The 2022/23 Budget and updated Year 2 of the Council Plan 2021-31 set the course for the City of Port Phillip as our residents, ratepayers and businesses recover from the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adopted last night, the 2022/23 Budget includes one of the biggest service changes in Port Phillip Council’s history, the new Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) and glass recycling waste streams required by the Victorian Government and expected by the community.

To help pay for these extra services and the rising costs of managing waste, a $176.20 Waste Charge will be introduced. The charge provides more transparency for ratepayers as it separates the cost of handling their waste out from their general rates.

A separate collection charge of $88.10 will apply to households eligible for a FOGO bin, with collections to start from January next year. Those ineligible for that kerbside service, such as people living in multi-unit developments with no room for an extra bin, will be able to drop off their FOGO at nearby communal hubs from July 2023. Communal glass recycling services will be rolled-out across the City from January.

There is a 1.75 per cent rates increase within the rates cap set by the Victorian Government. This rate was achieved despite inflation, the introduction of the new waste services and investing more in infrastructure and maintaining services valued by our community.

Mayor Marcus Pearl said: “We have reduced the rates burden on residential ratepayers by introducing ‘levers’ to ensure property valuation increases don’t place a disproportionate burden on them. This involves shifting the way rates are calculated from Net Annual Value (rental income) to Capital Improved Value (market sale value) and introducing differential rating.”

To further deliver the best possible value for ratepayers, Council will identify options for ongoing cost reductions to allow consideration of a rates increase below the rates cap or down to a zero per cent increase for the 2023/24 Budget. Any further cost reductions would be on top of the efficiency savings worth $1.5 million in the 22/23 Budget which build on the $2.3 million achieved in 2021/22.

Council continues to provide one of Victoria’s most supportive rates and charges hardship relief schemes and a pensioner rates rebate of up to $200.

Other Budget highlights:

• Project investment of $71.2 million to maintain, grow and improve services and infrastructure. This includes $48.2 million of capital investment in $3.2 billion worth of community assets including roads, footpaths, drains and stormwater, parks and foreshore, sport fields and facilities, and community facilities.

• An Economic Recovery Package worth over $1 million, including outdoor activation and footpath trading permit relief.

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