the butterfly club presents lawson reeves and josh staley
2 Guys One Comedy

2 Guys, 1 Magic Show, No Idea 

Butterfly Club presents Big Brothers Lawson Reeves teams up for unconventional magic show. Lawson and Josh are more likely to pull a hare out of their ass then a rabbit out of a hat.

As the show begins you’ll instantly notice that this isn’t only a unique magic show, but a unique show no matter what the art form. Forget scripts, and don’t worry about a running order, instead the audience is in full control, deciding what happens and when. From what magic is performed, to how it’s performed. When we say ‘no idea’ we really mean it.

This year as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Butterfly Club presents 2 Guys, 1 Magic Show, No Idea. “We wanted to create a magic show that made people laugh and have them scratching their heads saying “how the f**k did they do that?””

The pair use their quick wit, sarcasm, dry humour and showmanship to bring audiences a magic show the likes they have never seen.  Their relaxed, easy going approach to magic has their audiences in a false sense of security from the very beginning allowing for a night of the impossible.

Accumulating multiple awards, television appearances, and a Guinness world record, the boys aren’t just all talk, good looks, and sleight of hand. Josh is a former national champion and an internationally renowned performer. Lawson is best known for his run on ‘Big Brother’, being christened the ‘Big Brother magician’, performing weekly for hundreds of thousands of people on national TV. Together they helped, set a record for the ‘world’s longest magic show’, clocking in at 85 hours.

This production opens on the 10th of April and runs for seven nights daily at 5:30pm. Bookings recommended

Show Details: 2 Guys, 1 Magic Show, No Idea

Dates: 10th – 16th of April

Time: 5:30pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne