builders in adelaide and south australia

If you’re in Adelaide, you may have some trouble trying to find the right dream home builder for yourself, however, there is one right under your nose (we’ll explain that later). Most importantly though is how you go about choosing one. You want to make sure that the contractor or company that’s going to be building your home has what it takes to answer your questions and make your dream a reality. In this guide, we’ll explain that a little bit more too.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Around

If you’re looking for the right builders Adelaide, don’t just trust every single one of them that you come in contact with, especially if you don’t meet them face to face. Ask your family and friends what they think about a contractor you’re considering or talking to, and even ask around the neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to contact someone who left a review on something like Google Reviews either, as you want to make sure all of your bases are covered, and it can help you uncover the fraudulent reviews.

Make Sure They Know the Codes

First of all, you want to see their “portfolio”. Don’t just rely on pictures either. They’re going to be building your dream home, so wouldn’t you like to see some of their actual work? Get a previous client’s information, and then ask to speak to that client, and maybe even get a tour of their home. If your home builder is working on a current project, or more than one (many of them are, so don’t expect yours to be the first one done), then you can ask to see that project. If they aren’t willing to show you, then move on.

Don’t Think Cheap is Great

One of the most common mistakes is that people think that a cheap bid is the best. However, we’re wanting someone with the most quality, and if you’re going to get that, you don’t want to suffer just because you ended up getting a lower bid for your home that seems unreal or incredible. You may find out that there are some companies that actually are just starting out, but you should know this information upfront as well. Don’t trust a seasoned pro to give you a too good to be true offer, because that means that it is.

You also want to make sure that they have no signs of foul play. If there are a ton of giant holes in between their projects, ask what they were doing in these times. Make sure they have plenty of references and are willing to give you that information. Also, never give a builder a humongous deposit upfront, because he should be willing to pay for materials as he progresses with the project, and not beforehand (which can indicate he’s scamming you too).


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