Cannibal Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 $34.99


Tynong North, Vic Sunday night and I’m diving into the cellar again.

Roast lamb with all the trimmings so what do I drink? A cabernet sauvignon of course something with a bit of age eight years old, that should do the trick. The wine showed an aged brick red cabernet colour around the rim.

On the nose some bay leaf aged cabernet with fading plum and blackberry hanging in there. In the mouth the fruit was still solid,backed up with wood aged tannins in balance with the fruit, even at eight years the wine was alive but I would recommend drinking it now rather than later. I enjoyed the wine with food as it needed meat and potatoes to soften the tannins a bit and bring out the fruit that was wonderfully dry and dusty finishing well rounded in the mouth.


For the people with a sharp eye its a Cab/Merlot in the picture because they may not make a Cab/Sav anymore I don’t know. I am looking into it as you read this, yet another stunning insight into a wine drinker’s liver, mind and palate.

Will let you know next week. This was the reply from Cannibal Creek – “We went to a blend in 2011 but started making a straight merlot again in 2014 and a blend. This year the cab sauvignon looked great so we made straight varietals ….”

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