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Casella Wines; From Sicily to Australia’s Hall of Fame



Australia’s largest family-owned wine company, Casella Family Brands was founded in1969. Over the years, the brand has seen exponential growth in terms of sales, awards and accolades achievement and expansion by acquiring other wineries like Peter Lehmann Wines in 2014, Brand Laira of Coonawarra in 2015 and Morris Wines in 2016.

Casella Family Brands celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. 

The story goes back to 1957 when Filippo and Maria Casella came to Australia from  Sicily to find a better way of life. They purchased the farm near the township of Yenda outside Griffith, New South Wales to grow grapes for the local winemakers. 

The expansion started in 1995 when John Casella, the middle son of the family joined the business as Managing Director. He understood the market and made efforts to fill the gap in the market with a wine brand that delivers consistency, quality and taste.

This vision led to the coming of ‘Yellow Tail Wines’ in 2001 after which things really changed for the family. These wines were fruit-forward, delicious and soft on the palate with no jargon. The quick success in the US market made this brand a global phenomenon.

In only 2 years, the global sales of Yellow Tail went on to reach five million cases. The dedication, hard work and passion with which the brand was started made Yellow Tail win awards like Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for its Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 and Stodart Trophy for its Premium Shiraz 2003.

In 2005, Casella Family Brand was recognised for its contribution to the Australian wine industry by entering into the Export Hall of Fame.

John’s love for Australian winemaking has led to the growth of the company by including some of the country’s most iconic wineries. Following the decades-old family winemaking tradition, he wishes to showcase the regional excellence of Australia’s most famed regions and widely respected winemakers.

They try to remain at the forefront of the wine industry by having the courage to challenge the status quo. Working with a belief to inspire people to embrace change by encouraging them to think differently and continuously improve the way we do things.

The winery empowers people and ensures that each individual understands the importance of their contribution in achieving ongoing success. 

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