimilation of PoC into white institutions of marriage. I hate that it is taking away attention from all the really fucked up shit that our government is doing right now, like with refugees and asylum seekers. Some people, namely Indigenous people who live remotely, won’t even receive a ballot paper. But as we know, by law it contains some important clauses that allow couples legal rights for some important stuff. And I’m so for those who wanna marry their partners and it isn’t legal yet, you go for it babes when it’s time. Let me direct you quickly to a Facebook status I made a few weeks ago to sum up my feelings about it in a not at all sarcastic way:

“im so excited about our government spending $122 million on a non-binding voluntary postal vote on whether tHe gAys are human enough to participate in a super old legal tradition that for no reason other than homophobia, bible bashing and political football is it not already legal instead of making these inevitable amendments to the act in parliament like they are paid by the public to do, thus giving permission to homophobes to spend real money on letting everyone know how much they hate us and none of this will be damaging or a waste of time or ridiculous in the slightest. ps register to vote if you haven’t”

Okay I’ll get to the point of the question. The fact of the matter is not all queer people are able to speak up at the moment. It’s not safe for everyone, not at all. It’s still dangerous to be queer, some more than others. But even the very existence of queers is a radical act. We are a VISION. It’s important to not let the crusty homophobes win. There are queer youth out there being batted down by homophobes who are getting a free platform to spew their hate and make people feel less than human because “DEmOcrAcY!!” I am so privileged that I’m generally quite safe in being able to debate this, I’m white, able-bodied, in a harassment free workplace, from an accepting immediate family. I do not want people to forget that this is by no means the last battle for the community, not even a little bit close. Think indigenous deaths in custody, trans suicide rates, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, police brutality, racism, harassment and assault, mental illness, poverty, and the list goes on.

I want to speak out everywhere and be angry and loud and I’m going to be absolutely unapologetic about it. It is because of other loud mouth queers, both in history and at present, that I’m able to do that. We inspire each other and lift each other up and show the straights that we aren’t goin’ down. Stay angry, my mates.

Your original from Brisbane, has your childhood spent in this city help shape your identity, and what are some the comparison between these two places, particularly in terms of the cultural landscapes and the work indicative of the two? 

I think that I learned a lot in Brisbane. I lived an extremely privileged childhood and early adulthood, I was very sheltered from a lot. I met some wonderful people whom I still hold very dearly and for some reason still want to know me and be friends with me, and they taught me a lot about believing that I’m not just a huge sack of shit. I’ve struggled with self-loathing my entire life and have been quite depressed so it was very cool to get so much of that special luuuurve. I learned stuff about music, I started writing, I fell in love, I went out all the time and nostalgia is telling me it was a pretty good time. It was a bit lonely at times, it was tumultuous, I had some pretty traumatic experiences as one does, and I didn’t feel comfortable to come out properly until maybe second year uni, but of course I won’t give much away – I’ll tell you all about it at the show. All of the stories take place in Brisbane and I think that by doing this I’m processing a lot of it. 

I sort of left my little Brizzo life and have taken what worked for me. I again work Front of House at a theatre, though the quality of theatre here is unbelievably different of course. I’m really lucky to be learning from so many people here, namely in terms of activism and learning truths about the world. People who are in marginalised groups go through hell all the time but are still (and sometimes really have to be) generous with their time and emotional labour and I thank every single one of them for things I’ve learned and can pass on. I could crap on about the theatre scene or the ~culture~ in Melbourne (still something I like doing) but the main thing is really that all my pals here are so glorious and gorgeous and creative and wonderful in all their own ways. I wouldn’t be doing any of this without them. Their courage and honesty and generosity and care are absolutely unbelievable. If there’s a question on here about my influences I’ll just give you the name lists from some Facebook groups I’m in.  

Is there a message behind your performance and in extension, how powerful a device do you find performance to be? 

I think I’ve touched on that a bit already and probably will in further Q’s too. I just wanna share with you and let you know you belong and you are valid and you are so cared about. You deserve to have space to talk about feelings and ask for help and tell people you’re not having a great one. Also, you’re gonna make misjudgements and mistakes because you’re a human and that’s what we do, admitting your mistakes is really beautiful and moving on and learning is AWESOME. Hopefully that by confiding in you all, this comes across. You’re giving me the gift of your wonderful time, patience and attention, and I want to give you something for that. 

Nothing quite shakes my very core quite like performance. I want someone to see exactly me in this. I want all the cool arty layers of performance to enhance the words themselves and show people that words, thoughts and experiences are not one-dimensional. I’m lucky enough to see performances really often and each time is life altering, even if only a tiny bit. Even if someone is just singing a song to me. Even if someone just gets up in front of me while we’re sitting by a river and performs a poem for me. How people can teach you when you aren’t even realising it and while being entertained is honestly unreal and I’m so lucky to be a person who is doing that. 

Should art be political? 

Art has no choice but to be political.  Art is social politics, by definition. Art changes worlds, inspires movements and revolutions. It teaches about ideas, concepts, language, brings forth characters that can never be 100% non-fictional. Art that is purposefully political in nature not only inspires others to form beliefs and see them represented on a public platform, but also teaches others about, quite simply, people in a different way than simple conversation (also affective). If someone challenges or asks questions of reality or truth, it is political. I am so inspired everyday by the art that I see being created by beautiful babes around me, seeing someone else’s reality and truth through the lens of art of any form is absolutely prodigious. The very act of creating art against the grain is radical.

Whats your back in creating work, and what will Audience experience in this performance. and how does your performance stand out from the rest of the pack this Melbourne Fringe?

I’ve reeeeally never created a theatre show before. Truthfully. But I’ve played music for ages, mostly by myself, sometimes in bands or with one other person (love you Wheat). I felt like I was ready for something new. Whenever I’m playing I can’t help the stage banter and I just bloody love performing, more than anything, I wanted to do something weird and cool with heaps of layers to it but that also had my music in it and other forms of my art. I found someone who really believes in that and wants to help me show it to you all. You’ll experience tangible and intangible ways of feeling. It’s so much better if you’re just actually there with me and I can show you.

Look you know what it might not stand out. I’m not even sure that I deserve this platform. There are so many tales that need to be heard and have yet to be told because other creative wonderfuls aren’t as lucky to have the opportunities that I have right now, even if that is a modest show in Melbourne Fringe.

The thing is, there is SO MUCH straight cisgender media and performance and art out there. Literally so much to choose from. So if you would like to, I’d like 50 minutes of your time to be on stage before you. A genderfucked queer weirdo with a big mushy heart.

I’m gonna tell some romantic stories, I’m gonna tell some stories of heartbreak, of sexual assault, but I’m not going to stand up there as victim. A friend of mine recently said that queerness is rooted in sadness. It comes from a history of grief and loss and utter sadness. And yeah, there’s that in my show. But there is also vulnerability, and there’s strength, and there’s charm, and there’s having sex with your friends, and there’s fuckin’ laughing, and there’s rrrrromance! And maybe even a goon sack, but that’s a dramaturgical choice that we have yet to decide on. We can have all that too. I just wanna share with you and let you know you belong and you are valid and you are so cared about. Also, if you come the first weekend my parents are coming and boy are they gonna get a shock to their core, so like, that’d be fun to watch.

Share My Blankets opens on the 13th of September as part of Melbourne Fringe, for more info or to book your tickets click here.

THURSDAY JAZZ at PHAMISH. This week, AUG 31, CHRIS McNULTY and next week, SEPT 7 , WILBUR WILDE. Not to be missed!



Dear Jazz Lovers,

Before her upcoming international tour, don't miss exceptional Jazz singer, CHRIS McNULTY this Thursday,
AUG 31, at PHAMISH, St Kilda with Michael HardingBen RobertsonCarlo Alberto CanevaliTim WilsonJohn Montesante. 
Chris returned to Australia two years ago, after 30 years in New York where she established a stellar career. 
Book your table for this fine artist on 9534 3800 or 
If you'd like to know more about Chris:
All are welcome 🎤💜

Continuing the time-honoured tradition of JMQ presenting Australia's finest Jazz artists at PHAMISH, St Kilda on Thursdays,

Book a table and come along for the time of your life – with space to dance too.
Phamish : 30 The Esplanade, St Kilda ( opposite Luna Park)
Delicious meals and drinks served during the evening and  all are welcome!
Doors 6.30pm and Live Jazz 7pm. Trams # 96 & 16 at the door.
Table bookings 9534 3800 or


Next week,  SEPT 7 at 7pm – WILBUR WILDE


JMQ JAZZ THURSDAY: Artist Change AUG 24, Yvette Johansson ; AUG 31 Chris McNulty. NOT to be missed! 7PM



Dear Jazz Lovers,

This week JMQ Jazz Ensemble has had to change artists as Nichaud Fitzgibbon is nursing her aunt (former celebrated actress
Maggie Fitzgibbon and her late father, Smacka's sister), who lives out of town and is quite frail.

This Thursday, August 24, she has organised for outstanding Jazz Diva, YVETTE JOHANSSON to feature with the JMQ Jazz Ensemble,
to sing your favourite standards.

Yvette needs no introduction to the Melbourne scene, as a versatile and stylish jazz artist with an enviable and well-deserved reputation
as one of the finest Jazz artists in town. Her influences range from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Blossom Dearie, to Astrid Gilberto,
Anita Baker, Doris Day and many others .

She will join the stellar JMQ Jazz Ensemble at Phamish, 30 The Esplanade, directly opposite Luna Park, for a wonderful Jazz evening.
You are in for a treat with a terrific band line up too, including Michael Harding (piano), Sam Anning (double bass)
Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums) ,John Montesante (trumpet /flugelhorn) & special guest David Rex  (saxophone).

Delicious meals and drinks served during the evening and  all are welcome!

Doors 6.30pm and Live Jazz 7pm. Trams # 96 & 16 at the door.
Table bookings 9534 3800 or


Next week,  Aug 31, Exceptional international artist, CHRIS McNULTY  Not to be missed!