Celebrate Social Inclusion Week at Merry & Bright on Sunday 26th November, Deakin Edge

Merry & Bright, the School of Hard Knocks final concert for 2017 is presented on Sunday 26 November from 2pm at Deakin Edge. This concert takes place in Social Inclusion Week, an annual initiative, which was created in 2009, by the Founding Artistic Director of the School of Hard Knocks Dr Jonathon Welch AM.

Jonathon said “I founded Social Inclusion Week to connect local communities, to build and strengthen relationships and networks.” Merry & Bright does just that. Conducted and compered by Jonathon, Merry & Bright also features Liane Keegan, one of Australia’s great legends of opera, XL ARTS, the Choir of Hard Knocks, THECHO!R and the Footscray Yarraville City Band, conducted by Phillipa Edwards!

“The School of Hard Knocks has been built on the amazing work and support from our participants, volunteers, friends and wonderful guest artists.” Jonathon explained, “we want to recognise and celebrate that!! It is just such a joy to bring everyone together for these concerts and events now, and throughout the whole year!”

“We also have our wonderful 350 massed voice choir singing in Merry & Bright. The massed choir is drawn from choirs in the School’s Absolutely Everybody choral program, including the Voices of Casey, Latrobe Valley Community Choir, Voices of Frankston, Choir of Opportunity, Voices of Alfred, Western Health Singers and All Together Choir. Our Absolutely Everybody Brisbane choir, conducted by Melissa Gill, will also be visiting from Queensland to be part of this concert. A wonderful community of singers.”

“We would LOVE everyone to connect, or reconnect, with us at Merry & Bright! 2017 has been a huge year of growth and success for the School. We are so very proud of our achievements and all our programs. Proceeds from this concert will help us to continue the wonderful work of the School supporting the marginalised and vulnerable in our community.”

Tickets are just $25 for adults, $20 concession, $15 U18 and $75 family for a family of four. Book through http://www.schoolofhardknocks.org.au or at the door from 1.30pm.

Comedy Fundraiser at SKIPPS

Q. How many parents does it take to make a school joke book?

A. Far too many, that’s why no one’s ever done it before!

 ‘Who Wants To Hear A Joke?’ Asks Neil Scott the SKIPPS school Principle.

These are the six words that are guaranteed to turn our Friday morning school assemblies into a screaming, seething pit of calling out, laughing and other behaviours not generally condoned in a primary school. This Friday assembly tradition is a great example of the SKIPPS culture. Make school fun and they will come.

“Me, Me, Me”, they call out enthusiastically and the jokes go a little something like this:

Why did the bubblegum cross the road?

Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot.

Gus. 5 years old

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7, 8, 9.

Carolina. 6 years old

Over 200 pages of Kids and teachers Jokes and thanks to the generosity of the parents and local community we were able to produce this very special book. Jam packed with celebrity contributors including:

Peter Mitchell. 7 News, Kate Langbroek , Elliot Goblet, Bev Killick, Bernard Curry. David Reyne Livonia Nixon, Wilbur Wilde, Tottie Goldsmith. Alley Fowler, Sullivan Stapleton, CJ Fortuna, Alyce Platt (Greg Champion ?) and the Kids from St Kilda Park Primary School.

Thanks to The St.Kilda Comedy Festival and St.Kilda sports club we are able to launch the book on a hilarious platform. The Event takes place on the 22nd November from 7.30pm and The line-up includes some of Australia’s Premier Comedians

MC- CJ Fortuna, Jeff Green, Bev Killick, Christine Basil and St Kilda Comedy House Bands, Including one of  leading DJ’s  Dj Jorj Music and the Friends of St Kilda Park Primary Parents Band.


Bev Killick – is from the bold and brassy school of stand-up comedy, delivering non-stop energetic sets every time. As soon as she blasts her way on stage you know you are in for a treat.

Jeff Green – Maybe you’ve just seen him in a comedy clip on Youtube and thought I’ll check this dude out. Well here he is. You’ve made a fine choice with your time. On TV regularly – Jeff Green Up West, Back From the Bewilderness and An Englishman in Australia. and appear regularly on MICF’s Oxfam Comedy Gala.

Christine Basil a comic in strong demand having gained favourable reviews and popularity. Christine has been the opening act for visiting international comics such as David Strassman, Greg Proops, The Amazing Johnathon, Dylan Moran and more.

MC- Cj Fortuna– along the way he has appeared on Hamish and Andy, the Comedy Channel, ABC 3 – You’re Skitting Me, Kinne and Utopia and the Multi Award winning Short film “Big City” which CJ won best actor in the 2017 Japanese Film Festival

Food/Pizza will Be provided throughout the night for free thanks to Banff  restaurant.

This promises to be a great night for a great cause, so get down and have a laugh, a dance and support a great cause in our public schools.

Where: St Kilda Sport Club (Bowls Club) 66 Fitzroy St StKilda

When:  Weds 22 Nov. Doors open at 6.30pm

Ticket sales..   www.stkildacomedyclub.com.au


Book Sales    www.trybooking.com/SEGP


Media enquiries: please contact Paul Blackburn co-producer paul.l.blackburn@gmail.com on 0410 258 789






Come and enjoy our great Australian music at Australian Songbook, this Sunday at Collingwood Town Hall!

In celebration of Australian Music Month, THECHO!R will present their next sensational concert.  Australian Songbook on Sunday November 19th at 3pm in the Collingwood Town Hall.

Dr Jonathon Welch AM, Artistic Director of THECHO!R explains “this will be a truly special concert of popular, new and contemporary Australian music, with Deborah Cheetham AO and the Dhungala Children’s Choir as our special guests.”

Established in 2009 by Yorta Yorta Soprano, Composer and Educator Deborah Cheetham and pianist Toni Lalich, Dhungala Children’s Choir is an award-winning ensemble for Indigenous children between the ages of 9 and 17.

For thousands of years the Yorta Yorta people have passed down their traditions, language, dreaming and culture through song on their country.  Dhungala Children’s Choir (DCC) is a continuation of this tradition.  DCC gave its debut performance in the SheppARTon festival performance RiverSong and has since become a strong presence in Shepparton, Geelong and throughout Victoria.

THECHO!R was also created in 2009, by Jonathon Welch.  One of Melbourne’s most exciting community adult choirs, it has performed extensively throughout Victoria, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, raising thousands of dollars to support other community related music activities.  All funds from this concert will be going to support Dhungala Children’s Choir.

“I can’t wait for everyone to come together at this concert” Jonathon exclaimed.  “We will be performing such a mix of glorious Australian music.  We will also be premiering Wominjeka Birrarunga – many voices, a beautiful new work by Deborah, commissioned by THECHO!R.”

Australian Songbook on Sunday November 19th at 3pm in the Collingwood Town Hall. Tickets are now on sale, $35 adult and $28 concession and under 18.  Refreshments are available.  Don’t miss out!!!!!

Book through THECHO!R’s website at http://thechoir.com.au/

THE AUNTY JACK SHOW (Classic Aussie Television)

“The Aunty Jack Show” was one of Australia’s earliest and best loved TV Logie Award winning comedy series. Starring a motor-cycling tranvestite boxer, it ran from 1972 to 1973 on Australia’s national broadcaster ABC-TV and attained an instant cult status that persists to this present day.

The main character “Aunty Jack” was a unique comic creation, an obese, moustachioed, gravel-voiced transvestite, part trucker and part pantomime dame who habitually solved any problem by knocking people unconscious or threatening to ‘rip their bloody arms off’.

Visually, she was unmistakable, dressed in a huge, tent-like blue velvet dress, football socks, workboots, and a golden boxing glove on her right hand. She rode everywhere on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and referred to everyone as “Me Little Lovelies”.

Under threat of having their “bloody arms ripped off” if they didn’t, Australians of the early seventies had little option but to tune in each week to their favorite Aunt.

“The Aunty Jack Show” starred Grahame Bond as Aunty Jack, (partly inspired by his overbearing Uncle Jack, whom he disliked as a child) Rory O’Donoghue as Thin Arthur, John Derum as Narrator Neville, Garry McDonald as Kid Eager and Sandy Macgregor as Flange Desire.

Although frequently compared to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the Aunty Jack character in fact made her appearance well before Python was screened in Australia, although the two teams evidently shared the same love of surreal humour.

Aunty Jack was created for a proposed ABC Radio children’s radio series, “The Aunty Jack Show”. It was intended to replace the long-running children’s radio series “The Argonauts Club”, which was about to be cancelled. The new series never went to air because ABC executives felt that the Aunty Jack character and some of Grahame’s songs were “inappropriate” for young listeners.

The Aunty Jack character made her TV debut in “Aunty Jack’s Travelling Show”, an episode of ABC-TV’s “The Comedy Game”, broadcast in late 1971. “Aunty Jack’s Travelling Show” convinced the ABC to commission a short series, to be screened weekly.

“The Aunty Jack Show” premiered on 16 November 1972 and became an immediate cult hit with younger audiences, although it was poorly received by critics. Some viewers found it too confronting, and according to Murphy, the ABC received hundreds of calls after the first episode, complaining about the “violence”, the “bad language” and especially about the drag aspect of the Aunty Jack character.

The adverse reaction was reportedly strong enough for the ABC to seriously consider taking the series off the air, but it is generally reported that impassioned pleas from the children of certain ABC executives saved the show from being cancelled.

This would not be the team’s last such run-in with management, however, the tensions between the creative and bureaucratic elements in the ABC eventually came to a head with the infamous “The Off Show” in 1977.

Two series of “The Aunty Jack Show” were made in 1972 and 1973 respectively. The first series comprised seven episodes, the second six episodes. There were also two specials, one aired 8 June 1973 before the second series began in the Spring, and a second aired in 1975. Each episode was built around a central theme.

Bond killed off the show at the end of the second season by having Aunty Jack die of a heart attack, Nevertheless, the cast returned for a special two years later to mark the inauguration of colour television in Australia on 1 March 1975. The special beat ABC’s commercial rivals by beginning 3 minutes early, at 11:57 pm 28 March 1975 in black and white and then wiping to colour at midnight.

The album “Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong” was released in 1974. The single and theme song from the series “Farewell Aunty Jack” reached Number 1 and stayed in the Australian music charts for 22 weeks. The popularity of the series led to a one-off TV special, “Aunty Jack Rox On”, a concert tour. It was the first single to debut in Australia at Number 1, the first Australian single to debut at Number 1 and also the first Australian single in picture-disc form, reputedly being the first disc of its kind in the world.

Although fans long hoped that the show might be released on home video, it was more than thirty years after the show’s first screening until this took place. Although there have been a number of reasons suggested, it is generally accepted that the major stumbling block was a long-running disagreement between Bond and the ABC, stemming from Bond and O’Donoghue’s resentment over the presumed loss of several “Aunty Jack” episodes and the “Off Show” incident. Since Bond and O’Donoghue controlled the rights for all the original music featured in the series, their refusal to release them effectively kept the series off home video until 2005.

Although (according to Bond) the original master tapes for three episodes were erased, all the original film footage shot for the missing episodes had survived and with the assistance of the National Archives of Australia the footage was located and restored, enabling the missing episodes to be reconstructed. The long awaited release of the complete Series 1 on DVD took place in December 2005, and the complete Series 2 followed in April 2006.

“Aunty Jack” returned in early 2006 in a live stage show titled “The Aunty Jack Show and Tell”, starring Grahame Bond and Rory O’Donoghue. As well as Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur, the show featured the singing tramps Neil and Errol, Country and Eastern music exponents the Farrelly Brothers, the Ri Fol Tit Men and bodgie butcher and meat artist Kev Kavanagh.

Aunty Jack and her cast of characters, Thin Arthur, Narrator Neville and Flange Desire brought a newsense of humour to our screens – irreverent, bizarre, full of original music (a rarity for a comedy series) and uniquely Australian.

Album launch – The Bitter Tooth of Eugene Hamilton – Saturday 18 November 2017 Memo Music Hall St Kilda

Album launch – The Bitter Tooth of Eugene Hamilton

Saturday 18 November 2017 Memo Music Hall St Kilda
With guests Nina Ferro Duo

Eugene Hamilton is known for his loud wardrobe, energetic performances and on stage schtick. But lurking behind Eugene’s facade is a highly respected musical talent (Dave Bowers) and a rock-solid band of musicians, The Money.


This 12 track Album – The Bitter Tooth of Eugene Hamilton – is their masterwork. It has taken over three years to record and includes contributions from over 20 musicians including Linda and Vika Bull and Lucky Oceans.


The Money turn playing covers into an art form by totally reinventing and ‘genre bending’ the material they play, and they’re not afraid to tackle a few sacred cows along the way.


The album draws on all the musical influences that Eugene has loved and played around with in a 30 – year career as a Melbourne musician. This album is full of energy and oomph. From Motown to Memphis Soul to Funk to Nashville to Hip Hop to Vegas style Big Band Swing to Latin Fusion to Swinging London Boogaloo. All threaded together coherently into a thick, lush, shag pile carpet. With nods along the way to Dave Brubeck. Bobby Darin. The Stones. Iggy Pop. Peggy Lee. Chrissie Amphlett. Beyonce, Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Dylan, Santana, Bob Marley, Steely Dan, Elvis, Sinatra and more.


Every decade from the ’50s til now is represented by at least one track. THE MONEY are Martin Lubran (guitar) Chris Paraha (Bass) Haydn Meggitt (Drums) Colin Snape (Keys) Tibor Gyapjas (trumpet).


At the launch the album will be performed in full by an extended 10-piece band with support from jazz siren Nina Ferro. More about Eugene at   https://www.facebook.com/eugene.hamilton.35


See Eugene in performance here:





Gig Info: Saturday 18 November 2017, MEMO Music Hall, 88 Acland Street St Kilda

Doors Open: 7.30pm, Showtime 8.40-11pm (with intermission)

Tickets at www.memomusichall.com.au : Premium Reserved Seats $35+bf, A Reserved Seats $25+bf, General Admission $20+bf, At the Door: $22.00 (if still available)

JAZZ : OCT 12: JMQ features YVETTE JOHANSSON at Limerick Arms Hotel


Dear Jazz Lovers,
As you know, JMQ have moved to the Limerick Arms 364 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne 
(corner Park St).on Thursdays  at 7PM . We started last week and found the venue terrific, in terms of
the food, the ambience, nice staff and great atmosphere, and a wooden dance floor.(see images below)
This Thursday, OCT 12, we are delighted to again feature one of Melbourne's finest jazz artists, YVETTE JOHANSSON.
Yvette needs no introduction to the Melbourne scene, as a versatile and stylish jazz artist with an enviable and well-deserved 
reputation as one of the finest Jazz artists in town. Her influences range from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Blossom Dearie, 
to Astrid Gilberto, Anita Baker, Doris Day and many others .
She will be backed by a stylish JMQ Jazz Ensemble: 
Michael Harding (piano), 
Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums) ,
Mark Elton(double bass -back briefly before heading off OS again), 
Mirko Guerrini( tenor sax).
John Montesante( trumpet & flugelhorn)
Delicious Meals and Drinks are available all evening.
*There is  $10 off the usual steak prices on Thursdays.
Free on-street parking is nearby from 6pm

Doors 6.30pm. Live Jazz 7pm-9.30pm
Reserve your table early to avoid disappointment:
Phone: 03 9645 8666
Online : admin@limerickarmshotel.com.au


THANK YOU – John &The Guys
Coming Up:
Oct 19 –  feat. John Hoffman (horn) and John Thorn(piano/vocal) Ben Robertson (double bass), Carlo Alberto Canevali (Drums), John Montesante
Oct 26 –  feat. Tamara Kuldin(vocal), Michael Harding (piano), Ben Robertson (double bass), Carlo Alberto Canevali( drums),John Montesante 
Absolute star-studded line up…to come
Thank You All 🙂?

Limerick Arms starts JAZZ again this Thursday, OCT 5, when BRIDGET ALLEN features with JMQ Jazz Ensemble 7PM


Oct 2017

Dear Jazz Lovers,
We hope you are excited. We are!
We have moved to Limerick Arms which was the premier Jazz venue in South Melbourne for many years'; and
now Jazz is back! Thursdays 7PM at 364 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne (corner Park St).
This Thursday, OCT 5, JMQ Jazz Ensemble is delighted to welcome back veteran New Zealand born, Australian 
jazz singer and all-round performer, BRIDGET ALLEN, to Jazz Thursdays.

With a Maori Princess lineage, Bridget has made a name for herself as a widely admired Jazz singer – with many 
media and jazz club appearances, engagements overseas as well as  as a Vocal teacher. She is part of the 
echelon of Australia's great jazz singers, and we are pleased she can join JMQ, opening the Jazz Thursdays 
at the Limerick Arms on October 5.

She will be backed by a stylish JMQ Jazz Ensemble: 
Michael Harding (piano), 
Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums) ,
Barney Loveland (guest double bass), 
David Rex (alto sax).
John Montesante( trumpet & flugelhorn)

Delicious Meals and Drinks are available all evening.
*There is  $10 off the usual steak prices on Thursdays.

Free on-street parking is nearby from 6pm
Doors 6.30pm. Live Jazz 7pm-9.30pm
Reserve your table early to avoid disappointment:
Phone: 03 9645 8666
Online : admin@limerickarmshotel.com.au


Hi Jazz-Lovers : JMQ Jazz Thursdays has moved to South Melbourne – starting this Thursday , OCT 5 at 7PM


Sept 2017 

Dear Jazz Lovers,

JMQ has moved, starting Thursday, OCT 5.
After a hiatus of many years, the Limerick Arms Hotel  is bringing back JAZZ EVERY THURSDAY at 7PM, 

with delicious meals and drinks all evening too. The John Montesante Quintet will continue its long Thursday tradition of presenting 
the finest Jazz artists from Australia and abroad, for your pleasure. And meat-lovers on Thursdays, Limerick Arms also has a special 
$10 off the steaks. Free onstreet parking after 6pm is an added bonus. ? And Trams 1 and 12 stop at the door too.?
All Welcome. Reservations?? 9645 8666

Limerick Arms Hotel,
364 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.3205 ( corner Park St)
Phone: 03 9645 8666
Online : admin@limerickarmshotel.com.au
Love to see you there,
John & The Team  ???

Featured Artist: Oct 5
The JMQ Jazz Ensemble is delighted to welcome back veteran New Zealand born, Australian jazz singer and all-round performer, 
BRIDGET ALLEN, to Jazz Thursdays.With a Maori Princess lineage, Bridget has made a name for herself as a widely admired Jazz singer – 
with many media and jazz club appearances, engagements overseas as well as a vocal coach.. She is part of the echelon of Australia's 
great jazz singers, and we are delighted that she is joining JMQ, opening the Jazz Thursdays at the Limerick Arms on October 5.
She will be backed by a stylish JMQ Jazz Ensemble: Michael Harding (piano), Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums), Barney Loveland (double bass)
 John Montesante( trumpet & flugelhorn) and David Rex (alto sax).

JMQ JAZZ at PHAMISH: This Thursday, SEPT 28, Rod Gilbert – Kings of Swing” – Songs of the Swing Era. 7PM. ALL WELCOME … and then…


September Jazz, 2017

Dear Jazz Lovers,

The JMQ Jazz Ensemble is delighted to welcome back one of Australia’s most talented jazz artists,
ROD GILBERT, to perform 'Kings of Swing' Songs of the Swing Era at Phamish on SEPT 28.
He has previously had sell-out shows at many venues, and is well known is the percussive
world as well.

Known for his percussive and vocal skills, Rod has always been fascinated by the popular jazz
crooners of times past, and this evening will treat you to the tunes of the great Swing artists,
including Dean Martin, Vic Damone, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Mel Tormé, Nat King Cole et al.
If you are a fan of the era, this evening is for YOU. Doors 6.30pm and Showtime 7pm.

Appearing with Rod will be an outstanding line up, including, Ben Robertson, Carlo Alberto Canevali,

Eric Budd, David Allardice and John Montesante.

Doors 6.30pm. Live Jazz 7pm. Delicious Meals and Drinks throughout the evening.

Bookings: 9534 3800 or www.phamish.com.au   You can dance too!

We look forward to your company for this special night, so come on down!!!!

John & The Guys  🙂



This will be the band's last hurrah at Phamish for the time being, so we'd love you to come along
and make it a stellar night! We are very grateful to Phamish Management and Staff for presenting
the band in a marvellous location, which we have loved – and hope you will continue to enjoy the

delicious breakfasts, lunches & dinners, wines and coffee available at Phamish, opposite Luna Park.??

JMQ has been offered another venue  closer to town – starting in October – and you will receive an
email this Friday, with all those details .Stay Tuned…

THURSDAY JAZZ : Marvellous REBECCA BARNARD at Phamish, SEPT 21 at 7PM with JMQ : And don’t miss ROD GILBERT’s ‘Kings of Swing’ – Songs of the Swing Era on SEPT 28


September, 2017
Dear Jazz Lovers,

Spring is in the air, and what better artist to delight you at Phamish St Kilda on September 21, than REBECCA BARNARD 
– one of Australia's best!

Do you know this outstanding and versatile, award-winning vocalist and musician, who excels in all genres? Whenever

she performs with JMQ Jazz Ensemble, it is a real treat for the musicians and audience alike.

The name 'Barnard' is well-known in the Australian Music & Jazz scene, as Rebecca's father Len was a jazz drummer and
band-leader, and uncle,  Bob is a highly regarded jazz trumpet stylist. She grew up listening to an eclectic mix of music 
and was exposed to the best. While Rebecca is best know for her stunning versatility as a songwriter and singer, she 
also went back to her Jazz roots with her show, 'Songs My Father Taught Me' and it is those great jazz standards that 
were a soundtrack to her youth.

A marvellous singer, she will share the stage at Phamish with John Montesante (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), 
Steve Paix (piano), Barney Loveland ( double bass) & Carlo Alberto Canevali (drums).

Book your table early on (03) 9534 3800 or info@phamish.com.au
Doors 6:30pm.    Jazz 7pm.
Delicious Meals, Wine, Cocktails and Coffee served all evening.